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In Second Life, your avatar can walk, run, and even fly. If you prefer, you can also use an onscreen control panel to move around.


You can walk around Second Life by pressing the arrow keys on your computer's keyboard. You can also press the Move button to open the movement control panel:

QSG Moving - Walk.png


When you press the Fly mode button on the movement control panel, your avatar begins flying. Press PgUp and PgDn to fly up and down, or use the up and down arrows that appear on the movement control panel. To stop flying and return to walk or run mode, press Stop Flying:

QSG Moving - Fly.png


To sit on a chair or other object, right-click it and choose Sit Here from the contextual menu. Sitting attaches your avatar to the object and prevents you from moving; to stand up and begin moving again, click the Stand button that appears at the bottom of your screen:

QSG Moving - Sit.pngQSG Moving - Stand.png