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[13:02] Youri Ashton: ello :)
[13:02] Zai Lynch: oh yuss :-)
[13:02] Lexie Linden: awww thats nice Lisa!!
[13:02] Radioactive Rosca: hi Youri
[13:02] Torben Trautman: :)
[13:03] BlckCobra Shikami: TY Lisa
[13:03] Youri Ashton: lemme rezz
[13:03] Lisa Lowe: Just made them. Feel free to take some bracelets :)
[13:03] Lexie Linden: Thanks Lisa ㋡
[13:03] Dawny Daviau: hi all
[13:03] Youri Ashton: thanks for the forceport btw lexie :)
[13:03] Lexie Linden: Hi Dawny ㋡
[13:03] Lexie Linden: yw lol
[13:03] julhien Hotaling: thanks
[13:03] Torben Trautman: why does Youri get tortured and we don´t?
[13:04] Lexie Linden: haha
[13:04] Youri Ashton: cuz i asked 4 it :p
[13:04] Torben Trautman: darn
[13:04] Slatan Dryke: WAVES !
[13:04] Radioactive Rosca: hi Slatan
[13:04] Lexie Linden: He didnt say where..I could have dropped him in the water :p
[13:04] Dawny Daviau waves back
[13:04] Lexie Linden: Hi Slatan
[13:04] Samia Bechir: thanks Lisa :)
[13:04] Slatan Dryke: hi Lexie
[13:05] Youri Ashton: lots of people today i see :)
[13:05] Lisa Lowe: mp
[13:05] Lexie Linden: ok, Let's jump in : ))
[13:05] Lexie Linden: Hi Ourasi ㋡
[13:05] Radioactive Rosca: hi Ourasi
[13:05] Lexie Linden: We talked a bit about CT logo for group last week. Did anyone bring examples this week?
[13:06] Lexie Linden: I meant to send a reminder on it and didn't : (
[13:06] Yann Dufaux: salut ourasi ㋡
[13:06] Youri Ashton: sorry lexie, i am no texture artist, nor did i had much time last week
[13:06] Lexie Linden: ok
[13:06] Samia Bechir: errr... it's still on my to-do list ^^
[13:06] Radioactive Rosca: neither me
[13:06] Slatan Dryke: just back today from vacation :)
[13:06] BlckCobra Shikami: pssst Yann, your plug is showing :)
[13:07] Lexie Linden: I will send a reminder start of next week. I will be gone the rest of this week.
[13:07] Ourasi Ferraris: ★ HELLO ★ BONJOUR ★ HOLA ★ BUONGIORNO ★ GUTEN TAG ★
[13:07] Lexie Linden: It will be fun to see what people come up with : )
[13:07] Lisa Lowe: hi Ouriasi
[13:07] Slatan Dryke: hi Ourasi
[13:07] Lexie Linden: Nice gesture lol
[13:07] Youri Ashton: hi ourasi :)
[13:07] Samia Bechir: coucou Oura :)
[13:07] BlckCobra Shikami: I am a bad drawer: paralell lines is the best I can do
[13:07] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:08] Ourasi Ferraris: Poiz Poiz Sam :)
[13:08] Youri Ashton: nice gesture indeed, saying hello in multiple languages :D
[13:08] Ourasi Ferraris (Q-Translator pl->en): Poiz Poiz Sam:)
[13:08] Radioactive Rosca: wow... you can do paralell lines! me no...
[13:08] Youri Ashton: did you make that one?
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Even if you just have ideas and cant actually design it. Someone else might want to try to make it.
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Next is...
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Who do you know?
[13:09] Radioactive Rosca: a dictionary with many flags?
[13:09] Lexie Linden: That means - Who do you hang out with or know that could be a good addition to the community translation projects?
[13:09] Lexie Linden: Let me know who they are and I can give them a "poke" ㋡
[13:09] Lexie Linden: I think many still do not know about the projects
[13:09] Ourasi Ferraris: sorry for this gestures she's no transfert
[13:10] Lexie Linden: I want all of us to keep spreading the word where we can.
[13:10] Lexie Linden: So if you own a group or run into someone you think is good..send them to me or tell me please
[13:10] Samia Bechir: I would think of a few names, but lemme check if there are not already in the group...
[13:10] Youri Ashton: I can ask a friend of me who is from Danmark, but I think she personally can not do much. perhaps one of her friends
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Word of mouth is a great way to build a stronger group.
[13:11] Torben Trautman nods
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Also blog posts..which I am pushing for
[13:11] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:11] Slatan Dryke: I am involving a couple of friends to post A/Q
[13:11] Lisa Lowe: how many in the CT group are still active?
[13:11] Slatan Dryke: in italian
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Thats another one of my topics Lisa
[13:11] Youri Ashton: good Q Lisa
[13:11] Lexie Linden: We have 234 translators signed up...
[13:12] Youri Ashton: and how many are active?
[13:12] Lexie Linden: Less than half are active
[13:12] Lexie Linden: So...
[13:12] Youri Ashton: hmm
[13:12] Slatan Dryke: but for how many languages ?
[13:12] Lexie Linden: I will be doing a survey and dropping something on every single translator asking them to take the survey
[13:12] Youri Ashton: think that means a lot are in just for the tag
[13:12] Torben Trautman: maybe they couldn´t connect yet?
[13:12] BlckCobra Shikami: not much for such a pile of text and so many languages :(
[13:12] Lisa Lowe: I suppose it also depends on how much there is to translate, as for some languages isn't much lately.
[13:13] Lexie Linden: Slatan...I think about 15 languages
[13:13] Lexie Linden: right
[13:13] Slatan Dryke: ty Lexie not bad indeed
[13:13] Radioactive Rosca: i try to translate to European Portuguese what i know is needed to translate... :-)
[13:13] Youri Ashton: each language 10 translators would be more then enough, else a lot of double work will be done or translators will not have enough work to do in the first place
[13:13] Lexie Linden: This survey is going to ask why are you not participating (if you are not). What can I do to help you participate. Questiosn like that
[13:14] Torben Trautman: we wouldn´t mind having more translators for german
[13:14] Youri Ashton: good one lexie
[13:14] Lexie Linden: You will all get a card so dont be offended. If you participate can ignore it unless you want to take it.
[13:14] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:14] Slatan Dryke: sounds like a spank :))
[13:14] Lisa Lowe: in the end only the current translators will do the
[13:14] Youri Ashton: I havnt yet, but love to fill it in for you :)
[13:15] Radioactive Rosca: lol
[13:15] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL Lisa
[13:15] Lexie Linden: not a spank at all!
[13:15] Zai Lynch: ^^
[13:15] Lexie Linden: lol Lisa
[13:15] Lexie Linden: I hope not
[13:15] BlckCobra Shikami: spanking hmmmm hehehe *grins*
[13:15] Lexie Linden: I just want to reach out to everyone and make sure there are not reasons we can fix..that will allow more to participate
[13:15] Lisa Lowe: the average survey has about 3% positive response. The more the better the result.
[13:16] Lexie Linden: If only the known active translators respond..then that will be good to know too
[13:16] Youri Ashton: think you're more then right, Lisa. only active members will do it, all others, for what ever reason, will not even bother to do it
[13:16] Lexie Linden: right
[13:16] BlckCobra Shikami: We can submit a notice to the group that the active ones will fill out the survey for a small fee of L$100 for those who don#t want to :-)
[13:16] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:16] Lexie Linden: bad!
[13:16] Youri Ashton: well is true lexie
[13:16] BlckCobra Shikami giggles
[13:16] Slatan Dryke: agree
[13:16] Youri Ashton: a lot join just to show off the group tag
[13:16] Lexie Linden: That is possible
[13:17] Lexie Linden: But if even a small % are not helping for a certain reason..Id like to know why
[13:17] Youri Ashton: it's true, a lot get in easily and end up doing nothing
[13:17] Lexie Linden: Also many did not accept the CT group invite. They may be out of the loop. This will also allow them to mark that they want to be added to group.
[13:17] Lexie Linden: So we will see.
[13:17] Lexie Linden: This should happen next week
[13:17] Slatan Dryke: hard work=lazy people
[13:17] Radioactive Rosca: don't forget the 25 groups low limit, Lexie...
[13:17] Dawny Daviau: i cant help with the translations (as i told before because i cant get komodo to work and its too difficult for me to work with the programs) but do go alot to this meetings!
[13:18] Lexie Linden: Very true Radio
[13:18] BlckCobra Shikami: Maybe also a blog post that thsi group is still looking for translators and what a translator does?
[13:18] Radioactive Rosca: I had to be rid (for a ALT) of a group to accept this one
[13:18] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:18] Lexie Linden: I know group limits are a problem
[13:18] Lexie Linden: : ((
[13:18] Youri Ashton: if people like to help out, they suppost to drop a club or anything simular, such groups are useless and the CT group is not.
[13:18] Zai Lynch: I don't think Komodo is needed for the translatins... I don't use it either.
[13:18] Ourasi Ferraris: for me, I have health problems and I can't always come that depends on the periods.
[13:18] Radioactive Rosca: i recommended 1 year ago, that the official groups (Mentor, etc.) not to count to the 25 limit...
[13:19] Lexie Linden: Also I plan a MOTD within the next month to highlight CT projects. I will let you know before we do it. We will get more in that way and they will need some guidance
[13:19] Lisa Lowe: some translations before required Komodo, but lately it hasn't been used much
[13:19] Youri Ashton: you actually NEED the CT group tag to get your work and proceed with the translations. for a club or any other tag, this is not the sace
[13:19] Youri Ashton: case*
[13:19] Lexie Linden: There are also very good reasons as some of you mention..why people go inactive for awhile.
[13:19] Lisa Lowe: some just get bored with it
[13:19] Samia Bechir: 25 groups limit definitively sucks, but I think people involved enough to work at translations (and more, dealing with the jira for that) will find a group to leave..
[13:20] Lisa Lowe: or arguments about translations put them off
[13:20] Youri Ashton: in that case people usually notify either you lexie, or any of us
[13:20] Radioactive Rosca: hi Surfaqua
[13:20] Surfaqua Oh: hello
[13:20] Lexie Linden: Hi Surfaqua ㋡
[13:20] Lisa Lowe: hi Surf
[13:20] Samia Bechir: Surf ㋡
[13:20] BlckCobra Shikami: What about a blog post that this group still needs translators and what a translator does?
[13:20] Zai Lynch: heyas :-)
[13:20] Slatan Dryke: its also possible to work in team, with just one tag on
[13:20] Youri Ashton: peopel that want to stay active dont just go away without saying anything on purpuse
[13:20] Slatan Dryke: hi Surf :)
[13:20] julhien Hotaling: ◕◕Surfaqua ♡
[13:20] julhien Hotaling: coucou
[13:21] Lexie Linden: Do you think there are many "fights" about translations or are people just having "spirited" discussion on terms?
[13:21] Ourasi Ferraris: hi surf
[13:21] Youri Ashton: in what way do you mean lexie?
[13:21] Yann Dufaux: could make the group official Second Life is not counted in the list?
[13:21] Lisa Lowe: Youri, most of the original dutch group just 'disappeared'...
[13:21] Youri Ashton: true Lisa
[13:21] Yann Dufaux: because i have 9 group officiel ..
[13:22] Dawny Daviau: im still here Lisa just not in 'your' group anymore ;)
[13:22] Lisa Lowe: yeah Dawny :)
[13:22] Lexie Linden: How do you all deal with the conflicting translations? Like for the Dutch group Lisa? Did you all vote on terms picked in the end or some other method?
[13:22] Lisa Lowe: yeah, we voted sortoff
[13:23] Youri Ashton: 8 groups that just are for official SL bussiness in some form
[13:23] Torben Trautman: we usually brainstorm words until we agree on one or get too tired
[13:23] Lisa Lowe: finally they disappeared and the remaining, like for instance Bulli and me decided a lot
[13:23] Slatan Dryke: good point Torben
[13:23] Lisa Lowe: But Bulli and me had different views also :)
[13:23] Lexie Linden: Do you think it would help at all to have a page about how to resolve or decide if you are deadlocked?
[13:24] Lisa Lowe: It might help
[13:24] Lexie Linden: If there are methods that work better for other groups they could add it.
[13:24] Lexie Linden: Cant hurt
[13:24] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:24] Lisa Lowe: now we have the style guides also
[13:24] Lexie Linden: Teamwork is hard.
[13:24] Lexie Linden: yes
[13:24] Lisa Lowe: back then we had to invent it ourselves
[13:24] Lexie Linden: right
[13:24] Lexie Linden: So now it may be a bit easier
[13:25] Lisa Lowe: There will always be different views on translations, no worries :)
[13:25] Lexie Linden: you have some good resources to check
[13:25] BlckCobra Shikami: We have dictionaries, style guides, official translation dictionaries ... more pages to look up will make it even more complicated for others to join
[13:25] Youri Ashton: For Dutch we discuss the problems mostly, and decide what is best
[13:25] BlckCobra Shikami: better to have someone check on the translation and eventually discuss changes
[13:26] Lexie Linden: I think discussion is the best of course. I just wouldnt want you to lose translators if we can offer up other solutions with "discussions"
[13:26] Youri Ashton: Think we could use our own CT meeting once or twice a month tho, might solve even more problems and perhaps find better ways to do things
[13:26] Torben Trautman: it often helps to postpone discussions about terms for a week
[13:26] Lisa Lowe: right. discussion usually solves most things
[13:26] Torben Trautman: so people can calm down / do some research
[13:26] Lexie Linden: I think thats a good idea
[13:26] Youri Ashton: true Lisa
[13:27] Lexie Linden: And for sure..language meetings on your own are really good
[13:27] Youri Ashton: I think you wont mind us using this place then for such meetings?
[13:27] Radioactive Rosca: you could list all members and their languages, as for instance, I don't know any other names that are translating for European Portuguese... or i messed some pages...
[13:27] Lisa Lowe: Usually the more work on a translation, the harder it gets....wich is logical
[13:27] Youri Ashton: jnice and quet here, no one bugging us either
[13:28] Lexie Linden: I think it would be fine to use here to meet
[13:28] Youri Ashton: true Lisa
[13:28] Lexie Linden: Good idea Radio
[13:28] Lexie Linden: That is another topic I wanted to bring up
[13:28] Youri Ashton: perhaps get a few people that actually do the final decisions and translations taking the ideas of the others in account
[13:29] Youri Ashton: may solve a lot of problems
[13:29] Youri Ashton: think that will count for all languages
[13:29] Lexie Linden: A final editor?
[13:29] Youri Ashton: something like that indeed lexie
[13:29] Youri Ashton: then only that small group will need to do a discussion inworld
[13:29] Lexie Linden: Generally for German, French and Japanese we have Lindens for that. The other languages do not have that benefit
[13:30] Youri Ashton: the entire group for that language getting together will oly bring problems and more confusion
[13:30] Youri Ashton: that is why i said this indeed lexie
[13:30] Torben Trautman: no, it´s awesome to meet and discuss issues
[13:30] Lisa Lowe: why those 3 languages...because they go live with the websites also?
[13:30] Torben Trautman: the more ideas the better
[13:30] Lexie Linden: Its a process. You have to be able to collaborate to improve translations.
[13:31] Youri Ashton: most likely because none of the other langauges have translation lindens yet
[13:31] Lexie Linden: Those are the top 3 languages at this time Lisa. I know it will expand but yes..those go to the websites first
[13:31] Youri Ashton: perhaps in the future...
[13:31] Lexie Linden: correct
[13:31] Lisa Lowe: I think there are many Lindens that do speak other languages also.
[13:31] Radioactive Rosca: i could be a Portuguese translator Linden... Radioactive Linden... joking...
[13:31] Youri Ashton: think Lisa would be a good one for that spot on the Dutch team :)
[13:31] Lexie Linden: There are but they do not work in this area always
[13:32] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:32] Zai Lynch: ĥehe. a radioactive linden ^^
[13:32] Surfaqua Oh: re
[13:32] BlckCobra Shikami: hehehe
[13:32] Slatan Dryke: lol
[13:32] Lisa Lowe: You could just ask them to read things and see what they think of it.
[13:32] Lexie Linden: You should be looking at the employment opportunities on the website!!
[13:32] BlckCobra Shikami: running around as atom spin
[13:32] Radioactive Rosca: i already did it too many times...
[13:32] Torben Trautman: and move to the us or uk
[13:32] Slatan Dryke: any Linden ad honorem ?
[13:32] Lexie Linden: It is a slow process
[13:33] BlckCobra Shikami: yeah, they don't want offices in germany or france yet :-(
[13:33] Youri Ashton: I tried several times lexie, it seems no one in the netherlands can be accepted at this time
[13:33] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:33] Lexie Linden: many of you have user wiki pages?
[13:33] Youri Ashton: issues with finacial things
[13:33] Youri Ashton: I do
[13:33] Lisa Lowe: I do have one
[13:33] BlckCobra Shikami: I do
[13:33] Slatan Dryke: here too
[13:33] Zai Lynch: yupp
[13:33] Lisa Lowe: thanks to Zai before :)
[13:33] Radioactive Rosca: me... a very bad one...
[13:33] Lexie Linden: Do you list yourself as bilingual?
[13:33] Zai Lynch: aww ^^ welcome
[13:33] Dawny Daviau: yes
[13:33] Radioactive Rosca: yep
[13:34] Slatan Dryke: yus
[13:34] Zai Lynch nods
[13:34] Torben Trautman: I have the one with the most userboxes
[13:34] Lexie Linden: Yes, Zai makes the wiki so much nicer!
[13:34] Zai Lynch: hehe, indeed ^^
[13:34] Zai Lynch: aaww thx!
[13:34] Youri Ashton: didnt make my own wiki page yet, so with time that will be added
[13:34] Slatan Dryke: woot Zai :)
[13:34] Lisa Lowe: if you need help, just ping Zai :))
[13:34] Zai Lynch: (^_^)"
[13:34] BlckCobra Shikami: yep, Zai's is unbeatable
[13:34] Lisa Lowe: (hope you dont mind promoting you?)
[13:34] Zai Lynch: nah, is kewl ^^
[13:34] Lexie Linden: I think the user pages are good and we should be looking at those who list languages. I know they are not always current but its still good to have
[13:35] Lexie Linden: Brings me to another topic..
[13:35] Lexie Linden:
[13:35] Lexie Linden: One of you mentioned that there is not much to do in some languages
[13:35] Lexie Linden: Take a look at the Localization Portal ㋡
[13:35] Youri Ashton: Ill be working on that later today, first I want to finish up this bag i carry, not finished yet
[13:36] Lexie Linden: There are links to languages, pages that need translation etc
[13:36] Lisa Lowe: always something @ the Wiki :)
[13:36] Lexie Linden: This is a good place to help if the jira is quiet
[13:36] Lexie Linden: yes
[13:36] Lexie Linden: Wiki is never ending
[13:36] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:36] Youri Ashton: hmm... think ill be on mosquito hunt soon... AGAIN :(
[13:37] Lexie Linden: I think we should continue to add to that portal and make sure ALL the activity going on is linked.
[13:37] Lexie Linden: I will also start adding that link to the new translator notecard.
[13:37] Lexie Linden: So, if you have ideas to improve that portal..lets do it
[13:37] Lexie Linden:
[13:37] Lisa Lowe: notecard?
[13:37] Lexie Linden: We need to evolve and make things current and interesting
[13:38] Radioactive Rosca: as usual, no reference to European Portuguese... only "Português do Brasil"... :-(
[13:38] Lexie Linden: I drop a notecard on all new translators as I add them to CT. It has office hour links, meeting, island, forum, pjira...all kinds of crunchy goodness ㋡
[13:38] Lisa Lowe: ah ok :)
[13:38] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:39] Lexie Linden: hmmm Zai do we not have a Portuguese category?
[13:39] Youri Ashton: that reminds me lexie, I thought about getting a blog type of addon for those that want to promote the CT project. Think we all should chip in some ideas about that next week. Perhaps we can offer people that way something they could use on their blogs and have multiple languages of it
[13:39] Lexie Linden: Just BR?
[13:39] Youri Ashton: was a idea i had last weekend
[13:39] Identity Euler: I have a question - the wiki is much - if anyone starts translation is not able to make it at once - can a mixture of two languages stay for some time?
[13:40] Zai Lynch: I don't think we had a disambiguation for that so far... does it have different iso codes?
[13:40] Lexie Linden: good idea Youri
[13:40] Lexie Linden: I think it does Zai
[13:40] Radioactive Rosca: yes, we have.
[13:40] Radioactive Rosca: Our is 860, I think
[13:40] Zai Lynch: identity, that is ok, tho you can also edit it in a personal workspace if you'd like to only publish when finished
[13:41] Youri Ashton: delevers us all some extra work, but that should not be the problem. think it would be wise to show what we are doing currently in that way, everything in several languages possible of course
[13:41] Radioactive Rosca: perhaps in the future we'll speak same language, but for now is like USA and UK
[13:41] Lexie Linden: right
[13:41] Zai Lynch: @radioactive: what are these? BR and?
[13:41] BlckCobra Shikami: PT ?
[13:41] Zai Lynch: hm... we don't distinguish en-us and en-uk either atm...
[13:41] Lexie Linden: hmm
[13:41] Lisa Lowe: It is the same as Dutch and Fleming. Sound the same, but are different :)
[13:41] Radioactive Rosca: Microsoft named Standard Portuguese
[13:41] Youri Ashton: true Lisa :)
[13:42] Radioactive Rosca: but I think it's better European Portuguese
[13:42] Zai Lynch: hm... i'll follow up on that topic when i digged for more info...
[13:42] Youri Ashton: perhaps add the language 'Frysk' as well for the people that do understand that, usually Germans and dutch people living in the north understand that. Even danish people can understand it
[13:42] Ourasi Ferraris: and it's the same thinks for french of France and canadian french ^^
[13:42] Lexie Linden: Thanks Zai. LEt me know what you find out please? I will do some digging as well
[13:43] Lisa Lowe: alsjeblieft niet,
[13:43] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:43] Zai Lynch: oki. will post on the translator forum :-)
[13:43] Lexie Linden: perfect
[13:43] Lexie Linden: One other topic that I bring up everyyyy meeting : p
[13:43] Youri Ashton: I can find someone who can do the 'frysk' part, so no worries there
[13:43] Lexie Linden: Second Life
[13:43] Youri Ashton: so dont stress Lisa :p
[13:44] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL
[13:44] Lisa Lowe: alsof gewoon nederlands al geen werk genoeg
[13:44] Youri Ashton: besides, I am living in that province as well, so i can doa few things if needed
[13:44] Lexie Linden: If you see questions that are in the "Possibly Answered" section. Please feel free to go look and see if you can offer additional suggestions. Until those are answered..they are "open". This is for all available languages of course : ))
[13:44] Youri Ashton: nah, weinig werk. je moet zo stressen :p
[13:45] Lexie Linden: Also a big thanks to those who jumped in and did the translations for the Answers blog!
[13:45] Lexie Linden: Awesome help!
[13:45] Lisa Lowe: Can you identify the amount of questions from non-mentors also?
[13:45] Lexie Linden: That was all I had for today. Anyone else have topics they want to bring up?
[13:45] Lexie Linden: hmmm
[13:46] BlckCobra Shikami: heheh Lisa, good question
[13:46] Slatan Dryke: Lisa loves statistics :)
[13:46] Youri Ashton: well, besides the blog part i talked about, not much i guess
[13:46] Lexie Linden: I might be able to run a query on that
[13:46] Lexie Linden: I will find out. That would be interesting to know
[13:46] Lisa Lowe: So far I have the feeling only lots of mentors are keeping busy on there....
[13:46] BlckCobra Shikami: yes, we play with ourself there as what I can tell
[13:46] Slatan Dryke: Lisa most of us are ALT answering
[13:46] Lisa Lowe: or their Alts
[13:47] Lexie Linden: Well I do see questions from new users and tech questions stay pretty busy
[13:47] Lisa Lowe: lol
[13:47] Slatan Dryke: guess the % is not real
[13:47] Lexie Linden: Over half that use the site are "unique" visits
[13:47] Youri Ashton: oh, think it's wise to say when there is new work to be done over group Im/notice, because i hardly see any new things pop up myself
[13:47] Lexie Linden: So the other part would be returning or multiples
[13:48] BlckCobra Shikami: I am unique each new day :P
[13:48] Lexie Linden: haha
[13:48] Lexie Linden: I think over time and after the official launch we will get much better data
[13:48] Lexie Linden: Answers will get ALOT of PR
[13:48] Lexie Linden: ㋡ I expect it will get quite busy there
[13:48] BlckCobra Shikami: you want to make us work hard hehehe
[13:48] Youri Ashton: oh, did you get any info about the new 2010 viewer yet? because i hate to do everything last minute
[13:48] Lexie Linden: hehe all up to you :P
[13:49] Lisa Lowe: Will the website hold also then? :)
[13:49] Lexie Linden: If you want or not. Free to choose!
[13:49] BlckCobra Shikami: :P
[13:49] Lexie Linden: What do you mean Lisa?
[13:49] Lexie Linden: The VTeam blog?
[13:49] Lisa Lowe: before with some discussion, the whole thing stalked wtih over 1200 posts
[13:49] Lisa Lowe: *stalled
[13:50] Lisa Lowe: in one discussion that was....
[13:50] Lexie Linden: It should be ok. Its also getting an upgrade to software some time next month
[13:50] Lexie Linden: Youri - No news yet. I think Ramzi may have some updates in the next couple of weeks
[13:51] Lexie Linden: If no other comments or anything..then we are done with an awesome meeting : )
[13:51] Lisa Lowe: Maybe you can put up a promotional thingy for the CT group on HIP and so on. Like with the SLCC?
[13:51] Lexie Linden: Thats a good idea
[13:51] Torben Trautman: WOOOHOOO!!!!
[13:51] Youri Ashton: hope so, because we getting closer and closer to 2010 and so far nothing yet. as i said last week, all teams will need at least the time to get it all translated propperly
[13:51] Lexie Linden: Yes, I know Ramzi is aware of it and keeping it in mind
[13:51] Lisa Lowe: Mia is good at that ;)
[13:52] Lexie Linden: Yes she is! We may need to bring her in : ))
[13:52] Torben Trautman: gotta run
[13:52] Torben Trautman: have a great day everybody
[13:52] Torben Trautman waves
[13:52] Youri Ashton: bye bye torben
[13:52] Slatan Dryke: bye Torben
[13:52] Lisa Lowe: bye Torben
[13:52] Dawny Daviau says Bye Bye !
[13:52] Lexie Linden: Thanks for coming : ) Anyone want to grab the transcript?
[13:52] Radioactive Rosca: same to U, Torben
[13:52] Radioactive Rosca: bye all
[13:52] Ourasi Ferraris: ⊙▽⊙⊙Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes ⊙▽⊙⊙ Yes !
[13:53] BlckCobra Shikami: byeeee
[13:53] Yann Dufaux: yes lexie ㋡ if you want :)
[13:53] Lexie Linden: Great!
[13:53] Youri Ashton: I can do transscript
[13:53] Youri Ashton: hold on
[13:53] Lexie Linden: ok

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