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[12:59] Torben Trautman: Hi Yann
[13:00] Radioactive Rosca: hi Yann
[13:00] Yann Dufaux: heya!
[13:00] Torben Trautman: it´s raining Lexie
[13:00] Lexie Linden: HI ㋡
[13:00] Torben Trautman: hehe
[13:00] Radioactive Rosca: hi, Lady Lexie
[13:00] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:00] Torben Trautman: Hi Lexie
[13:00] Yann Dufaux: Lexie! XXXX ㋡
[13:00] Lexie Linden: This might be a short meeting real agenda today
[13:00] Lexie Linden: Unless you all have topics : ))
[13:01] Yann Dufaux: CT logo, hmmm
[13:01] Torben Trautman: hehe no worries
[13:01] Lexie Linden: I think Simone is coming today
[13:01] Torben Trautman: I have one for tomorrow :)
[13:01] Yann Dufaux: i can use the logo of second life for that i think :(
[13:01] Torben Trautman: Hi Surf
[13:01] Yann Dufaux: hello Surf
[13:01] Lexie Linden: oh tomorrow I wont have Office hour. I have a schedule conflict. I need to cancel that on wiki etc
[13:01] Lexie Linden: Hi Surf ㋡
[13:01] Lexie Linden: Hi LIsa : ))
[13:01] Surfaqua Oh: hi
[13:01] Yann Dufaux: heya Lisa ㋡
[13:01] Lexie Linden: Lisa*
[13:02] Torben Trautman: then I have a topic for next week
[13:02] Torben Trautman: *$*LoL *$*
[13:02] Lisa Lowe: Hiya guys :)
[13:02] Torben Trautman: Hi Lisa
[13:02] Radioactive Rosca: hi Surfaqua Lisa
[13:02] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:02] Lexie Linden: How is everyone doing today?
[13:02] Torben Trautman: doing *good* :)
[13:02] Radioactive Rosca: fine, tks
[13:02] Lisa Lowe: fine thx
[13:02] Lexie Linden: nice!
[13:03] Surfaqua Oh: yes fine :-)
[13:03] Lisa Lowe: hows you doing, Lexie?
[13:03] Yann Dufaux: oh lexie do you try the last animation of crabe when i send that to you? :P
[13:03] Lexie Linden: I'm good!
[13:03] Lisa Lowe: :)
[13:03] Lexie Linden: oh I forgot! I will
[13:03] Torben Trautman: huhu Simone
[13:03] Lexie Linden: Hi Simone ㋡
[13:03] Simone Linden: Hi everyone....
[13:03] Radioactive Rosca: hi Lady Simone
[13:03] Yann Dufaux: you can try now if you want :D
[13:03] Yann Dufaux: LOL
[13:03] Lexie Linden: Hi Link
[13:03] Torben Trautman: hi link
[13:03] Radioactive Rosca: Your Royal Highness
[13:03] Lexie Linden: lol Yann
[13:03] link Kiranov: hello hello
[13:03] Yann Dufaux: hi Simone ㋡
[13:04] link Kiranov: hello everybody
[13:04] Radioactive Rosca: hi Torben, hi link
[13:04] Simone Linden: Hi Yann!
[13:04] Yann Dufaux: salut link, ça vas bien? ㋡
[13:04] Lexie Linden: Hi Slatan ㋡
[13:04] link Kiranov: très bien Yann merci
[13:04] link Kiranov: fine :)
[13:04] Simone Linden: Ca va, merci
[13:04] Radioactive Rosca: hi Slatan
[13:04] Simone Linden: Knutscher an Torben
[13:04] Yann Dufaux: bien Simone! :D
[13:04] Torben Trautman: *rotwerd*
[13:04] Yann Dufaux: moi après mes 4 cafées je suis ok! ㋡
[13:04] Simone Linden: hehe
[13:05] Torben Trautman: Hi Slatan
[13:05] Slatan Dryke: hello Lexie and fellow translators :))
[13:05] Lexie Linden:
[13:05] Simone Linden: Hi Slatan
[13:05] Biancaluce Robbiani: tks ㋡
[13:05] Biancaluce Robbiani: hi all
[13:05] Lexie Linden: ha double tp'd you I think
[13:05] Slatan Dryke: :))
[13:05] Torben Trautman: hi Bianca
[13:05] Yann Dufaux: Lexies do you know if you have a simultaned translator for more of 1 language ??
[13:05] Radioactive Rosca: hi Bianca
[13:06] Simone Linden: Hi Bianca!
[13:06] Lexie Linden: What do you mean Yann? Explain?
[13:06] Slatan Dryke: now I can see everyone and waves again :))
[13:06] Biancaluce Robbiani: Ciao ◕ ‿ ◕ Ciao
[13:06] Biancaluce Robbiani: a tutti ... hello everyone!
[13:06] Slatan Dryke: ciao Bianca
[13:06] Simone Linden: Ciao Bella
[13:06] Yann Dufaux: because i see an international translator scipt at Torley meeting
[13:06] Lexie Linden: hmm
[13:07] Simone Linden: and what does that script do?
[13:07] Yann Dufaux: the script can translate in french but i'm note sure if the script translate in all langage
[13:07] Biancaluce Robbiani: bella ... tks Simone ㋡
[13:07] Yann Dufaux: not*
[13:07] Lexie Linden: oh..ok so it works on meeting transcripts etc?
[13:07] Yann Dufaux: yes
[13:07] Yann Dufaux: i think
[13:07] Lexie Linden: interesting..I do not know. I will ask Torley about what is being used.
[13:08] Yann Dufaux: i don't know if the script translate for each users with the viewer setup request ..
[13:08] Simone Linden: I have never heard of it either
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Hi Youri ㋡
[13:08] Radioactive Rosca: hi Youri
[13:08] Yann Dufaux: but if is possible ㋡
[13:08] Torben Trautman: hi youri
[13:08] Youri Ashton: hi all :D
[13:08] Biancaluce Robbiani: hi Youri
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Sounds interesting for sure
[13:08] Yann Dufaux:
[13:08] Slatan Dryke: hello Youri
[13:08] Yann Dufaux: Hahahaha
[13:09] Simone Linden: cough
[13:09] Simone Linden: cough
[13:09] Yann Dufaux: your are site on Simone
[13:09] Lexie Linden: LOL
[13:09] Slatan Dryke: lmao youri
[13:09] Simone Linden: help!
[13:09] Yann Dufaux: LOL
[13:09] Torben Trautman wonders if Simone feels comfy
[13:09] Youri Ashton: took a little longer then I hoped for, but oh well :)
[13:09] Lexie Linden: Thats not a is Simone :p
[13:09] Radioactive Rosca: looool
[13:09] Simone Linden: It is a bit warm
[13:09] link Kiranov: héhé
[13:09] Youri Ashton: slatan?
[13:09] Slatan Dryke: yes ?
[13:09] Radioactive Rosca: Simone Chair Linden
[13:09] Torben Trautman: hahaha
[13:09] Lisa Lowe: zit bovenop Simone
[13:09] Slatan Dryke: lmao youri
[13:09] Lexie Linden: Pick a new seat Youri ㋡
[13:10] Youri Ashton: oh
[13:10] Youri Ashton: lmao
[13:10] Biancaluce Robbiani: Youri You are sit on Simone lool
[13:10] Lexie Linden: haha
[13:10] Simone Linden: LOL
[13:10] Youri Ashton: ssorry simone :p
[13:10] Slatan Dryke: woot
[13:10] Youri Ashton: didnt see you yet :p
[13:10] Yann Dufaux: LOL
[13:10] Lexie Linden: That happens lol
[13:10] link Kiranov: :)))
[13:10] Simone Linden: np
[13:10] Biancaluce Robbiani: errare humanum est perseverare est diabolicum
[13:10] Youri Ashton: no one here i hope :)
[13:10] Biancaluce Robbiani: none
[13:10] Radioactive Rosca: ~hi Dawny
[13:10] Youri Ashton: lol, good :D
[13:10] Lexie Linden: ok so, last week we talked a little about the CT logo jira:
[13:11] Slatan Dryke: it depends Bianca he he
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Hi Dawny ㋡
[13:11] Simone Linden: might have to get a bigger avatar... so it is easier to see me
[13:11] Torben Trautman: Hi Dawny
[13:11] Slatan Dryke: Dawny :))
[13:11] Dawny Daviau: Hi everyone (sorry Im late)
[13:11] Youri Ashton: poor simone, getting crushed by me :)
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Did anyone add new ideas to that jira?
[13:11] Lexie Linden: I have not had a chance to check today : ))
[13:11] Lexie Linden: I liked some of the ideas I saw late last week though
[13:11] Youri Ashton: i havnt been on SL for about 4 days now, so... nothign here :)
[13:11] link Kiranov: with a lot of flags ?
[13:11] Biancaluce Robbiani: I was waiting this meeting to get other ideas or change completely logo...
[13:12] link Kiranov: maybe .. use the word .. "Linden".. in french it's a tree
[13:12] link Kiranov: maybe in spannish.. Linden it's another word ? :)
[13:12] Lexie Linden: I think there are many ways to go with it. Lots of good ideas that will represent what CT does and means
[13:13] Lexie Linden: We need more entries though : )
[13:13] Lexie Linden: The more the better so I will do a reminder to group
[13:13] Lexie Linden: Then we have enough we can ask everyone to look and vote, then run it past the Lab to make sure it is ok to use : )))
[13:14] Lexie Linden: Also..there was jiras for the Spanish and BR Portuguese homepage images
[13:14] Youri Ashton: Linden in Dutch is associated with a tree. but since the Dutch take up place #9 of 50 countries, I think the word Linden should ot be changed
[13:14] Biancaluce Robbiani: yes ... I ve launched an idea of a cirlced world but if someone else wants to take it and transform it, free of doing it
[13:14] Lexie Linden: Spanish homepage
[13:14] Simone Linden: and German homepage, too!
[13:14] Lexie Linden: BR Portuguese
[13:14] Lexie Linden: Yes and German too!
[13:15] Simone Linden: poking Torben
[13:15] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[13:15] Lexie Linden: I think as far as the CT needs to be somewhat "general" so it can include all languages
[13:16] Lexie Linden: So if you have time, please contribute to the jiras : )
[13:16] Youri Ashton: may it be a idea to have 1 general logo and for each language a flag attached as waterstamp?
[13:16] Youri Ashton: or in the background?
[13:17] Yann Dufaux: a logo, with snowglobe icone?
[13:17] Lexie Linden: try making it and see how it comes out or add the idea to the jira?
[13:17] link Kiranov: why not
[13:17] Youri Ashton: not that yann
[13:17] Yann Dufaux: because CT project are a opensource project ㋡
[13:17] Youri Ashton: CTlogo
[13:17] Lexie Linden: CT logo only
[13:17] Yann Dufaux: okey
[13:17] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:17] Yann Dufaux: but its an idia ㋡
[13:17] Youri Ashton: this aint bug triage my little robot friend :)
[13:18] Lexie Linden: Last week we also talked about the fact that not all translators are in the CT group. This makes it a bit hard to see who all is in your language and may want to do some teamwork.
[13:18] link Kiranov: but.. maybe a problem .. because . french/belgian ans dwiss.. spoke french :))
[13:18] Lexie Linden: The idea was to add all CT names to a public wiki page but...
[13:18] link Kiranov: swiss*
[13:18] Youri Ashton: belgian is having 2 languages, Dutch (flemmish) and French
[13:18] Lexie Linden: we cannot do that since not all have agreed to public announcement of the project participation
[13:19] Youri Ashton: not smart to get a seperate language for that
[13:19] link Kiranov: yes and in Switzerland.. 3 :)
[13:19] Lexie Linden: All we can do is open the page and encourage everyone to add their name on their own
[13:19] Lisa Lowe: yeah
[13:19] Torben Trautman: isn´t it 4?
[13:19] Slatan Dryke: agree
[13:19] link Kiranov: yes 4 :)
[13:19] Surfaqua Oh: yes 4
[13:19] Yann Dufaux: well great, the point for the logos i think the CT group is a multi-task project ㋡
[13:19] Torben Trautman: :)
[13:19] link Kiranov: with the romanche. a dialect :)
[13:19] link Kiranov: you speak romanche Surf ? :))
[13:19] Youri Ashton: the belgian people should choose between french or dutch, we cant do all languages. just too much work
[13:20] Surfaqua Oh: no :-P
[13:20] link Kiranov: ouf :)
[13:20] Youri Ashton: besides, belgian french is the same as the France use
[13:20] link Kiranov: yes but not the same flag :))
[13:20] Youri Ashton: flemmish is basicly the same as dutch
[13:20] Yann Dufaux: youri, i,m from quebec? ㋡
[13:20] link Kiranov: also :))
[13:20] Youri Ashton: their flag is based on the dutch and german flags :)
[13:20] link Kiranov: maybe not a good idea the flag :))
[13:21] Yann Dufaux: don'tt use a flags on the logos ^^
[13:21] Lexie Linden: I think maybe a more general design?
[13:21] Lexie Linden: Then it will be simple and no one would have any issues re: flags or representation
[13:21] Yann Dufaux: you can use a flags, but blank model i think ㋡
[13:21] Simone Linden: I agree
[13:21] Youri Ashton: the idea of adding a flag on the logo is basicly showing which resident is working on what language. nothing more
[13:21] Slatan Dryke: and more creative
[13:22] Yann Dufaux: noo community distinctions ..
[13:22] Slatan Dryke: exactly Yann
[13:22] Lexie Linden: You can put something together and let everyone vote ㋡
[13:22] Lisa Lowe: smack your ideas on the jira :)
[13:22] Lexie Linden: exactly
[13:22] Youri Ashton: i can try lexie, but i am not a picture artist :)
[13:22] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:23] Yann Dufaux: the logo are for a CT groups i know and you know you have all memmber of differend community , and if you use the flags tjhe risk is you can forgot a community ㋡
[13:23] Lexie Linden: Maybe ask someone who contributed something to help? Teamwork!
[13:23] Simone Linden: brb
[13:23] Slatan Dryke: hb
[13:23] Torben Trautman: hb
[13:24] Lisa Lowe: i suppose for now we are looking for a general logo only for the group, right?
[13:24] Youri Ashton: I think no one is even thinking about what i mean lexie, i have a feelign its wasted energy ;)
[13:24] Yann Dufaux: the groups have a simple but, to learn all users how to translate and contribute on the CT ㋡
[13:24] link Kiranov: yes Yann.. maybe just the flags.. behind the LL logo ?
[13:25] Lexie Linden: I do no tthink it is a waste of time. I think it will take teamwork though and some thought
[13:25] Yann Dufaux: not a logo of ll ㋡
[13:25] Yann Dufaux: but a logo with a scool board ㋡
[13:25] Yann Dufaux: school
[13:25] Youri Ashton: i rather not have anything that reminds me of my school time yann ;)
[13:26] Lexie Linden: You all can decide to meet on this logo idea on your own too. Maybe you want to discuss with more translators? Not all can make this meeting time
[13:26] Lisa Lowe: if you have an idea, just create a sketch or so. There is always others who can perfect it later on
[13:26] Lexie Linden: Good idea Lisa
[13:26] Slatan Dryke: right Lisa
[13:26] link Kiranov: maybe .. some boards.. with the divers ideas ?
[13:26] Lexie Linden draws a box and hands it to Lisa..fix it please!
[13:26] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:26] Yann Dufaux: school board with some language .. and a translations in english ㋡
[13:26] Lisa Lowe: lol
[13:26] Lisa Lowe: You will be surprised ;)
[13:27] Lexie Linden: hahah
[13:27] Youri Ashton: yann, isnt that the same as my flag idea?
[13:27] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:27] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:27] Lexie Linden: Well, add ideas on the jira so all can look and comment please
[13:27] Yann Dufaux: and a active speakers , with Welcome to CT Pproject
[13:27] Youri Ashton: either a language or a flag, its the same
[13:27] Simone Linden: lol
[13:27] link Kiranov: okay Lexie better way
[13:27] Youri Ashton: you simply can not seperate them
[13:28] Youri Ashton: unless there will be a new flag thanks to a war or something
[13:28] Lisa Lowe: maybe just the language name in the language might be the safe way for now
[13:28] Yann Dufaux: nbecause the client is translate for som language now ㋡
[13:28] Yann Dufaux: you can uses the same language of the translation for the logo ㋡
[13:28] Lexie Linden: Did you all see what I mentioned about putting the whole list of translators on wiki? It wont work. So you will be seeing a notice from me or survey asking those who are willing to add their name of add it to survey so I can add them
[13:29] Simone Linden: Lexie, do you have an idea about how many members there are?
[13:29] Youri Ashton: I already placed myself on SLwiki
[13:29] Lexie Linden: I think 230+
[13:29] Simone Linden: Oki.
[13:29] Lisa Lowe: yeah. I basically want a list of active translators at the moment.
[13:29] Simone Linden: Not all of them active, probably
[13:29] Youri Ashton:
[13:29] Lexie Linden: exactly
[13:29] Lisa Lowe: and the language they do
[13:30] Lexie Linden: Odds are only the active ones will add name to the list or survey anyway
[13:30] Lexie Linden: right
[13:30] Lisa Lowe: then we could ping them to have their name on a wiki or so
[13:30] Yann Dufaux: lexie i think you can indict the good way with somes ruls , like for a contest logo* ㋡
[13:30] Biancaluce Robbiani: I do not have a translator page link on my wiki profile i think...
[13:30] Lexie Linden: So it will be helpful and then I will compare who adds name and see if they are missing the CT group. Try to get them in if possible
[13:30] Simone Linden: Good idea
[13:30] Youri Ashton: think everyone should have their own wiki page created so that people can see their info easier as well
[13:31] Lexie Linden: Not all like using wiki so..I will set up an easy page to edit
[13:31] Torben Trautman: i has a wiki page :)
[13:31] Youri Ashton: i saw torben :)
[13:31] Lexie Linden: But User pages are very nice to have too
[13:31] Yann Dufaux: loll, my wikis pages not very complete, i don't have times for me ㋡
[13:31] Biancaluce Robbiani: yeah... not everyone knows how to create a wiki profile...
[13:31] Lexie Linden: right
[13:31] Torben Trautman: there´s many people willing to help with it
[13:31] Biancaluce Robbiani: we should put down a basic tutorial
[13:31] Lexie Linden: Speaking of wiki...thats in line with another topic
[13:31] Youri Ashton: that could be very usefull for some Lexie! good idea!
[13:32] Torben Trautman: ah, just ask Zai :)
[13:32] Lexie Linden: - This page...
[13:32] Biancaluce Robbiani: yes zaipedia ㋡
[13:32] Youri Ashton: zai is the wiki master :)
[13:32] Lexie Linden: has many of the resources we use
[13:32] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[13:32] Lexie Linden: haha yes Zai is the wiki master
[13:33] Lexie Linden: The Tools we use page has the links etc to all the places we use to teamwork etc but...
[13:33] Youri Ashton: this may be handy as well:
[13:33] Lexie Linden: Do you think we should be more organized? More specific on what tools we use for what type participation. Should we trim the tools and use a top 2? Ideas?
[13:33] Youri Ashton: thanks to zai ofcourse :)
[13:34] Lexie Linden: Are we too spread out even though we have the list on one page
[13:34] Biancaluce Robbiani: should be possible to create a category of translators Lexie?
[13:34] Simone Linden: yes, I think there are too many places with different info
[13:34] Torben Trautman: I´d love to have the info channels reduced
[13:34] Simone Linden: agree
[13:34] Simone Linden: For new translators it is difficult to find their way around.
[13:34] Lexie Linden: Im sure we can have a category. We may have one. I can check
[13:34] Biancaluce Robbiani: in order to be auto-listed
[13:35] Lexie Linden: auto-listed..I do not think can happen
[13:35] link Kiranov: i'ts my opinion too Lexie
[13:35] Torben Trautman: even for established translators it´s hard to follow up on all channels
[13:35] Lexie Linden: But I do agree it is alot of places to look and understand
[13:35] Lexie Linden: true
[13:35] Lisa Lowe: A one-page approach with links to everything will work best
[13:36] Simone Linden: We need to streamline communication and centralize information.
[13:36] Simone Linden: I sound like a government clerk
[13:36] Lexie Linden: Do you think we should use the CT Forum more..or is it not helpful. (Meaning: Fix it up and make it the "go to" place?)
[13:36] Lexie Linden: lol Simone
[13:36] Biancaluce Robbiani: for those who do not have a wiki profile page if you add the category in which you are an expert or are working on, it will automately list you in an appropriate page
[13:36] Torben Trautman: I like the mailing list best
[13:36] Lisa Lowe: There are indeed too many resources everywhere
[13:36] Torben Trautman: at work I can´t look in forums
[13:36] Lexie Linden: Right Bianca..if they add the category
[13:36] Torben Trautman: but reply to emails quick
[13:36] Lisa Lowe: I can't even find them all anymore....
[13:36] link Kiranov: a forum .. too long to retrieve an information
[13:37] Lexie Linden: hmm ok
[13:37] Simone Linden: I checked the mailing list today, it has only 49 members.
[13:37] Simone Linden: A lot of them don+t seem to be active translators.
[13:37] Lexie Linden: That is a pretty quiet list
[13:37] Torben Trautman: the forum has the advantage that information stay visible though
[13:37] Lexie Linden: True
[13:37] Lexie Linden: If it is set up right it could be helpful
[13:37] Simone Linden: The only one who posted to the list in September was me....
[13:37] Youri Ashton: same for me simone
[13:37] Simone Linden: an noone answered...
[13:38] Lexie Linden: : ((
[13:38] Youri Ashton: lots dont seem to be active
[13:38] Simone Linden: lol
[13:38] Lisa Lowe: Simone, how do you determine if they are active or not? Like them responding to messages in the mailinglist?
[13:38] Biancaluce Robbiani: Twitter? anyone using twitter? I was at 2 office hours today reading twitts from lindens ㋡
[13:38] Torben Trautman: awww I would have I had had known it means so much
[13:38] Lexie Linden: We have Pjira and google docs that we must keep.
[13:38] link Kiranov: it's easy twitter.. juste send by mail
[13:38] Simone Linden: Lisa, just by looking at the names.
[13:39] Lexie Linden: Lisa...its hard to say "active" or not but if we never hear from them..they do not respond to notecards, emails, group or forums...I lean towards not active
[13:39] Simone Linden: Many were not familiar. Granted, i don´t know all of you guys but at least I have seen most of your names somewhere.
[13:39] Lexie Linden: true
[13:39] Simone Linden: Lots of the names on the ct list I have never seen before.
[13:39] Lexie Linden: Also can check CT group to see if they have not logged in for many months
[13:39] Lexie Linden: (if they are part of ct group)
[13:39] Biancaluce Robbiani: some were active a few months ago then disappeared
[13:40] Lexie Linden: yes
[13:40] Lisa Lowe: I must say I receive all notifications in the mailinglist, but i never respond to that either. Besides that I never use the forum either.
[13:40] Torben Trautman: but the names in the mailing list don´t have to reflect the SL name
[13:40] link Kiranov: me too Lisa
[13:40] Torben Trautman: It took me ages for my hotmail to say Torben Trautman
[13:40] Lexie Linden: I guess I lean towards the forum because it is easily expandable and can have sub-channels..documents etc
[13:40] Youri Ashton: hmm.. seem to have 105 calling cards, and about 20 or so are active
[13:40] Lisa Lowe: I prefer communication inworld more. Like using the groups. It will involve others easier that way also.
[13:41] Youri Ashton: usually
[13:41] Simone Linden: I was just joking about the responding.... I do not expect people to respond to my ct mailing list emails.
[13:41] Slatan Dryke: same Lisa
[13:41] Torben Trautman: hahaha
[13:41] Lexie Linden: I like that as well Lisa/Slatan but that is a little hit and miss since everyone isnt online at same times
[13:42] link Kiranov: yes Youri :)
[13:42] Yann Dufaux: loll Youri*
[13:42] Lisa Lowe: with some more dicussions, things will evolve by themself I guess...
[13:42] Lexie Linden: Its a hard question to figure out.
[13:42] Youri Ashton: lol yann
[13:43] Yann Dufaux: Yourie, policy of confidentiality :p
[13:43] Lexie Linden: I think we need to put thought into this..all of us. It is important for the future that we communicate effectively
[13:43] Lisa Lowe: With many languages it could turn into an interesting debate in the groupchat :)
[13:43] Yann Dufaux: Youri*
[13:43] Lexie Linden: hehe true
[13:43] Simone Linden: lol
[13:43] Simone Linden: I agree, Lexie
[13:43] Simone Linden: We need to figure out where is the best place for us to post info
[13:44] Youri Ashton: besides, he added me without me asking for it :p
[13:44] Lisa Lowe: youri.....niet belangrijk......
[13:44] Yann Dufaux: well , i blame philip if i,m addic t of second life ㋡
[13:44] Simone Linden: lol
[13:44] Biancaluce Robbiani: I was mentioning twitter for quick calls because there is a new kind of service called TWIBE that is a specific group of twitters linked by an interest... just for quick launches
[13:44] Simone Linden: I am twittering as SimoneLinden
[13:44] Lexie Linden: Simone maybe we can take this to the team and get more feedback? Then talk with translators again and get their feedback as well?
[13:44] Biancaluce Robbiani: iLL ADD YOU ㋡
[13:44] Simone Linden: Great!
[13:44] Biancaluce Robbiani: sorry caps
[13:44] Yann Dufaux: okey simone, i use YannDufaux for my part ㋡
[13:44] Slatan Dryke: but many dont use twitter Bianca.. me first
[13:44] Youri Ashton: im on twitter aswell.
[13:45] Youri Ashton:
[13:45] Lexie Linden: I have not twittered yet
[13:45] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:45] Biancaluce Robbiani: yeah I know Sla ...
[13:45] Lisa Lowe: I do not use Twitter is all just too much for me
[13:45] Slatan Dryke: you need too much time to follow all those things
[13:45] Yann Dufaux: Lexies, you don't have twitter and facebook, well lexie you wait for what? :p
[13:46] Simone Linden: I know. I have started using it and have gotten some great feedback in regards to terminology from people.
[13:46] Lexie Linden: ok, please put some thought into ideas or what you think is the best way to focus on CT communications so that it is sustainable as we grow as a group
[13:46] Biancaluce Robbiani: @biancaluce is mine
[13:46] Torben Trautman: ok
[13:46] Lexie Linden: We can talk about this again next week : ))
[13:46] Simone Linden: We will discuss with l10 team and get some feedback from them
[13:46] Yann Dufaux: you can launch a Second life CT project group on facebook too ㋡
[13:46] Lexie Linden: great Simone!
[13:47] Lexie Linden: That was all Ihad for today : ) Any other topics from anyone?
[13:47] Youri Ashton: i wont join yann, i prefer my RL on facebook not be added in any form to SL :)
[13:47] Lisa Lowe: did you think about a CT weekend or something?
[13:47] Youri Ashton: work is fun, but i rather not mix it with my private life :)
[13:48] Slatan Dryke: good point Lisa could be funny and helpful
[13:48] Biancaluce Robbiani: Youri a lot of SL users use their avie name on facebook
[13:48] Lexie Linden: I have it on the list but did not get a chance to talk to the team yet for feedback. I will!!
[13:48] link Kiranov: I prefer keep my private picture :)) don't let it on twitter :))
[13:48] Lisa Lowe: ok
[13:48] Youri Ashton: i know bianca :)
[13:48] Lexie Linden:
[13:48] Yann Dufaux: Youri, i use my second life name on facebook , for personal reason ㋡
[13:48] Slatan Dryke: true my SL name on my credit cards too he he
[13:48] Biancaluce Robbiani: me too.. I am now best known as my avie name lool
[13:49] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:49] Yann Dufaux: loll Slatan
[13:49] Slatan Dryke: :))
[13:49] Youri Ashton: i dont really see the point in all those different accounts, just dont see the point :)
[13:50] Dawny Daviau: i dont want facebook...yes so many sites... want to see me and Klee? Check my RL tab hehehe All sorted then ;)
[13:50] link Kiranov: #All
[13:50] Lexie Linden: ok, I think we are done with the "official" meeting ㋡
[13:50] Simone Linden: LOL
[13:50] Lexie Linden: Thanks for coming everyone...feel free to hang out and chat here if you want
[13:50] Torben Trautman: :)
[13:50] Biancaluce Robbiani: yeah that twibe took me to Pathfinder today. ㋡
[13:50] Torben Trautman: bye everybody
[13:50] Lisa Lowe: thanks :)
[13:50] Youri Ashton: thanks for having us lexie and simone :)
[13:50] Torben Trautman waves
[13:51] Biancaluce Robbiani: Ciao ◕ ‿ ◕ Ciao
[13:51] Biancaluce Robbiani: Lexie
[13:51] Dawny Daviau: see you
[13:51] Slatan Dryke: ty Lexie and Simone
[13:51] Lexie Linden: See you all soon!
[13:51] Simone Linden: Nice to see you all!!!
[13:51] Biancaluce Robbiani: Ciao ◕ ‿ ◕ Ciao
[13:51] Radioactive Rosca: bye
[13:51] Biancaluce Robbiani: Simone see you on twitter
[13:51] Radioactive Rosca: Your Royal Highness
[13:51] Simone Linden: Have a good evening!
[13:51] Youri Ashton: im off as well, gotto get up early tomorrow :(
[13:51] Simone Linden: Yes, Bianca
[13:51] Lisa Lowe: bye :)
[13:51] Youri Ashton: have fun all!
[13:51] Dawny Daviau: trusten
[13:51] Lexie Linden:
[13:51] link Kiranov: you have a lot of anwsers ?
[13:51] Lexie Linden: Thank you for getting the transcript Yann!
[13:51] Lisa Lowe: jij en vroeg? lol
[13:51] link Kiranov: concerning the question on the website ?
[13:52] Yann Dufaux: yes lexies for sure i get
[13:52] Lisa Lowe: die gaat meestal om 6 uur smorgens naar bed
[13:52] Dawny Daviau: lol
[13:52] Lisa Lowe: hoe krijgen we meer hollanders betrokken?
[13:52] link Kiranov: argh on saura pas combien de personnes ont répondu au questionnaire :(

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