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The Second Life oceans and lakes offer many fun places to visit, interesting underwater scenery, and many kilometers of sailing and boating routes. You can find more information on sailing in Second Life here.

Blake Sea

The Blake Sea is a large open body of water; many of the Regions have a rez zone in the northeastern corner. A good starting point is the island of "Half Hitch"

Bingo Strait

To the west of the Blake Sea is a long stretch of ocean. You might want to begin exploring it from the island of Rodel The Rez Zone is just to the West of Rodel Island.

The Coastal Waterway

Rez zones of the Second_Life_Coastal_Waterway

The Lilliputian Isles

Hephaestus Ruins.png


An inland sea where the myths of ancient Greece come alive.

Mare Secundus

An ancient sea, almost landlocked in the Sansara continent, containing many points of interest.

Ahab's Haunt.jpg

Ahab's Haunt

This is a tropical beach crowned by the skeleton of a giant beast. Hammocks and inner tubes, undersea treasure and lots to explore for divers, places to rez your boats, and more!

Ahab's Haunt (116, 143, 22)

Jeogeot Gulf

A long body of water, with a couple of large islands in it. Most of the regions in the Gulf have a rez zone in the northeast corner; or you can start at the boat rez zone in Lordshore .