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This page contains the transcript and information about the the Rail Community meetings in SL from 2010-12-03 The meeting was hosted by the Virtual Railway Consortium for the benevit of the SL Rail Community as a whole.


  1. Welcome
  2. Current state of the SLRR (Heterocera Atoll)
  3. LDPW SLRR Switches
  4. VRC news
  5. News from the SLRR Rail Group
  6. News from other rail or transportation groups
  7. News from the LDPW
  8. VRC Freebie train
  9. Events
  10. General Discussion
  11. Closing remarks

List of Attendees


[01:31] Stryker Jenkins: ok... well on my clock its 1:30 PM... so lets get started
[01:31] Veryfluffy Wingtips: first time i see a linden and a talking one too :o
[01:32] Stryker Jenkins: The online link for today's agenda is:
[01:33] Stryker Jenkins: 2 Current state of the SLRR (Heterocera Atoll)
[01:33] Stryker Jenkins: If you want more information about the standards the (new) tracks are build by you can visit
[01:33] Damion Goodman: k
[01:34] Stryker Jenkins: It is also good to see there are an ever increasing number of resident owned railyards and sidings along the SLRR. Some residents have filed a support ticked and requested to have their tracks linked to the SLRR main or branch lines.
[01:34] Michael Linden: We'll be having the moles activate those switches mostly after the "major" mainline switches get installed.
[01:35] Michael Linden: Well, they have to file a support ticket.
[01:35] Moundsa Mayo: Good to see you here, Blondin!
[01:35] Michael Linden: We look at several items when deciding to install a "private switch".
[01:35] Arawn Spitteler: 's just logging infor the Rail Community Meeting, and ses it'll be in 30 min
[01:35] Veryfluffy Wingtips: hm if i see michael i remember that the german railway uses a mole as mascot for construction works too ö.ö
[01:35] Moundsa Mayo: No, just started!
[01:36] Moundsa Mayo: Allo followmeimthe! Good to see you here!
[01:36] Stryker Jenkins: Q: Does anyone have any suggestion on how to enhance the current layout, track side equipment or the look of the SLRR on the Heterocera Atoll?
[01:36] followmeimthe Piedpiper: ty:)
[01:37] Stryker Jenkins: I.e. suggestions to the LDPW
[01:37] Solonia Stenvaag ::: READY:::
[01:37] Solonia Stenvaag: いざ
[01:37] Michael Linden: We would also *remove* a switch if the build or parcel owner changed to make the switch unsuitable.
[01:37] Solonia Stenvaag ::: READY:::
[01:37] Solonia Stenvaag: いざ
[01:38] Stryker Jenkins: thanks for that information Michael
[01:38] SkyBlue Earthboy: Thank you! :)
[01:38] Michael Linden: Thankfully, that hasn't come up yet.
[01:38] Stryker Jenkins: Q: Does anyone have any suggestion on how to enhance the current layout, track side equipment or the look of the SLRR on the Heterocera Atoll?
[01:38] Stryker Jenkins: if not I may have one or two
[01:38] followmeimthe Piedpiper: yes
[01:38] Stryker Jenkins: ok... Follow...
[01:38] Moundsa Mayo: Maybe a ROWside diner with GOOD coffee and HOT doughnuts?
[01:38] followmeimthe Piedpiper: well maybe...
[01:39] followmeimthe Piedpiper: we could have certain parts themed to certain countries
[01:39] followmeimthe Piedpiper: so part ,inc stations could be UK based
[01:39] Stryker Jenkins: good suggestion...
[01:39] followmeimthe Piedpiper: part USA etc
[01:39] Titiro Arriaga: yes... good idea
[01:40] SkyBlue Earthboy: good idea
[01:40] Stryker Jenkins: - Replace 1 of the stone bridges with a wood tressel version either in or in
[01:40] Stryker Jenkins: you know the one form an old western movie
[01:40] Damion Goodman: maybe private rezpoints at non linden land timed ofcourse
[01:40] Moundsa Mayo: It would be really great to extend rail into some of the Asian areas too - lots of Japanese interest in rail!
[01:40] Siobhan McCallen: no starbucks.
[01:41] Damion Goodman: i like the japanese interest
[01:41] Maggie Darwin: The rez zones are appreciated.
[01:41] Damion Goodman: sometimes have a different perspective
[01:41] Moundsa Mayo: Yes, and they've asked about being included ...
[01:41] Siobhan McCallen: culverts? a culvert here and there would be realistic
[01:41] SkyBlue Earthboy: ive noticed there aren't many bridges you drive under
[01:41] Stryker Jenkins: About the rez zones.... noticed not all of the 27 official Linden station have rez zones...
[01:41] tamara Eberhardt: 2nds Danion's idea on the rez zones
[01:42] Damion Goodman: true
[01:42] Kae Mager: thanks Moundsa ^^
[01:42] tamara Eberhardt: yes Nippon interest yes!!
[01:42] Maggie Darwin: You can't have too many rez zones.
[01:42] Moundsa Mayo: We'll compile ALL these ideas and post them for others to see and add to.
[01:42] followmeimthe Piedpiper: more the merrier
[01:42] Michael Linden: Hmm, please file a support ticket if an official station doesn't have a rez zone adjacent.
[01:42] Solonia Stenvaag: should be more rez zones
[01:43] Veryfluffy Wingtips: a station like the dresden main station would be cool...
[01:43] Maggie Darwin: Or too few robot begging ice cream trucks, busses, tanks etc
[01:43] Michael Linden: We want to have one at each station, if only to say "look next to the stations".
[01:43] Stryker Jenkins: ok... moving on
[01:43] Stryker Jenkins: 3 LDPW SLRR Switches
[01:43] Michael Linden: We can put them near "private" stations in some cases, too.
[01:43] Bacon Hellershanks: Old York Railway Station?
[01:44] tamara Eberhardt: Also idea the idea of different railroad styles Eurpoe Asia etc..
[01:44] tamara Eberhardt: Europe*
[01:44] Stryker Jenkins: In the switch there is a string of data that trains can sence from a distance and help the driver choose a route.
[01:44] DOUGIE Flossberg: i agree
[01:44] Moundsa Mayo: Yes, perhaps difficult to retrofit, but I for one would like to see rail in other parts of SL, too.
[01:44] Michael Linden: Sylvan has given me a list of the first mainline switch locations.
[01:45] Stryker Jenkins: Q: Did any train builder / scripter already take a look at that feature?
[01:45] Siobhan McCallen: ew
[01:45] Damion Goodman: not yet sorry
[01:45] Moundsa Mayo: I have scripting in progress, but RL keeps detracting from my SL.
[01:45] Stryker Jenkins: In the switch there is a string of data that trains can sence from a distance and help the driver choose a route.
[01:46] Titiro Arriaga: aww... I didnt know before... I will test it. Standerd...?
[01:46] Michael Linden: The list so far: Epirrhoe, Jodis, Jubata, Sinica, Euclidia, Lunalis, Clearwing, Crenulate, Pini, Tenera, Crumbi, Dubia.
[01:46] Stryker Jenkins: See the wiki for the Switch Standard Titiro
[01:46] SkyBlue Earthboy: i'd love to see more rails to ride
[01:46] Michael Linden: That includes a couple of "private sidings".
[01:46] Damion Goodman: rl surely there should be no compromise between SL and RL hehehe
[01:46] Titiro Arriaga: kk TY
[01:47] kafee Iwish: merci moundsa
[01:47] Stryker Jenkins: (not that it will change much anymore)
[01:47] Lucian Overlord: Thank you ;p
[01:47] Moundsa Mayo: C'est mon plaisir, Monsieur!
[01:47] kafee Iwish: ;)
[01:47] Damion Goodman: run with it as is for now i noticed the 2 clicks is still required to manualy aactivate
[01:48] Michael Linden: We'd like to see Residents making more types of switches.
[01:48] Stryker Jenkins: I made my own out of LDPW scripts
[01:48] Siobhan McCallen: i've only had an opportunity to use the switches once, but it seemed to work fairly well. But it was at Crumbi, where it appears one switch has yet to be installed.
[01:48] Michael Linden: The SLRR standard shouldn't limit Resident switches.
[01:48] Solonia Stenvaag: current switches work well
[01:48] Damion Goodman: i looked at the vmrc swith last night witch was pretty good
[01:49] Stryker Jenkins: well there are a few commercial switches available and I know the VRC has scripts available open source as well
[01:49] SkyBlue Earthboy: sorry, i'm not quite sure what switches are. at points?
[01:49] Damion Goodman: but only works for their trains
[01:49] Stryker Jenkins: yes SkyBlue
[01:49] Stryker Jenkins: Switches / Points / Junctions...
[01:49] Michael Linden: If you want a 4-way X-crossing switch that controls a set of interlocking signals ... go ahead! We just want rolling stock buildings to have some idea of our standards for controlling and "physical layout".
[01:49] SkyBlue Earthboy: Thank you! :)
[01:49] Stryker Jenkins: anyway... moving on with our agenda
[01:49] Michael Linden: Er, builders, not buildings.
[01:50] Stryker Jenkins: 4 VRC news
[01:50] Maggie Darwin: "A railroad switch, turnout or [set of] points is a mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another at a railway junction."
[01:50] Aeolus Cleanslate waves
[01:50] Moundsa Mayo: Glad you could be here!
[01:50] Stryker Jenkins: 4.1 Anilis info station:

The Virtual Railway Consortium holding group has bought some more land for an other information station in Anilis.

[01:50] Veryfluffy Wingtips: good lord. i am happy i just sometimes build a train :o
[01:50] Stryker Jenkins: 4.2 Affiliated groups:

A few more Rail and Transportation groups have become affiliated with the VRC in the last year. Together we stand strong in making SL a nice place to be.

[01:51] Michael Linden: If the VRC or Residents want to buy abandoned land adjacent to railways, they should file a support ticket.
[01:51] Maggie Darwin: Ah.
[01:51] Stryker Jenkins: I guess that goes for all Rail fans... haha not just the VRC
[01:51] Veryfluffy Wingtips: is there abadoned land arround the railways?
[01:51] Qie Niangao: Oh, thanks for that info, Michael... there are some adfarm remnants that could be tidied up.
[01:51] Michael Linden: Usually, Veryfulffy.
[01:51] Michael Linden: Adfarm bits.
[01:51] Titiro Arriaga: Struker...?
[01:52] Kitto Flora: Lots of abandoned land
[01:52] Maggie Darwin: Lots of adfarm parts, yes
[01:52] Stryker Jenkins: Titiro...
[01:52] Michael Linden: We usually sell such property pretty cheap.
[01:52] Kitto Flora: Even 'Abandoned by Govenor Linden' :)
[01:52] Titiro Arriaga: why U never speack about ONSR - Okemo, Nakiska, and Southern Railway
[01:52] Stryker Jenkins: 1 sec... lol
[01:52] Bacon Hellershanks: Didier Soyuz did a song called "All Aboard the Train"
[01:52] Lucian Overlord: Ok where could one find a price listing for such land?
[01:52] Damion Goodman: thats good to hear what sort of turn around time is there on the land?
[01:52] Stryker Jenkins: Once of those groups is the GSLR. Like the ONSR before them. Both group run and operate their own extensive rail tracks on the Sansara region.
[01:52] Damion Goodman: time
[01:52] Michael Linden: You have to go find the land, alas.
[01:53] Lucian Overlord: and what about abandon sims as well?
[01:53] Michael Linden: Tickets are kinda slow to resolve for that right now, but if you let me know about the ticket I can push it along a bit.
[01:53] Stryker Jenkins: The VRC is always looking for people to work together with...
[01:53] followmeimthe Piedpiper: a discount on the tier would be nice
[01:53] Damion Goodman: ok thanks
[01:53] SkyBlue Earthboy: !hug gary
[01:53] Stryker Jenkins: Moving on with the Ageda people...
[01:53] SkyBlue gives gary a big hug.
[01:53] Michael Linden: Oh, we can't give discounts on land tier for railways, alas.
[01:53] Stryker Jenkins: 4.3 Nova Albion Trolly:

Together with the affiliate City Slicker from the Nova Albion area we opened talks with Michael Linden about getting the Trolly from region Luna to Dore back in to service.

[01:54] Michael Linden sighs.
[01:54] Stryker Jenkins: The idea is to either have LDPW put it back as it was with some script improvements to reduce crashes or to get a copy of the trolly made by Nigel Linden and use a waypoint script, under development by Qu Qi from the GSLR, our selfs.
[01:54] Stryker Jenkins: Our goal is to find a quick way to get the service up and running again.
[01:54] Michael Linden: My main issue with the trolley is the very funky right-of-way.
[01:54] Lucian Overlord: not asking about the monthly fee i am inquiring about the purchase price seems no ones wants empty usless land that can be purchased and put top a good cause
[01:55] Michael Linden: One of our moles had a very nice scripted plan, but they got sidetracked.
[01:55] Bato Brendel waves
[01:55] Maggie Darwin: "Sidetracked". heh
[01:55] Stryker Jenkins: lol
[01:55] Bacon Hellershanks: You auction land, right? You don't often sell it. Or is that different with abandoned land near the railroad tracks?
[01:55] Moundsa Mayo: {Gary}
[01:55] Michael Linden: The Nova Albion trolley needs a fix, but the roads need work, by me.
[01:55] Bacon Hellershanks: Michael?
[01:55] Stryker Jenkins: 4.4 VRC Ferry service:

Qu Qi runs the ferry service between Purple and Cecropia And the VRC foot ferry between Tuliptree and Bhaga.

[01:55] Michael Linden: Abandoned land can be sold to Residents directly.
[01:55] Bacon Hellershanks: Oh?
[01:56] Michael Linden: File a support ticket, Bacon.
[01:56] Michael Linden: Yay, ferry!
[01:56] Bacon Hellershanks: I thought you needed to own land on three sides of abandoned land.
[01:56] karen Millet: h'i
[01:56] Lloyd Overland: you do normally
[01:56] Stryker Jenkins: 4.5 VRC Dock and Rail-Ferry:

Moundsa Mayo is developing a Rail-Ferry system and Dock in Tuliptree at our VRC HQ location.

[01:56] Michael Linden: Eh, that makes it more lilkely.
[01:56] Bacon Hellershanks: Cool, I'll give it a go.
[01:56] Bacon Hellershanks: Thanks.
[01:56] Stryker Jenkins: 4.6 VRC website:

More information about the VRC and what we are planning can be found at our website

[01:56] SkyBlue Earthboy: it would be nice if the VRC loco fitted the rails tween purple and mocca
[01:56] Michael Linden: If you see a useful place along the shore for a ferry dock, file a ticket.
[01:57] Stryker Jenkins: 4.7 SLRR Map update:

I updated the SLRR Map I made on the wiki and in world.

[01:57] Damion Goodman: unfortunatly the guy who got the bigest slices is going along the boat theme
[01:57] Maggie Darwin: I have a Map API based transit page, I need to update it for railroads
[01:57] Stryker Jenkins: I am moving a bit along... we only got 30 minutes left...
[01:58] Damion Goodman: isn't the loco full perm?
[01:58] Maggie Darwin: Roght now it's mostly aviation oriented
[01:58] Stryker Jenkins: hmmm did Dougie Leave?
[01:58] Damion Goodman: he's back
[01:59] Stryker Jenkins: a http://www ...
[02:00] Maggie Darwin: Can't ride the rods without rails. ;-)
[02:00] Kitto Flora: GSLR and ONSR/Wengen are running fine. Both systems are 'mature' no changes planned.
[02:00] Stryker Jenkins: Aeolus...
[02:00] Aeolus Cleanslate: can someone point me to a good reference for the different track standards in use in SL?
[02:01] Aeolus Cleanslate: beyond the SLRR, I mean
[02:01] Aeolus Cleanslate: I've been trying to customize rolling stock for different systems but am having trouble explaining the differences in a coherent way
[02:02] Michael Linden: I dunno if the wiki documents (yet) the GSLR, etc. as far as their system and standards.
[02:02] Stryker Jenkins: I know there are a few commercial based track solutions
[02:02] Michael Linden: The GSLR might be persuaded to be more SLRR-like, heh.
[02:02] Moundsa Mayo: I have a notecard from an ONSR member - I'll dig that out and pass it to you, Aeolus.
[02:02] Aeolus Cleanslate: Excellent thanks
[02:03] SkyBlue Earthboy: i'm working on a mod of the VRC 2010 loco from the aproach - the steam train as an artform
[02:03] Stryker Jenkins: ok.... who was next ... any group reprecentatives who want to speak out now?
[02:03] Aeolus Cleanslate: We used an SLRR standard but had problems with simcrossings, so we switched to a peg-and-slot
[02:03] Aeolus Cleanslate: If anyone else has had those problems (or solve dthem) let me know
[02:03] Moundsa Mayo: We'll talk with the GSLR about standards, then Michael. The differences really are only minor.
[02:04] TimRiker Resident waves
[02:04] Stryker Jenkins: ok... moving along...
[02:04] Bato Brendel: could be I could help with with kiddo but still never figure out how anyone even resolved the prim seam issues other then setting a LSL code for primparams to force a taper setting but I would be glad to throw a hand in and help.
[02:04] Stryker Jenkins: 7 News from the LDPW
[02:04] Stryker Jenkins: Michael Linden's Office hour is every Friday at 3PM. He is content manager for Linden Lab
[02:04] Stryker Jenkins: Q: Michael, Has the LDPW any news to report about the SLRR or other transport related topics?
[02:05] Michael Linden: Hmm: Tussock station being constructed offline, and I've got the list of mainline switch locations.
[02:05] Stryker Jenkins: cool...
[02:05] Michael Linden: Bhaga has a rail ferry dock, now.
[02:05] Moundsa Mayo: WB, Mari!
[02:06] Michael Linden: The track in Bay City's dock areas is being converted to SLRR standard guage.
[02:06] Stryker Jenkins: I noticed that...
[02:06] Moundsa Mayo: Yah, that was good to hear, Michael.
[02:06] Stryker Jenkins: will there be more Guide rail tracks in Bay City too?
[02:06] Michael Linden: I might add a bit more sidings and other industrial stuff there.
[02:06] Marianne McCann: ((Thanks))
[02:07] Michael Linden: SLRR standard, yes, on the docks and north along the shore.
[02:07] Stryker Jenkins: no but along the harbor front perhaps?
[02:07] Marianne McCann listens intently
[02:07] Titiro Arriaga: how is the SLRR standard?
[02:08] Stryker Jenkins: Cool
[02:08] Stryker Jenkins: SLRR standards are on the wiki too
[02:08] Lucian Overlord: hmm dosent that rquire sort of a pivot joint to use a coupler
[02:08] Lloyd Overland: how long before trains with couplers and a truck or carriage can I ask?
[02:09] Titiro Arriaga: TY
[02:09] TimRiker Resident: ML: so are you planning the same guide prim, but phantom?
[02:09] Michael Linden: We need to bend Andrew LInden's arm to get Jointed Objects working again.
[02:09] Damion Goodman: I have a coupling sytem that works across sims
[02:09] Damion Goodman: not really put it out into public domain though
[02:10] followmeimthe Piedpiper looks forward to loose coupled tenders
[02:10] Michael Linden: No plans for regularly phantom Guides at the moment.
[02:10] Lucian Overlord: well I am all for taking a trip to Cali for some arm bending if we can trade for using the vrcc script to test on the mesh grid right now its wonked
[02:10] Aeolus Cleanslate sounds a rimshot for Maggie
[02:10] Michael Linden: The moles are testing some mesh railway carriages and stuff on the mesh grid.
[02:10] Stryker Jenkins: on the subject of trains... Next agenda item is about the VRC freebie train and it's development.
[02:11] TimRiker Resident: ML: so what does that mean for the Bay City Streets? they stay as they are now?
[02:11] Lucian Overlord: well i tried to use the vrcc script the other ady on the mesh and it went in circles
[02:11] Stryker Jenkins: 8 VRC Freebie train
[02:11] Stryker Jenkins: At the moment the latest version is 2.6.0 and we put that in 2 free train models so everyone can try out the SLRR experience.
[02:11] Veryfluffy Wingtips: i use it in my engine. works awesome :D
[02:12] Stryker Jenkins: I stress the Current SLRR
[02:12] SkyBlue Earthboy: Yes
[02:12] Stryker Jenkins: The VRC has setup some goals and plans for the future development of the VRC train scripts. Anyone who is wanting and willing to help develop the next version can contact Stryker Jenkins or Moundsa Mayo to tackle part of it as a development team.
[02:12] SkyBlue Earthboy: free trains have made the rails much more alive
[02:12] SkyBlue Earthboy: i'm working on a mod of the VRC 2010 loco from the aproach - the steam train as an artform
[02:13] Stryker Jenkins: thank you SkyBlue...
[02:13] Michael Linden: I crashed!
[02:13] Veryfluffy Wingtips: i have a stupid question. is it a break in copyright if i recreate train and car models of railway organisations who dont exist anymore?
[02:13] Stryker Jenkins: WB Michael...
[02:13] Titiro Arriaga: Send a ticket Michel <lol>
[02:13] SkyBlue Earthboy: i'd like to offer it as an alternative freebie when its ready
[02:13] Radioactive Rosca: wb Michael
[02:13] Bato Brendel quotes that one sorry couldnt help it
[02:13] Maggie Darwin: That's an interesting question VeryFluffy
[02:14] Radioactive Rosca: lol
[02:14] Stryker Jenkins: Q: What free content do we want to see?
[02:14] Maggie Darwin: Considering rail equipment isn't often a "product".
[02:14] Titiro Arriaga: TEXTURES.
[02:14] TimRiker Resident: Veryfluffy: unless the content was openly licensed, reusing it would need permission of the creators. however "similar" designs are more likely allowed.
[02:14] Radioactive Rosca: more signalling
[02:14] Aeolus Cleanslate concurs with the signalling idea
[02:14] Lloyd Overland: yes i agree more signalling
[02:15] Michael Linden: Trucks and wheelsets for rolling stock builders?
[02:15] Stryker Jenkins: working signalling or just for show?
[02:15] Aeolus Cleanslate suggests signals tied to a web-based API
[02:15] SkyBlue Earthboy: better sound effects
[02:15] Radioactive Rosca: working ones
[02:15] Maggie Darwin: There's probably discusison about that among railroad modellers online somewhere
[02:15] Kitto Flora: Someone was testing their signalling comms on GSLR ROW... are they here?
[02:15] Stryker Jenkins: well I personlally like the freedom to ride the rials here...
[02:16] Veryfluffy Wingtips: that is the problem. the stuff i like to create was peoples property. and the states are not in existent anymore...
[02:16] Lloyd Overland: signals add realism, they do not have to be mandatory, they add to the feel of a real railway
[02:16] Aeolus Cleanslate: if usage grows, they may be more than decorative... keep us from bouncing into each other *grin*
[02:16] Michael Linden: The SLRR will (probably) never require anyone to follow any signalling system; and it certainly won't rise to the level of a TOS violation.
[02:17] Damion Goodman: the train buddy is already out there for letting others now trains are present but thats only if the other train has it fitted
[02:17] Aeolus Cleanslate: or a centralized control room showing where all the active trains are at a given moment
[02:17] Stryker Jenkins: well all excelant ideas.... I guess we have to put that on a next agenda for a next meeting.
[02:17] Bato Brendel: that was the design I have
[02:17] Michael Linden: If someone is deliberately bumping into you, forcing you off the track, etc. that might be abuse ... same as with cars, boats, etc. in regards to abuse and discipline policy.
[02:17] Marianne McCann: Aeolus - akin to what's in ANWR, but broader in scope?
[02:17] SkyBlue Earthboy: how about trains showing up on the map?
[02:18] Qie Niangao: Well, but a signalling protocol just has to be open, whether a particular reference implementation is open source or not
[02:18] Aeolus Cleanslate nods at Marianne
[02:18] Damion Goodman: lots of ideas
[02:18] Aeolus Cleanslate suggests a convention for rail enthusiasts and builders - to exchange tips and learn from each other
[02:18] Stryker Jenkins: I will collect them and put them in a transcript of some sort or other
[02:18] Stryker Jenkins: thanks !
[02:18] Michael Linden: And to choose a King of the North!
[02:18] Aeolus Cleanslate laughs
[02:19] Stryker Jenkins: Still not Dougie?
[02:19] TimRiker Resident: I thought SL already had a King? :)
[02:19] Michael Linden: Someone needs to create HCS ... "Hobo Combat System".
[02:19] Damion Goodman: how about attempting to get your ideas out here and if you get stuck try asking the crail comunity for help
[02:19] Damion Goodman: no he's not answering me
[02:19] Stryker Jenkins: oh well
[02:19] Stryker Jenkins: Moving on...
[02:19] Siobhan McCallen: is that the combat system where they beat each other up for meat?
[02:19] Stryker Jenkins: 10 Minutes left...
[02:19] Moundsa Mayo: Vaugn Deluca has developed a protocol and scripts for the VRC for a gridwide communications/signaling/control system. It's in Huckleberry and along the GSLR. It can be used for all sorts of rail and other transportation modes. It will be released to the public domain when ready.
[02:19] Old Shoe inflicts 4 points of damage
[02:20] Stryker Jenkins: 9 Events
[02:20] Stryker Jenkins: Q: Are there any other rail or transportation events being organized you want us to know about?
[02:20] Stryker Jenkins: Next rail event from the SLRR Rail Group run by Dougie Flossberg is planed for the 15 of January 2011 and is called Rail Rush.
[02:20] Stryker Jenkins: They also have a group only event for train builders. It is planed for the 19th of December with a closing date on the 10th. More information about that you can find at their info locations around the SLRR as well.
[02:20] Michael Linden: I suspect we'll do another Brown Bag in the spring.
[02:21] Michael Linden: Whenever the "M" word goes into beta.
[02:21] Damion Goodman: yeah lets see you decorate my free train
[02:22] Veryfluffy Wingtips: i would be interested in who else is making engines and stuff. to maybe exchange materials and so on...
[02:22] Stryker Jenkins: it's always nice to see larger numbers of trains on the tracks here at once
[02:22] Stryker Jenkins: well if you like to give some of your stuff out for other to use we can organize that via the VRC Freebie wall
[02:22] Stryker Jenkins: as long as it's full mod and open sources
[02:23] Stryker Jenkins: 10 General Discussion
[02:23] Moundsa Mayo: Veryfluffy, you can join the conversation on the VRC Forum to talk with other builders.
[02:23] Lucian Overlord: stryker do we just get with you on freebies ?
[02:23] Stryker Jenkins: last agenda point.... (NEARLY THERE)
[02:23] Michael Linden: I have a couple of quick items.
[02:23] Stryker Jenkins: yeah... in a Notecards
[02:23] Lucian Overlord: ok
[02:23] Veryfluffy Wingtips: yay quickies
[02:23] Stryker Jenkins: OK Michael...
[02:23] TimRiker Resident: Stryker: VRC should also maintain a notecard or similar with links to commercial rail/transport products.
[02:23] SkyBlue Earthboy: ok
[02:24] Lucian Overlord: So kick Andrew about prim linking check
[02:24] Michael Linden: The calculation of how far apart prims can be is a bit different now.
[02:24] Stryker Jenkins: Will take that into considiration Tim
[02:24] TimRiker Resident: ML different how?
[02:24] Maggie Darwin:
[02:24] Michael Linden: simpler, and faster.
[02:25] TimRiker Resident: ML cool. thx
[02:25] Stryker Jenkins: ok.... size does matter ... lol
[02:25] SkyBlue Earthboy: yeah - 4 6 0
[02:25] followmeimthe Piedpiper: bet Solonia's already made one :)
[02:25] Michael Linden:
[02:25] Siobhan McCallen: so eensy prim isn't going to muck it up anymore? SWEET.
[02:26] Stryker Jenkins: cool
[02:26] Damion Goodman: saw it
[02:26] Michael Linden: Lots of train action!
[02:26] Damion Goodman: didn't know what they said but good footage
[02:26] Veryfluffy Wingtips: russian trains are awesome ö.ö
[02:26] Arawn Spitteler: If there's a russian area, wouldn't they have a different guage?
[02:26] SkyBlue Earthboy: it'd be nice to here what and where the latest trains are - to buy as well
[02:26] SkyBlue Earthboy: hear
[02:26] Stryker Jenkins: cool
[02:26] SkyBlue Earthboy: in a note update
[02:27] Michael Linden: How do, for example, the sailing or airplane folks manage that, Skyblue?
[02:27] SkyBlue Earthboy: like stryker does with LMs
[02:27] SkyBlue Earthboy: word of mouth ?
[02:28] tamara Eberhardt dreams of a trans-Siberian railroad *grins*
[02:28] TimRiker Resident: 4 ft 11 5⁄6 in
[02:28] Arawn Spitteler: Europe must have a point, where Russian Guage meets Continental
[02:28] Damion Goodman: a point from me if I may dougie and I are working on the minature railway displays the SLmRR group as some of you may have seen
[02:28] Qie Niangao: Hmmm... maybe there should be a New Product Annoucements forum, on the VRC forum?
[02:28] Bato Brendel: yeah RL guage should not be a issue unless you going totally in perfect proportional sizing. russia is 4'11 and 5/6
[02:29] Lucian Overlord: 1,524 mm (5 ft) russian guage
[02:29] Stryker Jenkins: lol
[02:29] Damion Goodman: any of your trains in minature we can stick on them would be apreciated
[02:29] Stryker Jenkins: enough dreams to little cash
[02:29] Michael Linden: I usually create buildings at about 40% over "real size", due to issues with cameras and avatar sizes.
[02:29] Lucian Overlord:
[02:29] tamara Eberhardt grins at Stryler
[02:29] Veryfluffy Wingtips: i use 50% more. exept on trains.
[02:29] Stryker Jenkins: anyway... in closeing
[02:30] Damion Goodman: ok
[02:30] Michael Linden pays attention to Stryker.
[02:30] Solonia Stenvaag: i always use a 120 % scale to keep the feeling of RL
[02:30] Stryker Jenkins: Q: is Friday around 1:30PM a good time to meet or should we plan it on a different day or time?
[02:30] SkyBlue Earthboy: Thank you! :)
[02:30] SkyBlue Earthboy: stryker
[02:30] Stryker Jenkins: The next meeting will be planed for the 4th Friday of the next month, but keep an eye out for announcements for the exact date.
[02:30] Stryker Jenkins: If between now and Next year we don't see each other on the rail ... I want to wish you all a great Holiday season and have fun!
[02:30] Damion Goodman: new years eve?
[02:31] Stryker Jenkins: (next month would be january
[02:31] Aeolus Cleanslate applauds
[02:31] Moundsa Mayo: THANK YOU, Stryker!!!
[02:31] tamara Eberhardt claps
[02:31] Qie Niangao: Thanks, Stryker!
[02:31] Michael Linden: No new year's eve meetings for me!
[02:31] Damion Goodman: oh yeah
[02:31] Lloyd Overland: thank you Stryker, great meeting
[02:31] SkyBlue Earthboy: Bravo!!!
[02:31] Damion Goodman: lol still got working head on
[02:31] Veryfluffy Wingtips: new years eve i lay drunk somewhere in vienna Oo
[02:31] Solonia Stenvaag: thy Stryker
[02:31] Damion Goodman: ahhh drunk
[02:31] Damion Goodman: good move
[02:31] Siobhan McCallen: nicely done!
[02:31] Stryker Jenkins: See you all and if not online that I hope to hear from you in an Email or Notecard

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