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Your inventory is your personal treasure trove of Second Life items, from clothing used in outfits, to furniture you can rez, to landmarks used to travel places.


Your inventory is organized into folders that contain items. Each folder is meant to store a different type of item, although you can drag items freely from one folder to another in most cases. You can also create new folders.

There are a few special folders:

  • Current Outfit - Contains all items which make up your avatar's current appearance, including body parts, clothing, and attached objects.
  • Lost And Found - When an object is returned to you, it appears here. For example, if you accidentally leave a chair on another Resident's parcel and they return it, the chair shows up in Lost And Found. If you'd prefer, you can delete everything in lost and found by right-clicking the folder and selecting Empty Lost And Found.
  • Trash - Contains what you intend to delete permanently. The trash isn't emptied until you right-click it and Empty Trash, or select the same option from My Inventory's File menu or Gear Gear.
  • Library - You can't change the contents of this folder. It contains example content similar to "clip art" which you can play with, such as premade avatars. If you delete certain items you start with like default gestures, you can also retrieve them here.

Search bar

Type what you're looking for into the Filter inventory search field; searches are non-case-sensitive, so they always appear in CAPITAL letters, and partial matches work.

Searching for permissions and links also works, so if you search for "no copy", all items matching that permission are shown. Furthermore, if you want to search for everything you're wearing, enter "(worn" with no closing bracket and it shows everything your avatar is wearing and where it's attached to.

To cancel or reset a search, click .

Above the search bar are menus:




  Expands a selected folder.

  • Image (L$10)... - Opens a file chooser for you to select an image to upload as a texture into Second Life. Compatible images are in TGA, PNG, BMP, and JPG format.
  • Sound (L$10)... - Opens a file chooser for you to select a sound to upload into Second Life. Compatible sounds are in WAV format and must be 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, mono or stereo (although stereo ones will be downmixed to mono), and exactly 10 seconds or less.
  • Animation (L$10)... - Opens a file chooser for you to select an animation to upload into Second Life. Compatible animations are in BVH format and many options can be customized before uploading.
  • Bulk ($10 per file...)... - Opens a file chooser for you to select multiple files to upload, which can be in mixed format. This is useful for uploading an entire folder of images or sounds. You can't bulk-upload animations. You can hold Ctrl to select individual files or Shift ⇧ to select a range of files.
New Window

  Opens a new Inventory window with the same menu items and other controls. While this may initially seem odd, it's quite handy if you want to resize your inventory independent of the sidebar, or if you want to view two different areas at once and drag items between both visible Inventory lists.
Show Filters

  Opens Show Filters used to narrow down types of items you're looking for.
Reset Filters

  Resets the filter parameters to show all items in your inventory. This is a good step to try if you think you may have inventory loss, but it just turns out they were being hidden by the filters.
Close All Folders

  Closes all inventory folders, which is useful if you've been browsing through many folders and it's tedious to close each one manually.
Empty Trash

  Permanently deletes everything in your Trash folder.
Empty Lost And Found

  Permanently deletes everything in your Lost And Found folder.


New Folder

  Creates a new folder in your inventory, which can be dragged to the top level alongside system folders (which can't be deleted) like Clothing and Textures, or can be dragged into another folder to provide sorting hierarchy.
New Script

  Creates a new script.
New Note

  Creates a new notecard.
New Gesture

  Creates a new gesture.
New Clothes

  Select an item in this submenu to create a new clothes item:


New Body Parts

  Select an item in this submenu to create a new body part item:


By Name

  Sorts your inventory in ascending alphabetical order.
By Date

  Sorts your inventory by in the reverse-chronological order date each item was acquired or created. For example, if you buy a cap then bought pants, the pants appear on top.
Folders Always By Name

  Check this to make folders always appear in ascending alphabetical order, even if By Date is selected.
System Folders To Top

  Always places the System Folders on top, even if you drag a folder you created to the top level. The System Folders, which can't be moved inside of other folders, are:
  • Animations
  • Body Parts
  • Calling Cards
  • Clothing
  • Current Outfit
  • Favorites
  • Gestures
  • Landmarks
  • Lost And Found
  • My Outfits
  • Notecards
  • Objects
  • Photo Album
  • Scripts
  • Sounds
  • Textures
  • Trash