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This page lists the top-traffic pages on the wiki based on info from Google Analytics and Special:PopularPages.

KB pages

KB2 categories:

KB2 Top Articles

Page Transclusions In KB2?
Linden_Lab_Official:Maturity_ratings:_an_overview Transclusions Yes
Partnering Transclusions Yes
Marketplace/Opening boxes Transclusions Yes
Marketplace/Get started shopping Transclusions No
Linden_Lab_Official:Age_Verification_FAQ Transclusions Yes
Usernames Transclusions No
Linden_Lab_Official:How_to_become_verified_as_an_adult Transclusions Yes
Linden Lab Official:Maturity ratings: an overview Transclusions Yes
Display_names Transclusions No
Linden_Lab_Official:Setting_your_maturity_preferences Transclusions Yes
Mesh Transclusions No
Marketplace/Gifting Transclusions No
Marketplace/Support_for_shoppers Transclusions No
Linden_Lab_Official:The_Special_Island_Order_Form Transclusions No
Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Home Transclusions Yes
Viewer 2 Help Transclusions No
Linden Lab Official:Frequently Asked Questions on the IP Complaint Process Transclusions No
Graphics cards Transclusions Yes
Linden Lab Official:Alternate Viewers Transclusions No

Non-KB articles

Other LL-owned pages

None of these is currently included in KB2 content.

Resident-authored pages

These pages are open for general editing, i.e. NOT locked or under revision control.

Other pages

Top-level pages

Category pages

Microsite pages

Open source Viewer project / Snowglobe