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Discuss Issues Concerning Zindra and Adult Content.


Mondays at 11am SLT at Bronlen

Also see the calendar of public user group meetings.


Agenda for the next user group meeting is: pending for 8/1/2011 meeting

Topic Proposed By Links Jira Number Old or New Business Comments
Welcome Welcoming Committee n/a n/a n/a n/a
Podyan / Zindra Quickstart Update Gina


n/a old comments
Can we move on Huntress

n/a new At the risk of upseting many....
Can we have a formal meeting structure? LatexgirlLara Boyle n/a new I would like to formally propose that we adopt a standard business meeting strucure and furthermore propose Ginette Pinazzo as chairperson
Zindra Help Vortex Fixes BBQBill, Hypatia, Huntress, Gina and ZHV staff

n/a old about group/land situiation
No promotion of non-Adult locations Qie n/a n/a new Whether or not an event is Zindra-only, all ACUG-sanctioned events must permit links (SLURLs, Landmarks, etc) only to other Adult locations. This is necessitated by the old and ongoing problem of merchants and venues skirting the ratings policy, harming Zindra and other honest Adult-sited businesses. Businesses with non-Adult content may be welcomed to such events, but may not distribute any links to non-Adult-rated locations.
Selection of chair Innula Zenovka n/a n/a new If either of them is prepared to undertake the role, I would like to propose either Viale or Slaton Linden as Chair, since, rightly or wrongly, they're the only obvious, and potentially willing, candidates whose competence and impartiality won't immediately be called into question by adherents or detractors of one special interest group or another.


Links to chat transcripts of past meetings: