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Function: list llGetClosestNavPoint( vector point, list options );

Used to get a point on the navmesh that is the closest point to point.
Returns a list containing a single vector which is the closest point on the navmesh to the point provided or an empty list.

• vector point A point in region-local space
• list options GCNP_* and other flags with their parameters. See options table

If an option is not explicitly set, the default value for that option is used.

Options V Parameters Default Description
GCNP_RADIUS ] 0 float distance ] 20.0 ] Limits how far out to search for a navigation point.
GCNP_STATIC ] 1 integer use_static_mesh ] FALSE ] Specifies whether the test should use the static or dynamic nav mesh. In the static case, all dynamic obstacles are ignored.
CHARACTER_TYPE ] 6 integer type ] CHARACTER_TYPE_NONE ] Filters nav points by eliminating nav mesh faces which are 0% walkable for the specified character type. In the default CHARACTER_TYPE_NONE case, all nav mesh faces are included.


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 1 frame.
  • There is no guarantee that a path exists from your current location to the returned point.
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<lsl> create_character() { // Clear any previous character behaviors


// default speed is 20

   llCreateCharacter([CHARACTER_DESIRED_SPEED, 10.0]);
   llWanderWithin(llGetPos(), <64.0, 64.0, 2.0>, []);


default {

   on_rez(integer start_param)

   touch_start(integer num_detected)
       vector currentPos = llGetPos();
       list points = llGetClosestNavPoint(currentPos, [GCNP_RADIUS, 10.0] );
       if (!llGetListLength(points))
       llSay(0, "current position " + (string)currentPos
           + " and closest nav point " + (string)llList2Vector(points, 0) );




Using the method incurs a one frame script sleep and the call can be extremely expensive. It is intended to be used in response to a path_update message indicating an inability to reach a requested destination (e.g., because the character or the destination is off the mesh).

Deep Notes


Date of Release 31/07/2012

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function list llGetClosestNavPoint( vector point, list options );