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Transcript for Thursday April 14, 2011

[12:59] Marianne McCann I know I talked briefly via e-mail with you on this Amanda, but I am curious on a broader scope. When a community tool that's a new feature request for the SL viewer, where should one go to?
[12:59] Marianne McCann Specific examples would be my own "Grid Broadcast System ( ), or things like Loki Eliot's "friend feed" idea ( ) nd Crap Mariner's rather brilliant "Click The Clock" ( ).
[13:00] Marianne McCann These seem to span several groups, from community. events, dev, and likely others.
[13:00] Marianne McCann Not sure, though, where they'd best fall
[13:00] Darrius Gothly Howdy OO
[13:00] Amanda Linden kk, we can address that... add to agenda. :)
[13:00] Marianne McCann Spiffy
[13:00] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide fantabulous
[13:00] Peewee Musytari yanno them search boxes on the forums...os there any reason that there isn`t one on the main opening page for Answers?
[13:01] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide hey amanda, i neer got the group invitey-doodah
[13:01] Peewee Musytari *is
[13:01] Amanda Linden really.
[13:01] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide really
[13:01] Amanda Linden ok i'll do it again after the meeting. :)
[13:01] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide is it open membership? i;ll go profile purveying and nosying
[13:01] Amanda Linden yep, i think so.
[13:01] Amanda Linden it's just community tools user group
[13:01] Amanda Linden ok, we ready to get started?
[13:01] Amanda Linden raymond is on his way.
[13:01] Torben (torben.trautman) aye
[13:01] Lexie (lexie.linden) Peewee, it made sense to have those searching in answers, stay within answers. Instead of shooting them off to some other area of the forum
[13:02] oobscure (opensource.obscure) yup. hey all-
[13:02] Amanda Linden hey there!
[13:02] Venus Petrov hey Ciaran
[13:02] Amanda Linden nice group today.
[13:02] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide heckers, if y'want somethign doing, do it thyself i says
[13:02] Amanda Linden love seeing regulars. :)
[13:02] Lexie (lexie.linden) Hi to everyone ㋡
[13:02] Scylla Rhiadra /me waves to Amanda and Lexie
[13:02] bob Iwashi hi weveryone
[13:02] Amanda Linden /me waves back.
[13:02] Peewee Musytari just thought maybe one where they actually post the question would be good and maybe save them posting
[13:02] Geo Meek love seeing anyone
[13:02] Marianne McCann Ciaran is here. Now we can start!
[13:03] Amanda Linden ha. kk
[13:03] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) lol Mari
[13:03] Amanda Linden raymond is on his way, so maybe we can start with lexie on sl answes & forums...
[13:03] Lexie (lexie.linden) Sure
[13:03] Peewee Musytari yay
[13:03] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide "lord of dee">? " lord of dee diddle dumpling do"?
[13:03] Amanda Linden agenda, fo rhtose that just arrived.
[13:03] Amanda Linden
[13:03] Amanda Linden lexie, any updates from your neck of the woods?
[13:03] Lexie (lexie.linden) We dont have a bunch of updates yet. But we are looking at Answers and how the comments portion can be changed for a better flow
[13:04] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide jezzy! me auld mucker! how the devils are ya kiddo?
[13:04] Peewee Musytari ABSOLUTELY!!!
[13:04] Lexie (lexie.linden) What do you all think
[13:04] Darrius Gothly *nods*
[13:04] Torben (torben.trautman) sometimes comments can be useful
[13:04] Geo Meek i think vary littl
[13:04] Geo Meek =little
[13:04] Geo Meek thanks
[13:04] Peewee Musytari not as often as they are just plain annoying though
[13:05] Torben (torben.trautman) true
[13:05] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Consistency wise it would be better yes
[13:05] Lexie (lexie.linden) We are trying to find out if we can remove those or just expand them at least
[13:05] Lexie (lexie.linden) But I know its an issue
[13:05] Torben (torben.trautman) hey Doc :)
[13:05] Marianne McCann Agreed, Ciaran
[13:05] Lexie (lexie.linden) Will keep you updated
[13:05] Peewee Musytari and the abiloty for the OP to post again so their post in in the right order in the thread
[13:05] Marianne McCann Hey Qie
[13:05] Raymond Linden Yeah, we are going to see if Answers comments can be removed. Not sure if it is possible
[13:06] Qie (qie.niangao) hi Mari, everybody. :)
[13:06] Geo Meek :-)
[13:06] Lexie (lexie.linden) Peewee, you mean other than editing their original post?
[13:06] Ann Otoole sometimes there is more than one right answer.
[13:06] Darrius Gothly The "flow" of a standard forum post is just fine for Answers conversations too .. IMO
[13:06] Peewee Musytari it would need to be tied in with the way OP can repost as thats their only option aside from edit yes
[13:06] Lexie (lexie.linden) Ann, more than on can be marked as an Accepted Solution
[13:06] Lexie (lexie.linden) 2 can be
[13:06] Candy Necklace Marianne McCann took a green piece of candy from Marianne McCann's necklace!
[13:06] Marianne McCann (oops)
[13:07] bob Iwashi abnd soem can be 1/2
[13:07] bob Iwashi 1/2 and vague answers
[13:07] Peewee Musytari and the punters don`t like it...many of them complain
[13:07] Lexie (lexie.linden) ok
[13:07] Torben (torben.trautman) watch out Mari, I might steal some of your candy
[13:07] bob Iwashi we can't complain - no ticket option to do that nowadays so we wander in circles banging our heads against the proverbial brivk wall
[13:07] Peewee Musytari some copy paste the same comment to every reply they get because they aren`t sure what they mean
[13:07] bob Iwashi brick*
[13:08] Lexie (lexie.linden) I have not seen that peewee. Noted!
[13:08] Lexie (lexie.linden) Raymond, do we have anything forums?
[13:08] Peewee Musytari and as we said last week u can`t mark a comment as the right better they just go
[13:08] Lexie (lexie.linden) for forums* sorry
[13:08] Lexie (lexie.linden) (right peewee)
[13:09] Amanda Linden raymond? :)
[13:09] Raymond Linden We are going to see if we canremove Answers comments
[13:09] Lexie (lexie.linden) (chat lag)
[13:09] Raymond Linden I should know by today or tomorrow
[13:09] Peewee Musytari yay
[13:09] bob Iwashi i found the new forums, a little comboozling?
[13:09] Peewee Musytari a little? hehe
[13:09] bob Iwashi i miss logging on and readign he most ercent omments immediately
[13:09] Raymond Linden Unfortunately, I have not made as much UI progress as I was hoping in the past week
[13:10] Darrius Gothly What about the default setting for "send email for all posts" .. just in the Answers section? Has that been addressed / resolved?
[13:10] Raymond Linden But, we are hoping to get started on that work soon. Just a few details to iron out
[13:10] Raymond Linden One of which is the Answers Comments!
[13:10] Peewee Musytari yes please switch that on to default
[13:10] Lexie (lexie.linden) Darrius, that would be a global setting and I don't think people would be thrilled
[13:10] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Please don't
[13:10] Lexie (lexie.linden) So, as of we dont have a way to do that
[13:10] Darrius Gothly Is there some way to make it more visible?
[13:11] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide /me whistles "Senior Director of Marketing Communications."
[13:11] Lexie (lexie.linden) But I have been sending out some reminder PMs
[13:11] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) That's the key Darrius, making the options more visible
[13:11] Darrius Gothly Like a warning popup? "You will not receive email notices unless you check the box marked ..."
[13:11] Lexie (lexie.linden) Can check on that Darrius
[13:11] Peewee Musytari any progress on getting new posts to bump the thread back to top of page 1?
[13:11] Raymond Linden I should mention that we will be bringing on some moderation during the European hours. This will help with the spam
[13:11] Lexie (lexie.linden) good idea
[13:11] Lexie (lexie.linden) yay moderation!
[13:11] Amanda Linden woot raymond.
[13:11] ANSI (ansi.soderstrom) hi all
[13:11] Ann Otoole most recent post sort order is an available option in board settings. is that the issue for most recent? people don't have it set right?
[13:11] Venus Petrov nice
[13:12] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide do you guys have a "senior vp in charge of making tea" amanda?
[13:12] Catwise Yoshikawa grean a new moderator is really needed
[13:12] Raymond Linden Peewee - not yet. But, still being looked into
[13:12] Catwise Yoshikawa great*
[13:12] Peewee Musytari kk ty
[13:12] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Even if you have it set Ann the recent posts are still most recent threads
[13:12] Scylla Rhiadra I think the problem, Ann, is that posts get buried in the subforums
[13:12] Scylla Rhiadra What Ciaran said
[13:12] Amanda Linden ha. ding ding. :)
[13:13] Dresden Ceriano the recent post page is available but there's no way that i can find to get to it directly
[13:13] Raymond Linden Hoping to have some more UI updates for you next week
[13:13] Amanda Linden all very good points.
[13:13] Peewee Musytari even one question from yesterday is on page 3 and with 63 posts its a pain to keep going to page 3 to check on it
[13:13] Dresden Ceriano there should be a link on the main forum page if you ask me
[13:13] Peewee Musytari thankfully she is fixed now lol
[13:13] Darrius Gothly Hmm .. when I open a board, the messages are sorted so those with recent replies are listed first.
[13:13] Geo Meek maybe a trust point system
[13:14] Mags Indigo apologies if I trample on someone
[13:14] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide mags don;t worry bout it
[13:14] Peewee Musytari do u have the page for all topics across all answers like that darrius?
[13:14] Vernes Veranes A trust point system? I like self regulating systems.
[13:14] Amanda Linden agenda here for those who just arrived.
[13:14] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide i bagsy first charleston with elxie after teh meeting
[13:14] Amanda Linden shouts:
[13:14] Deltango Vale Og, a quick point about Answers....could we have a tickbox to indicate the viewer of the person posting a question? It would save much confusion.
[13:14] Darrius Gothly After the meeting, I'll post how I have my options set so others can review / copy if desired.
[13:14] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide lexie*
[13:14] Scylla Rhiadra Yeah, Darrius, but you have to open that board first There's no way of knowing where the most recent posts, rather than threads, are
[13:15] Geo Meek and you trust that ?
[13:15] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) When you open a board Darrius, yes, I have recent posts go to the top, but the overview shows recently created threads at top
[13:15] Darrius Gothly Ahhh .. I float the Boards of interest then go by the "New" counts.
[13:15] Lexie (lexie.linden) deltango, you mean something automated or that the poster uses
[13:15] Peewee Musytari i found one for latest posts on the whole community but thats way TMI...I just want latest on answers
[13:15] Darrius Gothly Now I understand ... replace the "Recent Threads" with "Recent Posts" on the Forums front page.
[13:16] Dresden Ceriano you can get the whole forum in resent posts but you need to know the url for it
[13:16] Deltango Vale no, just a manual tickbox the questioner ticks
[13:16] bob Iwashi i agree
[13:16] Dresden Ceriano recent*
[13:16] Scylla Rhiadra Yay Darrius, lol!!
[13:16] Darrius Gothly Pfftttt .. LOL
[13:16] Amanda Linden ok....
[13:16] Amanda Linden :)
[13:16] Deltango Vale a person may have a question about V2 for example, but not everyone will know unless he says it's particular to V2
[13:16] Dresden Ceriano at least have a link to it somewhere
[13:16] Lexie (lexie.linden) Can check on it Deltango. I dont think thats available
[13:17] Ann Otoole what it really needs is an "iSpy" thing.
[13:17] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Can you get recent blog posts to the top too, it's a pain noticing via Twitter or SLU that there have been new blog posts
[13:17] Amanda Linden well, the most recent ones are at top, in each section.
[13:17] Amanda Linden but you want a mix?
[13:18] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Blogs? I want last blog post at the top
[13:18] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide erm, i have a good question? web prfiles? can we opt out of ours being on display?
[13:18] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) most recently posted I mean
[13:18] Amanda Linden raymond, thoughts?
[13:18] Raymond Linden across all the Blogs?
[13:18] Amanda Linden and, i think u can ding. it's in settings.
[13:18] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Well yes, it gives greater visibility to them
[13:18] Amanda Linden lot sof privacy / profile controls to play around with in there.
[13:18] Amanda Linden it's a good point.
[13:19] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide thanks amanda
[13:19] Amanda Linden like we did the jiggles post and it sorta got buried. i was thinking thes ame thing.
[13:19] Amanda Linden same
[13:19] Raymond Linden We can look into Recent Blog posts across all Blogs
[13:19] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Yes Amanda
[13:19] Amanda Linden yeah raymond, it's a goo didea.
[13:19] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide /me dares amanda to say his name 5 times outloud in the office
[13:19] Amanda Linden good idea
[13:19] Lexie (lexie.linden) I agree
[13:19] Qie (qie.niangao) yeah, I agree with Ciaran on that... I know I'm missing blog posts
[13:19] Darrius Gothly I think the primary goal is "I wanna see 'New' stuff. Just make sure I can pick which stuff I wanna see."
[13:19] Raymond Linden ok, I'll add it to the list to see if it is possible!
[13:20] Amanda Linden /me in open workin genvironment and boss is on phone.
[13:20] Mags Indigo me too
[13:20] Mags Indigo (she chirps up from the back)
[13:20] Amanda Linden thanks great idea.
[13:20] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide that's the idea amanda :)
[13:20] Amanda Linden and something i've had at hte back of my mind as well
[13:20] Amanda Linden that may also solve for the uber rss feed for all blog posts problem.
[13:21] Amanda Linden ok, that's on raymond's list.
[13:21] Amanda Linden time for rand/jeremy to give updates on kb?
[13:21] Jeremy Linden /me wakes up Rand.
[13:21] Rand (rand.linden) OK well we are just hard at work updating the content
[13:21] Lexie (lexie.linden) awesome
[13:22] Rand (rand.linden) Also looking at bringing a few more articles over from the wiki
[13:22] Cummere Mayo /me hopes im not sitting on anyone
[13:22] Amanda Linden yep, and rand, how is the process going re: getting info from other areas and creating kb articles?
[13:22] Rand (rand.linden) Jeremy has been rewriting some of the most popular articles
[13:22] Darrius Gothly Rand / Jeremy .. When we find a link from a Wiki or other page that goes to the wrong place, how do we notify you about it?
[13:22] Amanda Linden nice
[13:22] Rand (rand.linden) Amanda: you mean from Answers or forums, etc.
[13:22] Rand (rand.linden) ?
[13:22] Amanda Linden yep
[13:22] Peewee Musytari if we stuff in the KB that could use clarifying or changing what is the right procedure?....I sent a PM to jeremy but wasn`t sure that was right thing
[13:22] Jeremy Linden Currently, I'm working on the Age Verification and maturity articles. They're... confusing right now. Trying to fix that :-)
[13:22] Peewee Musytari haha darrius...same question
[13:23] Rand (rand.linden) I suggest commenting on the article
[13:23] Darrius Gothly GMTA Peewee
[13:23] bob Iwashi how bout a section for "half answers"
[13:23] Amanda Linden ha
[13:23] Jeremy Linden Yes, I welcome comments on any articles you find that you think could use some improvement!
[13:23] Rand (rand.linden) Darrius: as far as links in wiki pages. Please correct them in the wiki if you can. If its in a page you can't edit, then you can PM me
[13:23] Darrius Gothly For example, the Wiki page on Search. It has links that go to blogs that no longer exist. Do you get notices about comments on those wiki pages?
[13:24] Amanda Linden there's so much out of date on the wiki.
[13:24] Catwise Yoshikawa not everyone have the rank to comment :p
[13:24] Amanda Linden we're gonna start a wiki clean up soon.... (just a side note)
[13:24] Rand (rand.linden) Darrius: not in general.... unless we have a watch on a certain page
[13:24] Darrius Gothly I can edit the Wiki but ... I have no idea where the old blogs went to.
[13:24] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide i'll get the dustbin lids then amanda
[13:24] Amanda Linden /me head goes dingdingding
[13:24] Rand (rand.linden) Old blogs are in the CP archive
[13:25] Rand (rand.linden)
[13:25] Amanda Linden yep, and still avail in search
[13:25] Darrius Gothly /me opts for the lazy way out .. and PMs the URL to Rand. heheheh
[13:25] Rand (rand.linden) Yes, unfortunately all old links to old blogs appear to be broken.
[13:25] Darrius Gothly TY Rand.
[13:25] Peewee Musytari is there some sort of special age verification needed for residents that join under 18 and then turn 18?...cos they all seem to post that they age verify and still can`t change maturity rating from G?
[13:26] Rand (rand.linden) I am actually working on cleaning up the wiki (time permitting)
[13:26] Jeremy Linden Peewee, as far as I know, the transition should be automatic. Terrence Linden would know more (his user group is right after this one).
[13:27] Rand (rand.linden) See for example
[13:27] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide terry is still here? i thought he;d gotten the old proverbial heave-ho wuith all the others
[13:27] Peewee Musytari ok I might go along to that cos something isn`t working right :)
[13:27] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) They used to have to submit a ticket
[13:27] Peewee Musytari yeah I send them all to create tickets but then they say there isn`t one and it gets confusing
[13:27] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide all the good un's like kate, teeple, plexus, archy, kate, joppa, harrym housem, them lot from that ther breighton office
[13:28] Lexie (lexie.linden) Peewee that is a good point. I do see that type of thread coming up more often
[13:28] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) They used to get notified but I wonder if that has changed now that it's not the big upheaval it used to be
[13:28] Amanda Linden hey guys, i suggest that you go to the teens user group.
[13:28] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Behave!
[13:28] Amanda Linden that terrence runs. that's a great topic for him.
[13:28] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide oi! i'm no ruddy teen!
[13:28] Peewee Musytari kk will go see terence ..ty :)
[13:28] Amanda Linden he's looking at that transition for teens from 17 to 18
[13:28] Amanda Linden fab. :) he's really the best person to hear your thoughts.
[13:29] Amanda Linden plus, i heard his UG is ossm. haven't attended yet, but hope to soon.
[13:29] Cummere Mayo yeah transition form 16 on hold accounts to 17 accounts isnt working either
[13:29] Amanda Linden yeah, anotehr one for terrence.
[13:29] Amanda Linden we're working out kinks, for sure.
[13:29] Amanda Linden ok, anything else on kb?
[13:29] Cummere Mayo actually yeah
[13:29] Amanda Linden sure
[13:30] Cummere Mayo kb still says to file an appeal for abuse report issues... theres no longer an appeal ticket
[13:30] Cummere Mayo can we please get that updated to whatever the new procedure is asap?
[13:30] Cummere Mayo sorry to be picky but thats a major one
[13:30] Rand (rand.linden) Cummere - Do you have the URL where KB states that
[13:31] Cummere Mayo not off the top of my head no...
[13:31] Marianne McCann (This crashing thing is gettign old)
[13:31] Rand (rand.linden) Jeremy ^^^
[13:31] Jeremy Linden I'll look into it.
[13:31] Rand (rand.linden) thx
[13:31] Amanda Linden thanks jeremy
[13:31] Peewee Musytari
[13:31] Amanda Linden anything else?
[13:31] Cummere Mayo its wrong everywhere actually, kb, wiki, even the notifications
[13:32] Amanda Linden ok, then.
[13:32] Peewee Musytari they can`t login to create a ticket if they are banned
[13:32] Amanda Linden time for my update on adult and lgbt private forums....
[13:32] Amanda Linden i have good news and bad news.
[13:32] Mags Indigo /me holds her breath
[13:32] Amanda Linden good news is that we can start an LGBT private forum.
[13:32] Mags Indigo but...
[13:33] Peewee Musytari bad news no one is allowed in
[13:33] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:33] Mags Indigo lmao
[13:33] Amanda Linden blondin is the community person on my team that runs the LGBT community...
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:33] Deltango Vale hahahaha
[13:33] Venus Petrov lol
[13:33] Darrius Gothly LOL
[13:33] Lexie (lexie.linden) ha!
[13:33] Deltango Vale hahahahaha
[13:33] Amanda Linden lots of cool stuff happening on the gay archipeligo, etc.
[13:33] Amanda Linden so, contact him if you want to be involved. he's taking the lead there.
[13:33] Mags Indigo kk
[13:33] Mags Indigo will do
[13:33] Amanda Linden ok, and on the bad news site.
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano cool
[13:33] Amanda Linden side.
[13:33] Venus Petrov and the bad news?
[13:33] Amanda Linden we cannot have a private forum for adult general.
[13:33] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) boo
[13:33] Venus Petrov why not please?
[13:33] Mags Indigo then IU can talk to like orientated per... I mean people
[13:33] Marianne McCann Why is LGBT private?
[13:33] Scylla Rhiadra /me nods, unsurprised
[13:34] Amanda Linden i've run it up the flagpole and it was a no.
[13:34] Venus Petrov reason?
[13:34] Amanda Linden the same reason why that's a no is why LGBT is private.
[13:34] Amanda Linden we do not have age verification on the platform.
[13:34] Amanda Linden and it would take quite a bit to do.
[13:34] Amanda Linden we have to keep these areas G rated.
[13:34] Cummere Mayo even using the way i suggested?
[13:34] Dresden Ceriano because gays are pervs don't you know?
[13:34] Venus Petrov but we were asking for a private adult forum
[13:34] Mags Indigo it's kinda obvious at this stage that LL are a wee bit embarassed that there are people in SL who have adult 'needs and kinks'
[13:34] Dresden Ceriano =P
[13:34] Mags Indigo and are gay
[13:34] Mags Indigo too
[13:34] Amanda Linden if we do a private forum, then blondin can ensure that lbgt folks are age verified.
[13:34] Scylla Rhiadra Amanda, LGBTI is a pretty broad category . . . what qualifies one to get in, or as relevant discussion there?
[13:35] Venus Petrov same would be the case for a private adult forum
[13:35] Darrius Gothly Ahhh .. so the assumption is that the number of applicants to the LGBT private forum will be small enough to be manageable manually. But the Private adult forum will have too many?
[13:35] Amanda Linden i see where you're coming from venus--i do.
[13:35] Mags Indigo do I need a letter from my doctor to prove I'm gay?
[13:35] Venus Petrov only age-verified gain entrance
[13:35] Dresden Ceriano not all gays are adult
[13:35] Amanda Linden but, the answer coming down is no.
[13:35] Cummere Mayo how far up is that answer coming from amanda?
[13:35] Marianne McCann I would think it's gona be a bit of an issue. With LGBT people pushing for greater legitimacy in society, the forums will be saying "your devients, go stay in here." no?
[13:35] Peewee Musytari can`t we talk straight adult in the LGBT one?
[13:35] Amanda Linden and all lgbt participants in the forum will be age verified.
[13:36] Amanda Linden i'm sorry guys--that's the decision today. it may change over time.
[13:36] Deltango Vale Upon reflection, was it wise to let kids into SL? It seems their presence on the main grid is a major constraint on the whole of SL.
[13:36] Dresden Ceriano exactly marianne
[13:36] Mags Indigo in case we 'convert' the little ones?
[13:36] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) You really need to get your communications about the LGBT forum spot on or you're in for a world of hurt.
[13:36] Venus Petrov ok, so one way to manage would be for non LGBT to get into that forum
[13:36] Marianne McCann <eanwhile, adult talk would be... well... adult, regardless of partner
[13:36] Venus Petrov i really do not care what the forum is called
[13:36] Amanda Linden well, we're not going to ask if you're straight or gay ot get into the forum.
[13:36] Peewee Musytari can we joi LGBT and then suddenly turn straight without getting kicked out?
[13:36] Amanda Linden :)
[13:36] Marianne McCann I mean, "T" alone is not "I want the sex0rs now"
[13:36] Amanda Linden you just have to be adult verified.
[13:36] Venus Petrov ok, that's the way in
[13:36] Venus Petrov thank you Amanda
[13:36] Amanda Linden :)
[13:36] Cummere Mayo if the lgbt forum has to be age verified but still cant be adult... youre in for a world of bad publicity for discrimination
[13:36] Amanda Linden figured you would see it that way (hoped)
[13:37] Mags Indigo /me sighs
[13:37] Mags Indigo yeah thanks Amanda
[13:37] Tox (toxic.menges) Would it not be better to reverse the streams as it were... teens are going to be a smaller group and to disallow them from access .. Iunderstand that the main forums need to be G in rating .. but access and work time etc
[13:37] Mags Indigo not your fault that LL is a bit nuts
[13:37] Scylla Rhiadra I think I'd like to object to the idea of using a LGBT forum as a sort of covert adult forum, people . . .
[13:37] Venus Petrov That's fine.
[13:37] Scylla Rhiadra It should be for what it has been created: LGBT
[13:37] Amanda Linden cummere--regardless ofw hether a forum is public or private, the community guidelines still aplly.
[13:37] Amanda Linden apply
[13:37] Amanda Linden so, keep that in mind.
[13:37] Cummere Mayo yeah...
[13:37] Amanda Linden if a comment gets reported, then it will be looked at by mods.
[13:37] Amanda Linden we'll see how it goes....
[13:38] Cummere Mayo so im seeing a discrimination issue there
[13:38] Second Life Items successfully shared.
[13:38] Cummere Mayo not blaming you amanda
[13:38] Cummere Mayo but pointing it out
[13:38] Amanda Linden i'm sorry you see it that way.
[13:38] Deltango Vale BTW, I have attempted three times to be adult verified. System takes the info and does...nothing.
[13:38] Ann Otoole so everyone that wants to be in the LGBT forum has to have been tagged and placed in the aristotle system?
[13:38] Amanda Linden yeah, adult verification is an issue that we are working on
[13:38] Marianne McCann I have to ide with Cummere.
[13:38] Amanda Linden again terrence is your contact on that.
[13:38] Peewee Musytari is account verified ok or does it need to be age verified?
[13:38] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) You've gotta be kidding, they have to be Aristotle verified or account verified?
[13:39] Amanda Linden again, this is a decision that we can revisit over time.
[13:39] Amanda Linden but, it was a decision over my head.
[13:39] Marianne McCann Question: Why is there an LGBT forum at all? If it's adult content it's adult content
[13:39] Cummere Mayo amanda, easy way to do verification... set up all accounts with a password for a private forum. the password gets emailed only when you age verify
[13:39] Dresden Ceriano i'm sure we will
[13:39] Amanda Linden :)
[13:39] Marianne McCann why the division?
[13:39] Amanda Linden division?
[13:39] Scylla Rhiadra Mari, I don't think that everyone who is LGBT would agree that "adult is adult"
[13:40] Darrius Gothly I'm going on record as being extremely disappointed in the prudish and victorian morals being enforced on the SL Forums. The reduction of the "maturity level" to elementary school level, while assuring a "clean" perception, so discourages open conversation as to further dilute the usefulness of the Forums.
[13:40] Mags Indigo /me gets confused
[13:40] Amanda Linden i undersatnd where you're all coming from and sensitive to the issues.
[13:40] Marianne McCann Oh, I agree too, Scylla. But I don't understand why there's an "adult" forum that needs to have verification, and an LGBT one that requires it
[13:40] Cummere Mayo we.ll theres always sluniverse
[13:40] Tox (toxic.menges) Darrius ... in defence of LL here, they are trying to cover a lot of age groups and cultures, that is never easy
[13:40] Venus Petrov while a blog feature on jiggly bits is all over the place..laughs
[13:40] Scylla Rhiadra I'll agree with Darrius, but I want to applaud the decision to create and LGBT forum. I think that's a great move
[13:40] Amanda Linden the adult community is vibrant and important to us. no question (regardless of whether someone identifies as LBGT or not)
[13:40] Mags Indigo ahhh Ciaran LL wants the world to think that SL is full of happy smiling innocent god fearing clean living people
[13:40] Mags Indigo just like the american dream - but cleaner
[13:40] Amanda Linden however, this has to do with a g-rated public forum.
[13:41] Scylla Rhiadra And yes, sorry, Mari. I get what you mean now
[13:41] Venus Petrov laughs Mags
[13:41] Cummere Mayo being lgbt shouldbnt mean you have to verify just to say youre lgbt thats flying right in the face of civil rights
[13:41] Marianne McCann It seems like a duplication of efforts. Being LGBT should be viewed in a similar light to not being such.
[13:41] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) LL's maturity ratings are bizarre, World of Warcraft openly has smutty innuendo and references to alcohol and that's for thirteen year olds
[13:41] Venus Petrov does a G-rated site include a blog on jiggly bits? laughs
[13:41] Amanda Linden it has to do with the forum, not that you have to verify to be LGBT
[13:41] Second Life Entering god mode, level 150
[13:41] Darrius Gothly Rather than discuss here .. let's discuss in the forums more .. then return to these meetings with a better documented community preference?
[13:41] Dresden Ceriano homosexuals can do g-rated
[13:41] Amanda Linden of course.
[13:41] Cummere Mayo so youre saying talking about being lesbian or gay alone makes it not a g-rated?
[13:42] Amanda Linden no, i'm not saying that cummere
[13:42] Mags Indigo /me gets a headache
[13:42] Amanda Linden here's waht i'm saying.
[13:42] Dresden Ceriano sounds good to me Darrius
[13:42] Marianne McCann A kiss is a kiss no matter who, so I'm lost understanding why such a forum would need to be hidden *and* separete from other adult rated forums
[13:42] Cummere Mayo no thats what LL is saying amanda... not you
[13:42] Scylla Rhiadra I don't think the new LGBT forum is for a discussion of sexual practices
[13:42] Amanda Linden /me takes deep breath
[13:42] Venus Petrov /me hands Mags an aspirin
[13:42] Amanda Linden ha
[13:42] Amanda Linden ok
[13:42] Deltango Vale Sigh, remembers the painful discussions on this whole, blasted 'adult' policy.
[13:42] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Making the forum require adult verification is going to give the wrong impresion Amanda, you need to relay that to people further up the tree
[13:42] Mags Indigo ta Venus
[13:42] Amanda Linden we currently have a system (community platform)
[13:42] Scylla Rhiadra It's surely a place to discuss cultural issues relevant specifically to that community
[13:42] Amanda Linden that is g rated. avail on the public internet.
[13:42] Mags Indigo and Scylla if it's not about discussing 'naughty things'
[13:42] Mags Indigo why have it hidden at all?
[13:43] Tox (toxic.menges) I think any issues over sexuality of users is not necessarily something that those who wish to chat in a G rated place would want to talk about ?
[13:43] Venus Petrov agree, Mags
[13:43] Scylla Rhiadra Well, I wouldn't hide it myself
[13:43] Amanda Linden there are aspects of second life, such as adult activities, that are not appropriate for g rated areas?
[13:43] Amanda Linden right?
[13:43] Amanda Linden can we all agree on that.
[13:43] Mags Indigo we can all discuss philosophy and stuff in the G forum
[13:43] Lexie (lexie.linden) Let Amanda talk pls?
[13:43] Mags Indigo can't we?
[13:43] Peewee Musytari if the LGBT forum is for adult content why is it locked at all?
[13:43] Tox (toxic.menges) any type of sexuality
[13:43] Amanda Linden ok.
[13:43] Ann Otoole take it to the blogs out on the internet. Amanda can't change anything. She is just relaying the info.
[13:43] Cummere Mayo and a lgbt forum that doesnt discuss nuaghty things somehow is anything other then g rated?
[13:43] Peewee Musytari *isn`t
[13:43] Marianne McCann /me agrees
[13:43] Amanda Linden hey guys, hang on one min, k?
[13:43] Mags Indigo sorry
[13:43] Amanda Linden i know that this is a hot topic. excuse the pun
[13:43] Dresden Ceriano i'd rather see no glbt forum then one that hides us in the attic like ugly step children
[13:43] Amanda Linden ok
[13:43] Mags Indigo I'm a bit miffed
[13:43] Jeremy Linden Side-note back to an earlier topic: I've just learned that the current ticket type used for appeals is "Reactivate an old account" or "Second Lifeweb login issues". Both go to appeals. You can file either ticket type as a guest, as long as you have an email address. I'll update the KB as soon as I can. :-)
[13:43] Darrius Gothly Totally straight but very adult non-sexual topic. Marital "infidelity" .. re: RL married people having SL relationships.
[13:43] Amanda Linden thanks jeremy
[13:43] Amanda Linden ok.
[13:44] Amanda Linden you're welcome to talk about relationships, etc. on the forums today.
[13:44] Amanda Linden g rated things...
[13:44] Peewee Musytari ahh thats the section I emailed u about jeremy lol
[13:44] Amanda Linden marriage, etc.
[13:44] Cummere Mayo jeremy if youre talking to them, could you kindly ask them to just readd the appeal ticket and make it FAR LESS confusing?
[13:44] Peewee Musytari PM`d
[13:44] Amanda Linden but, if adults want to have an adult conversation, then it just can't happen on the forums as they stand today.
[13:44] Venus Petrov not entirely but *laughs* won't go there
[13:44] Dresden Ceriano well as long as i can talk about g-rated gay things i'm fine with posting in the regular forum
[13:44] Cummere Mayo and being lesbian or gay is adult?
[13:44] Amanda Linden lgbt community will also have to keep their conversations clean in the private forum.
[13:44] Darrius Gothly *sigh* And therein lay my biggest disappointment Amanda.
[13:45] Cummere Mayo if they have to stay clean why do they have to age verify?
[13:45] Amanda Linden because them's the rules.
[13:45] Scylla Rhiadra Hmmm . . . ok, good questions
[13:45] Mags Indigo /me wonders this too Cummere
[13:45] Ann Otoole So someone at LL thinks gay means sex? no clue about discussing gay friendly venues etc.? makes a lot of sense actually.
[13:45] Peewee Musytari thats the part I don`t understand amanda...if you tell the LGBT that they need to be age verified to get in that forum and the act G rated when they are in there, isn`t that just a contradiction?
[13:45] Amanda Linden although, we might do a private forum on lgbt teens, not out of the question. in fact, a great idea.
[13:45] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) It's amazing considering where LL is based
[13:46] Cummere Mayo amanda please inform your bosses ill be happy to forward this transcript to many many lgbt advocacy groups
[13:45] Darrius Gothly Amanda? Would you please format up and post a concise set of "Rules and Conditions" about the new LGBT Forum and how it must be used please?
[13:45] Peewee Musytari there is not point having any age verified forums if they all have to be g rated
[13:45] Amanda Linden blondin is owrking on it and he's your best contact there.
[13:46] Amanda Linden i see where you're coming from peewee.
[13:46] Dresden Ceriano i'll join it but i will not keep my horrible gayness out of the regular forum either... frankly i find this a huge insult
[13:46] Mags Indigo and what will be 'different' about it in order for it to warrent being age verified
[13:46] Ann Otoole I would just hate to see everyone I know that is LGBT suddenly quit because they don't want to be outed irl via a data breach or sinister tin foil plot at the government hip joined aristotle thing.
[13:46] Cummere Mayo as well as why you have to be age verfied to use a g rated forum
[13:46] Darrius Gothly I think the details are getting lost in the discussion today. And they're very important details IMHO.
[13:46] Tox (toxic.menges) Darrius, I would guess it's all about context ( as it should be)
[13:46] Venus Petrov Dres, please do NOT keep your gayness out of the forum
[13:46] Amanda Linden we're doing this to support the lgbt community. is it hte private part that you guys are upset about or the age verification part?
[13:46] Cummere Mayo both
[13:46] Scylla Rhiadra I think the combination, Amanda
[13:46] Madeliefste Oh and why do you need to lock out young gays or lesbo's when the conversation must still be G rated?
[13:46] Dresden Ceriano the private part
[13:47] Dresden Ceriano the age veerification part
[13:47] Amanda Linden ok, let's address private part first.
[13:47] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Why can't they be supported in the existing forums?
[13:47] Cummere Mayo the age verification part if its suppsoed to be grated
[13:47] Peewee Musytari well it is saying that being LGBT is X rated regardless of content if you make them age verify
[13:47] Cummere Mayo because that says to me that being glbt is taboo and unwelcome
[13:47] Dresden Ceriano right
[13:47] Amanda Linden all residents are welcome to post in teh public forums and talk lgbt or straight relationships, etc.
[13:47] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Exactly Peewee
[13:47] Amanda Linden that's just life in SF.
[13:47] Mags Indigo ok - if the Private LGBT forum was to talk about the 'adult' = sex aspects of LGBT (god knows why) then I could see the reason for a seperate age verified forum
[13:47] Dresden Ceriano exactly
[13:47] Amanda Linden SL
[13:47] Scylla Rhiadra The only point to "private" I can see is for those who don't want to be publicly identified as LGBT
[13:47] Vernes Veranes heated discussion is rapid discussion. Can't read this fast O_o
[13:47] Mags Indigo but if it has to be kept 'clean'
[13:47] Mags Indigo ummm - why private?
[13:48] Amanda Linden but, there are many people that want the LGBT forum private to discuss very specific issues about LGBT.
[13:48] Darrius Gothly +5 Scylla
[13:48] Amanda Linden and i assume that it will be more indepth than what's public.
[13:48] Cummere Mayo if its to be kept private fine... keep it private but why age verification?
[13:48] Peewee Musytari make the LGBT one public and with the same rules as the rest and there is no discrimination
[13:48] Dresden Ceriano how would you know that, amanda?
[13:48] Amanda Linden we're creating a space where folks can have a litlte more private.
[13:48] Amanda Linden and can discuss things a bit more freely
[13:48] Amanda Linden so, this is all in an effor tto support this community.
[13:48] Cummere Mayo you dont need age verification for that though
[13:48] Scylla Rhiadra How much more freely?
[13:48] Mags Indigo but not sex or pervy suff
[13:48] Ann Otoole I thought the forum had to be clean everywhere all the time.
[13:48] Amanda Linden right mags.
[13:48] Dresden Ceriano i understand that
[13:49] Cummere Mayo so if no sex why age verified?
[13:49] Mags Indigo but have deep philosophical discussions that would disturb ordinary folk and -18s
[13:49] Ann Otoole as in the basic profile of LL's forum is a business meeting.
[13:49] Amanda Linden it does, but lbgt is more than sex. i
[13:49] Amanda Linden of course
[13:49] Dresden Ceriano i'm still against it being private
[13:49] Cummere Mayo im totally against the age verification
[13:49] Amanda Linden re: the age veriifcation i see wehre you're coming from.
[13:49] Darrius Gothly But if the only "requirement" is to be old enough .. many bigots are old enough too. They can still get into the LGBT Private Forum and out people just to cause hurt and pain.
[13:49] Dresden Ceriano that too
[13:49] Cummere Mayo and i really know several groups that would be too
[13:49] Amanda Linden and, i hear you.
[13:49] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) You're making a rod for your own back here, how many other communities are going to want a private forum?
[13:49] Cummere Mayo and lets be honest LL cannot afford more bad publicity
[13:50] Dresden Ceriano that too lord
[13:50] Mags Indigo ummm this is SL folks 'outing' shouldn't be an issue seeing as how there's no way to even know grnder
[13:50] Amanda Linden we can create the forum with teens, but that means it has to be super clean.
[13:50] Scylla Rhiadra Amanda, maybe you and LL can rethink this one, and represent it?
[13:50] Amanda Linden super super clean.
[13:50] Mags Indigo not to mind orientation
[13:50] Peewee Musytari I just think ur opening a can or worms making it private and they get in there and find its G rated and wonder why it is hidden at all
[13:50] Tox (toxic.menges) why not have an adult forum where the teens cannot access rather than asking for verification from everyone else? (I know I am being mardy) There are less teens than other groups in sl and the fora could have caveats etc
[13:50] bob Iwashi bad publcicity?
[13:50] Amanda Linden i can rethink it. but, do can you keep it clean enough so that a 13 year old can read it?
[13:50] Cummere Mayo amanda thats it... youre still being prejudiced
[13:50] bob Iwashi i won;t name the alterantives buti understand they're booming
[13:50] Mags Indigo that cute lesbo I have my eye on is possibly Marvin from the truckers assoc having a wee break from the wife and kids
[13:50] Amanda Linden this is about policy. only.
[13:51] Doctor Gascoigne it would need moderation
[13:51] Amanda Linden personally, i'm as liberal and loving as they come.
[13:51] Doctor Gascoigne if you let kids in you have to moderate
[13:51] Doctor Gascoigne always
[13:51] Scylla Rhiadra if a 13 year old doesn't need to "protected" from the idea of same sex relationships, I think it can be kept clean enough for the main forums
[13:51] bob Iwashi pffft
[13:51] Darrius Gothly And our point is .. Policy in this case is very short-sighted.
[13:51] Amanda Linden seriously, i went to vassar and i live in san francisco. :)
[13:51] Cummere Mayo you is not personal amanda
[13:51] Torben (torben.trautman) welcome back again Mari
[13:51] Cummere Mayo amanda you in this case is LL not you personal
[13:51] Doctor Gascoigne scylla its not about what you think its about liability
[13:51] Mags Indigo and the forums are for 16+ so surely no issues there
[13:51] Amanda Linden kk, thanks for clarification.
[13:51] Doctor Gascoigne thats the theme
[13:51] Cummere Mayo please dont see what im saying as a personal attack
[13:51] Doctor Gascoigne liability
[13:51] Marianne McCann Thanks... again
[13:51] Amanda Linden it's important that you guys know where i am personally.
[13:51] Scylla Rhiadra LGBT is a liability issue? Where?
[13:51] Vernes Veranes Sounds like this topic needs a sequel? Howmuch time do we have left?
[13:51] Amanda Linden i want to support this community.
[13:52] Lexie (lexie.linden) I agree with you doc
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne you bring kids into the mix
[13:52] bob Iwashi i'd liek to see some direct answers to our questionas
[13:52] Amanda Linden ok, i'll rethink age verification.
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne someone will sue someone
[13:52] Mags Indigo oh yeah - sorry Amanda and other Lindens present
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne its a challenge
[13:52] Amanda Linden you guys convinced me.
[13:52] Mags Indigo I'm not mad at you
[13:52] Mags Indigo just at the world
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne of liability
[13:52] bob Iwashi even if you tell us "we gotta go think about it and come back"
[13:52] Scylla Rhiadra Yay Amanda!
[13:52] Amanda Linden see, I'm open!
[13:52] Venus Petrov It sounds like your boss needs to rethink age verification, no?
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne Amanda your a good person
[13:52] Cummere Mayo amanda... if you need help with your bosses let us know.
[13:52] Amanda Linden but, we'll just have to keep a super close eye on it and see how it goes.
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne no one is saying your not
[13:52] Amanda Linden how'st hat?
[13:52] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) A G rated forum regarding LGBT is not a liability
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne your being prudent
[13:52] Darrius Gothly We're just giving you lots of hammers to hit your boss with. LOL
[13:52] Amanda Linden private but not age verified.
[13:52] Doctor Gascoigne I like prudent
[13:52] Cummere Mayo that i can live with amanda :)
[13:52] Lexie (lexie.linden) Sounds good Amanda
[13:52] Amanda Linden good start?
[13:52] Peewee Musytari maybe Blondin should run it by Fabrice or rest of GA and see what they would consider to be discriminating
[13:52] Tox (toxic.menges) Thats a great result I think!
[13:52] Mags Indigo yup - that sounds better
[13:53] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) it just seems like there was a lack of forethought and unwillingness to admit it is disconcerting on the whole topic of the limitations of the forum, if not other things
[13:53] Amanda Linden you guys were very persuasive.
[13:53] Amanda Linden :)
[13:53] Venus Petrov private, not age-verified, and 'Mature'
[13:53] Amanda Linden not mature, unfortunately.
[13:53] Mags Indigo /me thinks Venus is pushing now...
[13:53] Scylla Rhiadra lol
[13:53] Mags Indigo usual
[13:53] Amanda Linden :)
[13:53] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:53] Marianne McCann The best support, IMO, would be ab equal footing. If I can say "I've two dads" on the regular forum," then there's no need for hiding away LGBT, I think.
[13:53] Amanda Linden whew, ok.
[13:53] Doctor Gascoigne rome was not built in a day folks
[13:53] Venus Petrov and i will continue
[13:53] Doctor Gascoigne we are on new ground
[13:53] Lexie (lexie.linden) heeh Venus
[13:53] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Agreed Mari
[13:53] Amanda Linden so, contact blondin and let's get it going!
[13:54] Dresden Ceriano will do
[13:54] Amanda Linden kk, cool.
[13:54] Amanda Linden whew.
[13:54] Scylla Rhiadra I can see some benefit to "private" . . . but honestly, I think it would be better to have it on the main boards
[13:54] Doctor Gascoigne great meeting Amanda
[13:54] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide age verificaqtion blows
[13:54] Dresden Ceriano but it's not over
[13:54] Cummere Mayo amanda how far above you do we have to go to get the idea of an adult forum unblocked?
[13:54] Amanda Linden ok, we're almost done and there are a few more things.
[13:54] Venus Petrov i agree, Scylla
[13:54] Amanda Linden raymond already updated on the evening mod.
[13:54] Venus Petrov there is nothing to push under the rug
[13:54] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide amanda: this is my 1st meeting here and i'm sorry to say i am unimpressed
[13:55] Mags Indigo /me looks at the bump under the rug and wonders...
[13:55] Doctor Gascoigne very nice ding
[13:55] Tox (toxic.menges) ymmv ding :)
[13:55] Amanda Linden ok, ceriano, looking at your add.
[13:55] Doctor Gascoigne please come again
[13:55] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide every question seems to be only met by a hlaf answer, and from a drirector of communication,. we seem to have very littlecommunication
[13:55] Venus Petrov /me hands Mags another aspirin
[13:55] Doctor Gascoigne perhaps you will be impressed another time
[13:55] Deltango Vale It's my first meeting and I AM impressed.
[13:55] Amanda Linden ok, i see we did that one. raymond's going to check into it.
[13:55] Doctor Gascoigne welcome to an office hour ding
[13:55] Amanda Linden :)
[13:55] Scylla Rhiadra Dunno. This is a bit like every office hour I've ever been to
[13:55] Dresden Ceriano we did
[13:55] Mags Indigo you're trying to give me a stomach bleed now?
[13:55] Dresden Ceriano thanks
[13:55] Torben (torben.trautman) what Doc said
[13:55] Amanda Linden new products forum.
[13:55] Venus Petrov laughs
[13:55] Doctor Gascoigne see
[13:56] Peewee Musytari yes
[13:56] Doctor Gascoigne thanks torb
[13:56] Tox (toxic.menges) ding, perhaps you need to give them a little bit more of a chance than the one session :)
[13:56] Peewee Musytari new products yay
[13:56] Darrius Gothly YES ... new products forum. Please!
[13:56] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Ding what gets said here gets relayed, the Linden's are walking on eggshells and have to be careful what they say
[13:56] Doctor Gascoigne new avatars
[13:56] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide i have been here, in one account or aother
[13:56] Amanda Linden i'm staying a little get to the last two items.
[13:56] Doctor Gascoigne so refreshing
[13:56] Marianne McCann What Toxic said
[13:56] Amanda Linden let's explore it and come back next week. i like the idea.
[13:56] Dresden Ceriano thanks amanda
[13:56] Deltango Vale BUT, because of RL, this will be my ONLY meeting. I just got lucky with the timing tonight.
[13:56] Peewee Musytari kewl ty amanda
[13:56] Doctor Gascoigne no whining is allowed
[13:56] Amanda Linden sure thing.
[13:56] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide i can say this, whereas the lindens can't: sl has gone down the pan since that *person* culled 33.3&% of them
[13:56] Venus Petrov glad you could make it Del
[13:56] Doctor Gascoigne I havea motto you dislike something enough get INVOLVED
[13:56] Darrius Gothly Do you accept bribes to "promote" the idea Amanda?
[13:56] Amanda Linden and, new feature request for sl viewer.
[13:56] Scylla Rhiadra Del, time for a new Off Topics thread?
[13:57] Amanda Linden ah, mari, there's a viewer evolution user group that you should go to.
[13:57] Deltango Vale Fora-based usergroups?
[13:57] Amanda Linden oz is your contact for new feature requests.
[13:57] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide and you wonder why people leave, and use *other worlds*
[13:57] Marianne McCann "Be the change" Doc
[13:57] Amanda Linden so, give your feedback to oz and that team.
[13:57] Scylla Rhiadra Yep, and specifically LGBTI
[13:57] Marianne McCann /me winks
[13:57] Mags Indigo they do??
[13:57] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide when nowadays, sl seems to be "yes-men"
[13:57] Amanda Linden whew, got through it with two mins to spare.
[13:57] Amanda Linden anything else?
[13:57] Lexie (lexie.linden) no dingding
[13:57] Peewee Musytari wtg amanda lol
[13:58] Mags Indigo /me thinks ding has a 'former agenda'
[13:58] Peewee Musytari speed typing
[13:58] Tox (toxic.menges) ding you should see me on twitter, I give LL a hard time, but i notice the good as well - give them a chance
[13:58] Scylla Rhiadra Yes women too, Dingding!
[13:58] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Events and new products forum please
[13:58] Doctor Gascoigne yes furries
[13:58] Amanda Linden thanks tox, we're trying.
[13:58] Marianne McCann Can do, Amanda. I've been and it's, uh... aa little depressing. But I'll give it another shot
[13:58] Marianne McCann /me grins
[13:58] Scylla Rhiadra Yes furries, yes robots . . .
[13:58] Lexie (lexie.linden) Events Forum?
[13:58] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide can we get back to the days of linden staff mixign freely with residents? go back to wen we used to see you guys, laugh with you, joke with youi
[13:58] Amanda Linden events does have a forum, don't we?
[13:58] Tox (toxic.menges) it shows, be strong, you are making up ground.
[13:58] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Yes for posting events, where with moderation we won't have the spam city we have in the events system inworld and website
[13:58] Doctor Gascoigne events has a whole office hour
[13:58] Amanda Linden and it's good. attended last week after our meeting.
[13:58] Doctor Gascoigne be there or be square
[13:58] Amanda Linden yep!
[13:58] Doctor Gascoigne its 1st thurs of the month
[13:58] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide i freely give credit for good, beleive me
[13:59] Amanda Linden yeah, the events system is in teh works.
[13:59] Amanda Linden it's tough to use now, i know.
[13:59] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide 99.9% of the lindens aer really lovely people
[13:59] Doctor Gascoigne 99%
[13:59] Cummere Mayo /me likes events usergroup.... wished profiles was more like it... actually i wish profiles would just plain show up
[13:59] Amanda Linden attend that user group, for sure.
[13:59] Mags Indigo oh ding that's a bit too high
[13:59] Marianne McCann /me wants Crap Mariner's "Click The Clock" for events
[13:59] Cummere Mayo um amanda quick side note...
[13:59] Ann Otoole is destination guide part of community tools? how to report places in dest guide that no longer exist? need a report button on that page or something.
[13:59] Amanda Linden destination guide is part of events, weirdly.
[13:59] Ann Otoole okies
[13:59] Cummere Mayo whats the use of profiles having an office hour if they cant be bothered to show up?
[13:59] Doctor Gascoigne destination guide is a great thing
[13:59] Amanda Linden but, i talked to brett just today about doing a destination guide user group.
[14:00] Amanda Linden funny that you mention int ann. :) great minds.
[14:00] Ann Otoole lol
[14:00] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) You need to liberate your forums to allow people to promote SL
[14:00] Amanda Linden no one showed up for profiles UG?
[14:00] Amanda Linden sorry about that.
[14:00] Amanda Linden we're redoing the UG's a bit (since we had a reorg) you'll see some changes to that page soon.
[14:00] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide 99.9 % bottles of beer on the wall
[14:00] Ann Otoole oddly people in the LL forum are generally already customers.
[14:00] Scylla Rhiadra lol
[14:01] Doctor Gascoigne lol
[14:01] Amanda Linden yep, mostly super users in the forums.
[14:01] Scylla Rhiadra Well, I'm not . . .
[14:01] Dresden Ceriano lol
[14:01] Peewee Musytari how did that happen?
[14:01] Peewee Musytari lol
[14:01] Amanda Linden :)ok, think were' done....
[14:01] Scylla Rhiadra Thanks Amanda
[14:01] Amanda Linden next week. same bat time, same bat channel.
[14:01] Ann Otoole thanks for the time :)
[14:01] Raymond Linden Thanks all
[14:01] Amanda Linden thanks everyone. ossm meeting today.
[14:01] Peewee Musytari people will start thinking there is a connection between the forums and SL next
[14:01] Lexie (lexie.linden) This was a good meeting ㋡
[14:01] Dresden Ceriano thank you
[14:01] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Cheers guys
[14:01] Tox (toxic.menges) Do you have a way of allowing new users into a certain section on the forum for a set length of time .. that would help acclimatise them
[14:01] Mags Indigo kk thanks Amanda and Linden people
[14:01] Amanda Linden glad we hammered out the forum stuff.
[14:01] Venus Petrov Amanda, just one comment. Mods are not sending PMs when posts are pulled..reasons why.
[14:02] Amanda Linden they are welcome to come into the forums and participate.
[14:02] Amanda Linden anyone with a username/password can participate in teh forums/platform.
[14:02] Marianne McCann Sadly, crashes left me missing a lot of what I wanted t'hear about, b ut such is digital life!
[14:02] Amanda Linden but, they often don't.
[14:02] Peewee Musytari great meeting thanks amanda, lexie, raymond, jeremey, rand :)
[14:02] Lexie (lexie.linden) Thanks for all your feedback and for standing up for what you think is important! Good stuff
[14:02] Peewee Musytari oops terence has started...gotta run lol
[14:02] Amanda Linden we are working on creating more for them.... marketing to them more effectively with the resources avail.
[14:02] Darrius Gothly All in all .. agreed. Good meeting. Lots of "food for thought" .. for next week.
[14:02] Amanda Linden might be a great topic for our next meeting.
[14:02] Venus Petrov my understanding was that they always would
[14:02] Scylla Rhiadra thanks for the move on an LGBT forum, even if it has been imperfectly thought out . . . it's a move in the right direction, I think
[14:02] Amanda Linden how to better market to new users and get them part of the community faster.
[14:02] Peewee Musytari bye all till next week :)
[14:02] Amanda Linden you guys want to brainstorm ont aht one?
[14:03] Venus Petrov OK, that's fine. I will just ask ..always. ㋡
[14:03] Amanda Linden i would love it personally
[14:03] Tox (toxic.menges) im all for that one
[14:03] Marianne McCann Would totally love that
[14:03] Torben (torben.trautman) sure
[14:03] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide oh aMABNDA!
[14:03] Amanda Linden ossm. i could really use your help!
[14:03] Darrius Gothly Start a topic Venus. I'm sure it will get some good activity.
[14:03] Cummere Mayo amanda if yould talk to me sometime i could definately give you ideas
[14:03] Amanda Linden i need all the points i can get.
[14:03] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide 1 MOER POUINT!
[14:03] Amanda Linden wait, is ding giving me points?
[14:03] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide 1 issue i wanted to bring up, nothing bad
[14:03] Mags Indigo kudos even?
[14:03] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide more point!
[14:03] Amanda Linden thanks cummere.
[14:03] Cummere Mayo trouble is getting LL staffed enough to implement them
[14:03] Scylla Rhiadra Not kudos?
[14:03] Scylla Rhiadra Hey, how do I get my kudos removed, btw?
[14:04] Venus Petrov on moderation? no thanks lol
[14:04] Mags Indigo pi** people off enough and that should work
[14:04] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide the mainland sim, infohub, "boardroom"
[14:04] Scylla Rhiadra Oh, that's not hard! I can do that
[14:04] Doctor Gascoigne everything needs moderation
[14:04] Torben (torben.trautman) bye all
[14:04] dingdingdingivegotadustbinlid Vonderheide totally in the wrong palce maybe
[14:04] Darrius Gothly No .. on when posts gets pulled .. what is and is not a reason to send a PM about it.
[14:04] Amanda Linden bye all.... :)