Othala Isolated Sim

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Othala Isolated Sim

A225 - Othala is an Isolated Sim discovered at Coordinates 1205-1205/1090-1090, Grid Sector L10, Eastern Ocean, very close to Gaeta 5.

This remote place was created somewhere between January and March 2014. Its position is something unique because there was no sim East to Gaeta continents at that close. The reason for this is the old Linden project to create a large continent in the area. Now, when only Gaeta 5 is complete and Gaeta 1 is left unfinished, it looks like the old megacontinent project is abandoned for good. And the creation of this sim is a confirmation of this.

Othala is a tropical beach paradise, divided into multiple parcels with the help of vegetation. This is something rare, since majority of estate owners divide their land with mountains, water channels or roads. The idea of using vegetation is a very good one. A large surface of this sim is for sale.

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