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Name Creator Description
Associative Array (Dictionary) Emulator Alynna Vixen This library provides a set of functions for using a list as an associative array where string based keys can refer to one or more variant elements.
BigNum Library (RSA Encryption) Xaviar Czervik A BigNum Library for dealing with big numbers! Specialized for modular multiplication, and RSA encryption.
Combined Library Strife Onizuka Library of mostly encoding and decoding functions, some more useful then others.
  • String functions: Replace / Trim right / Trim left / Trim both
  • Unicode conversion: UTF8 to Unicode / Unicode to UTF8
  • List functions: Replace / Compare
Geometric Library Community Project A substantial amount of various geometric functions for intersection and other purposes of 3D maths.
Interpolation Library Nexii Malthus A small set of interpolation functions.
LibObj Ochi Wolfe A library to manage state in LSL using an object-oriented approach.
LibraryDisplayLandScreenshot Jon Desmoulins A modified version of LibraryDisplayProfilePic using the new PARCEL_DETAILS_ID Implemented in Server v1.36
Linkset Indexing Nexii Malthus Functions for indexing a linkset by patterns or names down to their linkset numbers.
Wiki3DBuilder Wiki3DBuilder1.0 Salahzar Stenvaag Allows a group of people to collectively build up complex 3D mindmaps with connected concepts. Uses particles for connections and low prim usage. Nodes can be textured, colored, changed form size moved collectively by everybody and can distribute notecards, landmarks, URL, objects, textures. I provide two version 0.1 and 1.0 and probably next version will communicate with moodle and sloodle external websites.
SL Mail V1.2 Flennan Roffo Second Life mail client V1.2 (released sept'07). Send and receive mail from within Second Life from and to any address. With Address Book function and many chat commands. V1.3 is upcoming soon!