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This is not just the german, it's the german, austria, swiss gazebo. Well, in fact this is a place for all german-speaking residents of Second Life. Please, if you have materials such as FAQs, landmarks or guides in german, contribute here: SL Volunteer Linguist Center - German !

Parent page: SL Volunteer Education Center

Guidelines for rezzing

German Linguist Pavillion SLVEC.jpg

I hope there will be a lot of contributions by others, so it seems important to me that things could be changed while the owner of an object is not online.

Please, make sure that all objects (and the contents) are set to "Second Life Mentor" group and set permissions to:

  • Share with group
  • Allow anyone to move
  • Allow anyone to copy
    • you may wish to set some objects for sale on 0L$

Next owner should be able to modify, copy, resell/Give away.

Note: VTeam asked not to place any socializing furniture in the pavillion. It should be focused to educational items.


Before you contribute, please check if there isn't already something what deals with the subject. If so, maybe you have a more recent or just better version of it? In this case, feel free to replace the old one and update the following list of contributions.


Erste Hilfe Rucksack (German Notecards for Newbies) - rezzed April 16th - 16 prims Aufsteller (Einsteigerhilfe) - rezzed March 25th - 6 prims
Flags (German, Austrian, Swizz) - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Second Life Recht (German Law) - rezzed June 24th - 1 prim
SL Wörterbuch (SL Dictionary) - rezzed June 24th - 1 prim
Information Sign (Links to this site) - rezzed April 16th - 7 prims
Group Inviter for Second Life German Mentor group - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Temprezzer - rezzes the whole interior (racks, floor, walls, pictures, PC...) temporary if avatars are around. phantom (low lag) - rezzed April 22th - 1 prim
German speaking Linguists mascot (advertiser with link to the Wiki page) - rezzed June 6th- 4 prims
Empty Box (full perms) - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Three Smileys - 16 Prims
  • Group Owned
Zeitumrechnung Notecard - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Deutsches Tutorial - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Deutsche in SL - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Orientation Notecards - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Arbeitsämter - rezzed April 16th - 1 prim
Praesentation SL Auskunft - re-rezed April 17th - 2 prims

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