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There's a lot to learn in Second Life, but you're never alone. If you have questions, need advice, or don't know what to do, help is always waiting for you. Visit the Support Portal at to get help now!

At the Support Portal, you can find:

  • Knowledge Base: which contains helpful information and videos about your avatar, Linden dollars, and more.
  • Support Tickets: If you can't find the help you need in the Knowledge Base or Viewer Help, you can submit a ticket to the Second Life Support Staff.
  • Live Chat: Premium members have access to Live Chat support in Second Life.
  • Billing Support: If you have a non-technical issue with you account, you can call the Billing Team toll free 24/7.

For a list of help and transition resources specific to Second Life Viewer 2, visit Viewer_2_Help.

Viewer Help

If you're confused about a control or button in the Second Life Viewer, you can press the ? button found in the upper-right corner of any window or press F1 to access context-sensitive help about the window or sidebar panel you're looking at.

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