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Function: vector llGetAccel( );

Returns a vector that is the acceleration of the object in the region frame of reference.


  • Returns ZERO_VECTOR in attachments regardless of the avatar's acceleration.
  • Returns ZERO_VECTOR in child prims regardless of the linkset's acceleration.
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//A very simple (and not very effective) way of keeping a physical object in place.
//If the object is moving when the script is put in the object, then the object will continue to move, so long as it doesn't accelerate. 
//If you ever want to actually stop an object, use llMoveToTarget(llGetPos(), .1)
default {
        vector ac;
        // Go forever         
        while(llVecMag(ac = llGetAccel()) > .001) { //We're accelerating...
            llApplyImpulse(-ac, 0); //Slow us down.

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