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Want to have a private conversation? Use instant messages or voice calls to talk to other users, no matter where they are in Second Life.

Opening a new instant message or voice call session

You can open a new IM or private voice session by right-clicking a nearby Resident and choosing IM or Call from the contextual menu. You can also start IM and voice sessions from the People tab of the sidebar by selected a Resident and pressing the IM or Call button.

QSG IM - Open.png QSG IM - Friend.png

Parts of the IM window

When you receive an IM, a thumbnail portrait appears in the Notifications section of the bottom bar:

QSG IM - Notifications.png

Click the thumbnail to open the IM session and chat privately with that Resident. You can "tear off" this window by clicking the title bar and dragging it upward to keep it open while you perform other tasks.

QSG IM - Window.png