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The Second Life Mentor Group has over 30 mentors that help all the portuguese speaker community, not just at Orientation Islands and Help Islands, but at private sims as well.

Second Life Portuguese Mentor group

This non-official group of official Second Life Mentors that speak portuguese, created in March 15th 2008, is formed by coaches, buddies, scribes, linguists, greeters, builders, scripters, sims owners, and land managers, just to name a few. All of them are interested in helping residents with everything that the portuguese community needs.

One of their purposes is also to share experiences and to promote the culture and diversity of official portuguese language countries, not only inside these communities but also internationally.


Soon, in this page:

  • Projects aimed to help new residents;
  • Cultural events;
  • Notes about language and cultural differences among portuguese speakers from different countries.

Portuguese Mentors

Soon, in this page, you'll can see pictures, descriptions, activities and skills of the portuguese mentors.

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