Community Translation Project/Office Hours/2009 09 15

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  • Logo search is extended
  • New viewer strings might soon be available in the JIRA
  • Ramzi asks if Residents would like to see LSL editor hoovertips localized. Controversial topic.
  • Short discussion about viewer localization to Traditional Chinese.


[13:00] Lexie Linden:
[13:00] Lisa Lowe: hi lexie :)
[13:00] Lexie Linden: How is everyone doing?
[13:00] Slatan Dryke: great ty and you ?
[13:00] Lisa Lowe: good, thx
[13:00] Radioactive Rosca: fine, tks. And You?
[13:00] Lexie Linden: I'm good ㋡
[13:00] Torben Trautman: doing good.
[13:00] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:01] Lexie Linden: No real topics today. Just checking in to say hi. See how things are and if you have any questions.
[13:01] Lexie Linden: I have not heard back from ramzi yet but expect I will soon on some new tasks : ))
[13:01] Radioactive Rosca: no questions (in European or Standard Portuguese... lol)
[13:01] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:02] Lexie Linden: What have you all been doing this last week?
[13:02] BlckCobra Shikami: hanging lazy on the couch playing couch patato?
[13:02] Youri Ashton: breathing :)
[13:02] Lexie Linden: hehe
[13:02] Torben Trautman: I enjoyed holidays
[13:02] Radioactive Rosca: related with translations, nothing at all ;.(
[13:02] BlckCobra Shikami: well, actually trying to keep SL answers busy
[13:02] BlckCobra Shikami: but not happy with it atm
[13:02] Slatan Dryke: translations but about BL he he
[13:02] Lexie Linden: : )) I see you there Blck
[13:03] Lexie Linden: oh thats good..translations for BL
[13:03] Lexie Linden: I know Spanish and BR Portuguese were doing a NUE survey translation
[13:03] Lexie Linden: Its coming along good. 2300 words or so
[13:03] BlckCobra Shikami: What annoys me is the SPAM coming up and not being deleted and people carrying the fights from the forums into SL answers
[13:03] Radioactive Rosca: great
[13:04] Lexie Linden: Blck..when you see that, please feel free to let me know
[13:04] Lexie Linden: I will try to close those threads down as needed
[13:04] Lexie Linden: Many are still thinking SL Answers is the "new forums"..
[13:04] BlckCobra Shikami: What's apprently not really clear yet is the role SL Answers is going to play: forum for discussions or helping with answers
[13:04] Lexie Linden: Its not
[13:04] Torben Trautman: hi bebe
[13:05] Bebe Waffle: Hi all :))
[13:05] Lisa Lowe: so I can't spam my illegal viagra pills on the Q&A, eh? ;)
[13:05] Bebe Waffle: lisa lol
[13:05] Slatan Dryke: Bebe hello
[13:05] Lexie Linden: Well, I could put a reminder on Answers that it has a Q&A format only...not lengthy discussion
[13:05] Lexie Linden: lol Lisa
[13:05] Youri Ashton: i think you wont need those lisa ;)
[13:05] BlckCobra Shikami: some believe it will replace the forums and they don't understand yet fully what it was meant for - maybe it should be made clearer
[13:05] Slatan Dryke: well better than enlarge your P.....
[13:05] Lexie Linden: Hi Bebe ㋡
[13:05] Slatan Dryke: he he
[13:05] Lisa Lowe: I don't :)
[13:05] Radioactive Rosca: hi Bebe
[13:05] Bebe Waffle: Hi Lexie :))
[13:05] Torben Trautman: if it´s virtual viagra and someone asks for it ...
[13:05] Lexie Linden: I will see what I can do on that Blck.
[13:05] Bebe Waffle: Hi Radioactive:)
[13:05] Torben Trautman: *kidding*
[13:06] BlckCobra Shikami: great, TY Lexie
[13:06] Lexie Linden: lol Torben
[13:06] Torben Trautman: Lexie Linden is talking to you
[13:06] Lexie Linden: bad!
[13:06] Torben Trautman: Hi Lanny and Ranzi
[13:06] Yann Dufaux: hi hi, i'm back ㋡
[13:06] Lexie Linden: Hi Ramzi : )
[13:06] Torben Trautman: wb. Yann
[13:06] Slatan Dryke: Lanny and Ramzi hello :))
[13:06] Ramzi Linden: hi!
[13:06] Slatan Dryke: WB Yann
[13:06] Lexie Linden: Hi Lanny ㋡
[13:06] Lisa Lowe: hi Ramzi :)
[13:06] Lanny Bikcin: Hi all :D
[13:06] BlckCobra Shikami: nice (_!_) back Yann
[13:06] Lexie Linden: wb Yann
[13:07] Yann Dufaux: thanks torben ㋡
[13:07] Torben Trautman: Yann Dufaux is talking to you
[13:07] Radioactive Rosca: hi Hi Lady Ramzi
[13:07] Torben Trautman: :)
[13:07] Lisa Lowe: hi Lanny, Bebe
[13:07] Yann Dufaux: hello Ramzi! ㋡
[13:07] Bebe Waffle: Hi Lisa
[13:07] Radioactive Rosca: hi Lady Ramzi
[13:07] Radioactive Rosca: Your Royal Highness
[13:07] Yann Dufaux: Hi lexie!! XXXX ㋡
[13:07] Radioactive Rosca: lag... lol
[13:07] Lexie Linden: How many of you have looked at the CT Forums this week?
[13:07] Lexie Linden: I bet not many?
[13:07] Lisa Lowe: nope
[13:07] BlckCobra Shikami: uhmmm, no LOL
[13:07] Ourasi Ferraris: ★ HELLO ★ BONJOUR ★ HOLA ★ BUONGIORNO ★ GUTEN TAG ★
[13:07] Slatan Dryke: I confess.....
[13:07] Torben Trautman looks down to the floor
[13:07] Lexie Linden: hehe ok
[13:08] Youri Ashton: hey zai
[13:08] Bebe Waffle: LOul Ourasi
[13:08] BlckCobra Shikami: too many places to work and to check
[13:08] Zai Lynch: ellow =)
[13:08] Radioactive Rosca: Radio is looking for the fishes, down, at the see...
[13:08] Radioactive Rosca: lol
[13:08] Lisa Lowe: never look at that, actually.....
[13:08] Torben Trautman: Zai :)
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Hi Zai : )
[13:08] Slatan Dryke: Zai :))
[13:08] Zai Lynch smiles
[13:08] Ourasi Ferraris: I work to translate BL in french! :p
[13:08] Radioactive Rosca: hi Ourasi, Zai
[13:08] Lisa Lowe: hi Zai :)
[13:08] Yann Dufaux: ah Ourasi! je t'avais pas vue!!
[13:08] Zai Lynch: ellow =)
[13:08] Slatan Dryke: Ourasi coucou
[13:08] Lexie Linden: ok, I did bring up the subject of "scattered" resources and we are thinking on ways to focus in one place more
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Hi Ourasi ㋡
[13:09] Bebe Waffle: Lexie I didnt read Forunsthis week.
[13:09] Yann Dufaux: Rzi, i have a question for you!!! ㋡
[13:09] Ourasi Ferraris: hi Lexie
[13:09] Yann Dufaux: Ramzi*
[13:09] Lexie Linden: ok Bebe ㋡
[13:09] Ourasi Ferraris: ⊙Ok ⊙
[13:09] Ourasi Ferraris: lol sorry lol
[13:09] BlckCobra Shikami: I talked to a few people about joining the volunteers and esp. the CT ... the feedback was a bit of a smack in the face
[13:09] Lexie Linden: how so?
[13:09] Yann Dufaux: about snowglobe i can send the little modification of french UUID too?
[13:09] Slatan Dryke: not nice
[13:10] II Cuidar: Touched.
[13:10] II Cuidar: Touched.
[13:10] BlckCobra Shikami: in short and harsh words: "We pay LL for providing software and infratsructure and now we shall do their work?"
[13:10] II Cuidar: Touched.
[13:10] Lexie Linden: ok, some do not like to Volunteer
[13:10] Yann Dufaux: and ramzi i just need a little remember of the jiras for the french uid ㋡
[13:10] Lisa Lowe: well...that's a clear answer at least ;)
[13:10] Lexie Linden: I think some do not understand the value that you all you impact SL
[13:10] Biancaluce Robbiani: hey all ㋡
[13:10] Radioactive Rosca: hi Biancaluce
[13:11] Slatan Dryke: ciao Bianca
[13:11] Biancaluce Robbiani: Lexie ㋡
[13:11] Youri Ashton: hey bianca :)
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Hi Bianca : )
[13:11] Lisa Lowe: Any plans already on the promotional side for the CT group?
[13:11] BlckCobra Shikami: It's hard to make clear that we participate to bring in our ideas
[13:11] Biancaluce Robbiani: Ciao ◕ ‿ ◕ Ciao
[13:11] Biancaluce Robbiani: a tutti
[13:11] Lanny Bikcin has no permission to enter the forum
[13:11] Ourasi Ferraris: hi bianca
[13:11] Torben Trautman: Hi Bianca
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Right Blck..I can see that
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Lanny I will get you access
[13:11] Lanny Bikcin: Thanks @@"
[13:12] Biancaluce Robbiani: hi Ramzi
[13:12] Lexie Linden: No update on the PR yet Lisa..still planning a MOTD
[13:12] Lexie Linden: I will let you know before it happens
[13:12] Lisa Lowe: ok
[13:12] Lexie Linden: If you want people to understand why you volunteer..hand them the Project page link in wiki. Or even the Localization Portal.
[13:13] Lexie Linden: I think it is hard to explain and easier to see on the pages because the information and contributions are extensive
[13:13] Slan Sabre: why should I explain that to others?
[13:13] Lexie Linden: You do not have to
[13:13] Lexie Linden: But if you want to..links are good : ))
[13:14] Lexie Linden: I think much of the SL experience is helping others and sometimes that means explaining things
[13:14] Lexie Linden: But is a choice. You do not have to do that if you feel they are not receptive
[13:14] BlckCobra Shikami: Hard to explain my motivation to do certain things ... I sometimes don't know myself :-) But right, the portal is a good resource to explain a bit
[13:15] Lexie Linden: Keep doing what you love to do and thats translating etc.
[13:15] BlckCobra Shikami: oh, I have something else on file ... the increasing slowness of the wiki
[13:15] Lexie Linden: It is hard to explain ㋡ Volunteers are just that giving kind of person who likes to make things bigger/better
[13:15] Lexie Linden: that this week?
[13:16] Lexie Linden: or long term getting worse
[13:16] BlckCobra Shikami: hat has lead to effects that are a bit unproductive: other wkis are better mainatined than the wiki in regards to scripting esp.
[13:16] Slatan Dryke: good point Cobra same here
[13:16] BlckCobra Shikami: last week was horrible - often unusuable ... but in long terms also
[13:16] Torben Trautman: it´s always slow but getting worse
[13:17] BlckCobra Shikami: I caught myself using the LSLwiki instead and also pointing people looking for functions to it
[13:17] Lisa Lowe: I have been thinking about a different project page on the wiki. It is still half done so far, but maybe it might be more attractive in the end.
[13:17] Lexie Linden: I have not heard anything about issues with it. Zai..have you heard anything or noticed anything?
[13:17] Lisa Lowe:
[13:17] Zai Lynch: not more than usual though usual means slow, unfortunatly :-/
[13:17] BlckCobra Shikami: It seems the effect is worse when you log into teh wiki via https
[13:18] Lexie Linden: great Lisa..I cant wait to see it!
[13:18] Zai Lynch: there's no other way to use it when you want to be logged in
[13:18] BlckCobra Shikami: I gave up 3 times when I tried to edit a page
[13:18] Bebe Waffle: Oh I have one question about the survey.. I have no office in my computer... then i download the trial from microsoft for keep the format.. but i receive one message where microsof says .. give this link for your friends can open what you will save in office trial.. I dont know if this will works well. But is a problem if I upload the final in worpad?
[13:18] Yann Dufaux: oh slowly wiki agaisn, the wiki don't like me lol
[13:18] Lisa Lowe: It may take a while, as I will go on holiday for 4 weeks first :)
[13:18] Radioactive Rosca: i'm opening
[13:18] Lexie Linden: hmm ok I will ask around and see if there is anything going on with wiki.
[13:18] BlckCobra Shikami: took minutes to log in - but pingtimes were okay, it looks like the server is totally overloaded preparing pages for delivery
[13:18] Radioactive Rosca: but also very slow
[13:18] Zai Lynch: I often use multiple tabs in my browser so I edit one page, click "preview" and edit the next until the other shows me the desired preview ^^
[13:19] BlckCobra Shikami: hehehe
[13:19] Lisa Lowe: zai anticipates lag :)
[13:19] Zai Lynch: ^_^
[13:19] Lexie Linden: Bebe..I think it will be ok but let me check and tell you in a bit
[13:19] BlckCobra Shikami: Zai causes the lag LOL
[13:19] Slatan Dryke: great Lisa :))
[13:19] Zai Lynch: eeeeps
[13:19] Lisa Lowe: lol
[13:19] Zai Lynch: *hides*
[13:19] Bebe Waffle: Thanks Lexie.
[13:19] Lisa Lowe: thx
[13:19] BlckCobra Shikami throws some jellybeans at Zai
[13:19] Slatan Dryke: ehhehehehehe
[13:19] Zai Lynch: woot!
[13:19] Lexie Linden: lol Zai I do that too sometimes
[13:20] Lisa Lowe: if anyone has images or ideas to improve it, just ping me
[13:20] Zai Lynch: throwing jelly beans at me? kewl!!!
[13:20] Yann Dufaux: Zai i have right , to a ISP shutdown for 7 hours this night ...
[13:20] Lexie Linden: waiting for the page to load...
[13:20] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[13:20] Zai Lynch: uhm o.O
[13:20] Zai Lynch: ^^
[13:20] Yann Dufaux: damns dns error ㋡
[13:20] Lanny Bikcin: the wiki page loads fast for me.
[13:21] Lexie Linden: Just got it. You all must have rigged it to be slow to make your point :p
[13:21] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:21] Lisa Lowe: there is no layout in it yet.....just some text to get started
[13:21] Zai Lynch: ^^
[13:21] Biancaluce Robbiani: Lisa great ㋡
[13:21] Lisa Lowe: the wiki don't like multiple users ;)
[13:22] Lexie Linden: This looks like it will be a great page!
[13:22] BlckCobra Shikami: atm the time is quite good: about 10-25 seconds to load a webpage
[13:22] Lexie Linden: When do you leave for vacation Lisa?
[13:22] Lisa Lowe: it is more like a little introduction for new translators
[13:22] Lisa Lowe: slowly talking them into the CT group :)
[13:22] Lexie Linden: Nice!
[13:22] Youri Ashton: page loading should be quick and not to much distractions of pictures. people dont like to wait to long for a webpage to load
[13:23] Lexie Linden: Did someone say they had a question for Ramzi?
[13:23] Lexie Linden: I thought I saw that in chat
[13:23] Lisa Lowe: usually the wiki works better then tonight
[13:23] Torben Trautman: Yann did
[13:23] Lexie Linden: ahh ok
[13:23] Youri Ashton: wake up lil robot :)
[13:23] Slatan Dryke: awwww
[13:23] Ourasi Ferraris: *-->MDR<--*
[13:23] Ramzi Linden: I have a question for the CT group!
[13:24] Ourasi Ferraris: ⊙Ok ⊙
[13:24] Ourasi Ferraris: ramzi
[13:24] Lexie Linden: Go for it Ramzi
[13:24] Lisa Lowe: ah cool, ramzi :)
[13:24] Ramzi Linden: I am almost ready to post some new viewer strings in the CT- jira... This would be maybe 200 segments (or so).
[13:24] Biancaluce Robbiani: ok
[13:24] Ramzi Linden: Do you think that your language communities would be ready to work on a project about that size?
[13:25] Biancaluce Robbiani: 200 for each local?
[13:25] Ramzi Linden: There is no rush on it-- maybe have several weeks to work on translations
[13:25] Ramzi Linden: yes, 200 for each locale
[13:25] Youri Ashton: what is the time limit?
[13:25] Zai Lynch: how many words contains a "segment"?
[13:25] Slatan Dryke: good questions Zai
[13:25] Zai Lynch: ^^ ty
[13:25] Ramzi Linden: Zai, it depends ... but probably 10-25 words in each segment. Sometimes even more.
[13:26] Ramzi Linden: These strings include a bunch of Help Hover tips from the LSL scripting editor
[13:26] Youri Ashton: what is the time limit? when do you need it?
[13:26] Biancaluce Robbiani: wow i need to learn more....
[13:26] Ramzi Linden: for example, when you hover over the script command llSay(), a hover tip explains how to use that command.
[13:26] Lanny Bikcin: Ow.
[13:27] Lexie Linden: /Youri - several weeks
[13:27] Slatan Dryke: ah ah
[13:27] Slan Sabre: so scripting experiance is needed
[13:27] Lisa Lowe: you'll all learn LSL along the way also then :)
[13:27] Lanny Bikcin: (Thinking of Copying and pasting from LSLwiki)
[13:27] Youri Ashton: hmm.. lots of work in short time
[13:27] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL
[13:27] Ramzi Linden: Lanny - yes, I was thinking about copying & pasting from the LSL wiki too :)
[13:27] Ramzi Linden: It will be a good resource
[13:27] Lexie Linden:
[13:27] Zai Lynch: did they became standartisized? i noticed that they weren't, last time I looked. so they'd need to be fixed in english first before beeing set for translation
[13:27] Ramzi Linden: But yes, this will be an interesting "challenge" translation.
[13:28] Lisa Lowe: will the segements be in some format, like xml or so?
[13:28] Ramzi Linden: Zai- can you explain more?
[13:28] Ramzi Linden: Lisa- yes, XML.
[13:28] Biancaluce Robbiani: I need this project to learn hidden commands ㋡
[13:28] BlckCobra Shikami: Even if I get slayed now: wouldn't it be better to have links from the LSL editor in te hover text rather than translations of short explanations?
[13:28] Lanny Bikcin: how many strings do we have if start from
[13:28] Zai Lynch: like, the way the sentences were worded. sometimes it were full sentences with punctuation marks, sometimes just notes. i'd have to dig for real examples tho i could sent them
[13:28] BlckCobra Shikami: those explanations are worthless for an experienced scripter and confusing and misleading for new scripters
[13:28] Lanny Bikcin: s/have/ have to translate
[13:29] Ramzi Linden: BlckCobra - thats a good point, but also the Script Editor does include a way to go directly to the LSL wiki.
[13:29] Ramzi Linden: If you decide too, we can skip the translation into a particular language if your community thinks it really is not useful
[13:30] Ramzi Linden: Then, the hovertips would just remain in English. WHich is what they do right now.
[13:30] Lexie Linden: Do any of you think that?
[13:30] Torben Trautman: It´s worth trying anyways
[13:30] Zai Lynch: I'd like to see them translated, actually... fixed in english and then translated
[13:30] Radioactive Rosca: that's also my opinion... but i'm suspect... i'm a IT man
[13:30] Ramzi Linden: Ok, this is good feedback. Zai, I will try to make them consistent. Now I understand what you mean.
[13:30] Lexie Linden: Fixed in English is a big project as well right Zai?
[13:31] Lexie Linden: Or is it not "that" bad
[13:31] BlckCobra Shikami: just my personal opinion: programming languages are based on english and the rest gives a headache mix if short explanations try to say things in other languages
[13:31] Zai Lynch: not sure about "big" but yes, it will take some time ^^
[13:31] BlckCobra Shikami: and it's a lot to translate into many languages
[13:31] Slatan Dryke: agree Cobra
[13:31] Radioactive Rosca: it's why i hate translation of a Programming Language
[13:31] Lanny Bikcin: blckcobra, i agree.
[13:31] Ourasi Ferraris: and no translate in french i think
[13:31] BlckCobra Shikami: and we do kind of teh same work in the wiki - with detailled explanations in many languages
[13:31] Slatan Dryke: some words are hard to translate
[13:32] Bebe Waffle: Ilike it trasnlated for portuguese-br but i am concerned about time.. because if i will translate it, i think i should to learn the initial steps about scripting.
[13:32] Bebe Waffle: How much time we have for translate it?
[13:32] BlckCobra Shikami: that ends up in things like "Heimseite" instead of the international used term Home/-Webpage
[13:32] Ourasi Ferraris: we have many forums in french for that
[13:32] BlckCobra Shikami: and the script command is anyway llGotoWebpage....
[13:32] Slatan Dryke: programming language is quite universal ..
[13:32] BlckCobra Shikami: and not "llGotoHeimSeite..."
[13:33] Ramzi Linden: Bebe- well, why dont I post them and people can take a look at how hard they might be. And then each language team can decide "Yes, we want to do this. Or no, this would only make things more confusing."
[13:33] Lisa Lowe: llGeheNachHeimeite ;)
[13:33] Lexie Linden: Good idea Ramzi
[13:33] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL
[13:33] Radioactive Rosca: well spoken, BlckCobra
[13:33] Lisa Lowe: *seite
[13:33] BlckCobra Shikami: thx Lisa :-)
[13:33] Ramzi Linden: Those are good points... this will be a special kind of translation where you always keep the NAME OF THE FUNCTION (llSetTouch) in english.
[13:33] Zai Lynch: Homepage is more of a German word than Heimseite I think... though it should be possible to translate the documentation of it with words that a non-english speaker understands.
[13:33] Lisa Lowe: will that run an error in LSL? ;)
[13:34] Slan Sabre: I agree with Cobra. The scripting community differs from the rest of SL residents
[13:34] Bebe Waffle: I think is really good you post and we try translate it. You prefer we look without talk about time? Maybe is really better.
[13:34] Slatan Dryke: in italy for example "homepage" is common to say
[13:34] Slatan Dryke: instead of pagina principale
[13:34] Ramzi Linden: Ok, thanks everyone. I just wanted to start on some new viewer strings now. Because I know that lots of new strings will be coming in October, too, when the next version of the Viewer ("Viewer 2009") might kick off as well.
[13:34] BlckCobra Shikami: I agree Zai, it can be done. Question is if it's really useful at all for scripters (do they benefit from a translation or will it confuse more than it will help)
[13:35] Biancaluce Robbiani: because the net came from USA and we keep originals in many words
[13:35] Slan Sabre: It will confuse me... I am sure of that
[13:35] Slatan Dryke: true Bianca
[13:35] Ourasi Ferraris: yep
[13:35] Yann Dufaux: Ramzi, you make me confused a little
[13:35] Lexie Linden: Sounds good Ramzi. You all can take a look at the segments and get a better idea if you want to take it on or not
[13:35] Yann Dufaux:
[13:35] Zai Lynch: yeah I see... should always give people a chance to switch... maybe even to distinguish: "viewer in German, but LSL editor in English"
[13:35] BlckCobra Shikami: yup
[13:36] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL Zai
[13:36] Lanny Bikcin: LSL language in English is better
[13:36] Bebe Waffle: Ramzi when you will post it?
[13:36] Zai Lynch: it's not that we translate LSL. just the documentation
[13:36] BlckCobra Shikami: 10 ppl, 11 opinions ...
[13:36] Lanny Bikcin: ohohoh...
[13:36] Radioactive Rosca: lol
[13:36] Zai Lynch: hehe
[13:36] Slatan Dryke: ahhaahahahha
[13:36] Ourasi Ferraris: all computer language are in english
[13:36] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:36] Lanny Bikcin: (almost)
[13:36] Slatan Dryke: 99.9%
[13:36] Ramzi Linden: Bebe- I will post it on Friday, or Monday.
[13:36] Yann Dufaux: yes , learn your english same of me ㋡
[13:36] Radioactive Rosca: Almost... remember Pascal?
[13:36] Yann Dufaux: LOL
[13:36] Youri Ashton: no lanny, all are
[13:36] Slan Sabre: Question to the French and German... Are your Java editors in your own language???
[13:36] Ourasi Ferraris: *-->MDR<--*
[13:37] Ramzi Linden: Ok, that was my only question for the group. Back to you Lexie :)
[13:37] Lexie Linden: Thanks Ramzi : ))
[13:37] Ourasi Ferraris: ⊙▽⊙⊙Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes ⊙▽⊙⊙ Yes !
[13:37] Lanny Bikcin: zhPy is based on Python and in Chinese XD"
[13:37] Youri Ashton: every coding there is, is based on english as language.
[13:37] Ourasi Ferraris: (for french)
[13:37] Yann Dufaux: thanks Ramzi! bice to meet you every time ㋡
[13:37] BlckCobra Shikami: actually programmers worldwide have choosen english as language to communicate ... not all scripters are professional programmers, but I stikc with my opinion that certain translations of teh short explanations will cause more confusuion than get us benefits
[13:37] Youri Ashton: the only difference is that some countries use their own language to use as text, explenations, etc
[13:38] Ourasi Ferraris: ⊙▽⊙⊙Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes ⊙▽⊙⊙ Yes !
[13:38] Ourasi Ferraris: youri
[13:38] Slatan Dryke: I vote for Cobra
[13:38] Ourasi Ferraris: just for that
[13:38] Ourasi Ferraris: looll slatan
[13:38] Lisa Lowe: Maybe we best take a look at the segments first before deciding to translate or not....
[13:38] BlckCobra Shikami: 1 got one point LOL
[13:38] Youri Ashton: ??
[13:38] Lexie Linden: Not a bad idea to talk to your communities and gather some feedback on this from them as well ㋡
[13:38] BlckCobra Shikami: yep Lisa, I agree
[13:38] Radioactive Rosca: i vote also for Cobra
[13:38] Ourasi Ferraris: ⊙Ok ⊙
[13:38] Ourasi Ferraris: Lexie
[13:38] BlckCobra Shikami: also good idea, Lexie
[13:38] Lexie Linden: Right, as Lisa said..then take a look and decide too
[13:39] Bebe Waffle: Lisa, yes, is what Ramzi sugest. We look and we decide it.
[13:39] Slatan Dryke: correct
[13:39] Lexie Linden:
[13:39] BlckCobra Shikami: another question if I may stretch your patience
[13:39] Lexie Linden: sure
[13:39] Slatan Dryke: Nuuuuuuu!
[13:39] BlckCobra Shikami: question on the CT logo: more coming or is that all so far?
[13:39] Bebe Waffle: lol
[13:39] Ourasi Ferraris: no
[13:39] Bebe Waffle: I have one idea i wish build one logo
[13:39] Bebe Waffle: have time?
[13:39] Youri Ashton: the best (easiest) option is use english as primary, then have copies in differend languages added
[13:40] Lexie Linden: no more new yet
[13:40] Bebe Waffle: I was working in this.. but some questions and i stop all.
[13:40] Lexie Linden: There is no time limit on it really. I will do some reminders
[13:40] Bebe Waffle: if have time i like to make it.
[13:40] BlckCobra Shikami: When you asked for the logo I said I am a bad designed for graphical stuff. I was hoping there would be more pending and added soon ;-)
[13:40] Ourasi Ferraris: i have a idea for the logo if have the time too ^^
[13:40] Biancaluce Robbiani: i got some things working on... but if I will have more time
[13:40] Lexie Linden: great
[13:41] Slatan Dryke: lol Ourasi
[13:41] Bebe Waffle: Good, i promise, until weekend.
[13:41] BlckCobra Shikami: by others to ake my suggestions look bad LOL
[13:41] BlckCobra Shikami: ake=make
[13:41] Lexie Linden: Lets try to keep away from using the hand or trademark things that could make it so we cannot use it
[13:41] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:41] BlckCobra Shikami: lost my "m"
[13:41] Ourasi Ferraris: I work for Burning Life a t this time
[13:41] Lexie Linden: Yay BL!
[13:41] Lexie Linden: : )
[13:41] Biancaluce Robbiani: me too
[13:41] Slatan Dryke: BL rocks
[13:41] Slatan Dryke: same here
[13:41] Lexie Linden: it really does
[13:41] Ourasi Ferraris: YAY!
[13:41] Ourasi Ferraris: :)
[13:42] BlckCobra Shikami: maybe we can extend the deadline for the logo a bit?!
[13:42] Lisa Lowe: maybe lexie can put up some boxes overhere with logo's created, so we can all see whats going on?
[13:42] BlckCobra Shikami: they are in the wiki
[13:42] BlckCobra Shikami: Jira LOL
[13:42] BlckCobra Shikami: sorry
[13:42] Lexie Linden:
[13:42] BlckCobra Shikami:
[13:42] Ourasi Ferraris: *-->MDR<--*
[13:42] Bebe Waffle: oh, see what i win from one friend.. see.. i will worn in my head
[13:42] Lexie Linden: I will post that in CT group as well again
[13:42] BlckCobra Shikami: dang, too slow
[13:42] Lisa Lowe: ah ok :)
[13:42] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:43] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL
[13:43] Lanny Bikcin: I can try working on artwork though
[13:43] Lexie Linden: If no one has anything else I will return 15 minutes of your day to you and we are done ㋡
[13:43] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:43] Biancaluce Robbiani: one question
[13:43] Lexie Linden: sure
[13:43] Biancaluce Robbiani: do you like black background?
[13:43] Bebe Waffle: ops fall muyy skirt rofl
[13:44] Yann Dufaux: i have lot of work on jira , but before i need to sleep some hours ㋡
[13:44] Lexie Linden: I think black is ok for a background ㋡
[13:44] Youri Ashton: does make it easier to read
[13:44] Bebe Waffle: omg
[13:44] Bebe Waffle: rofl
[13:44] BlckCobra Shikami: don't make me a background :o)
[13:44] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL
[13:44] Biancaluce Robbiani: ahahahah
[13:44] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:44] Bebe Waffle: lag i order wear and this dont comes
[13:44] Lanny Bikcin: How about a single-colored logo?
[13:44] Bebe Waffle: rofl
[13:44] Slatan Dryke blushes :))
[13:44] Radioactive Rosca: lol
[13:44] Bebe Waffle: see my head?
[13:44] Yann Dufaux: not realy sleep since 15h or 14h yesterday
[13:44] Bebe Waffle: see the sl logo over my head?
[13:44] BlckCobra Shikami: yes, but no body :P
[13:45] Bebe Waffle: its nice
[13:45] BlckCobra Shikami: you can get shot for using it :-)
[13:45] Lexie Linden: Yes but remember: we should avoid using the hand or trademarks
[13:45] Lexie Linden:
[13:45] Bebe Waffle: rofl
[13:45] Slatan Dryke: he he
[13:45] Lexie Linden: shot
[13:45] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:45] Lisa Lowe: lol
[13:45] Bebe Waffle: what means shot? is gun?
[13:45] BlckCobra Shikami: and if you survive you get shot again
[13:45] Ourasi Ferraris: play again
[13:45] Bebe Waffle: rofl
[13:46] Radioactive Rosca: eheheh
[13:46] Yann Dufaux: the cubes of base in build is not a tradmark? ㋡
[13:46] Slatan Dryke: bebe game over
[13:46] Bebe Waffle: what means ?
[13:46] Lexie Linden: Yes he meant shot with a gun
[13:46] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:46] Bebe Waffle: because the logo over my head?
[13:46] BlckCobra Shikami: the logo is protected and it's not good to use it - even not if you do it for second life purposes
[13:46] Lexie Linden: not true : ) Maybe cubed
[13:46] Bebe Waffle: oh you are right
[13:46] Lisa Lowe: the one with the book should have a pencil, like it's writing :)
[13:46] Bebe Waffle: really
[13:47] Yann Dufaux: ohm its a small tradmark?:p
[13:47] Lisa Lowe: maybe even animated
[13:47] BlckCobra Shikami: at least you should have a good lawyer (I came to that believe after reading the SL pages on that)
[13:47] Bebe Waffle: i show because maybe you like make the same for translator logo
[13:47] Ourasi Ferraris: international logo
[13:47] Bebe Waffle: let me unwear it
[13:47] Bebe Waffle: before shot lol
[13:47] Yann Dufaux: the build is internationl ㋡
[13:47] BlckCobra Shikami: LOL
[13:47] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:47] BlckCobra Shikami: awwwww
[13:47] BlckCobra Shikami: we won't do that to you
[13:47] Biancaluce Robbiani: i am sorry that the eye in hand is a complicated matter .. it is a way to say we are official
[13:47] Ourasi Ferraris: no
[13:47] Ourasi Ferraris: all resident don't make build
[13:48] Yann Dufaux: you make a tralsnaltions of sl to facilit the build and the apprantissage of scripting lsl ㋡
[13:48] Yann Dufaux: fisrt ㋡
[13:48] BlckCobra Shikami: we have better methods to introduce someone to the ferryman :-)
[13:48] Lexie Linden: I will show the others what has been submitted so far and see where we stand as far as using anything trademerked. I think no..but will check anyway
[13:48] Lexie Linden: If no, then maybe those submissions can be modified
[13:49] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:49] Yann Dufaux: okey torley give me some idia for ct logo :P
[13:49] Yann Dufaux: HÉhé
[13:49] Lexie Linden: great!
[13:49] Ourasi Ferraris: I ear the answer
[13:49] Bebe Waffle: I just was thinking one toy like it for translators team, but not with sl logo.. but with the future logo
[13:49] Slatan Dryke: lucky robot
[13:49] BlckCobra Shikami: pink & green robot
[13:49] Lexie Linden: Zai do you have time to post the meeting transcript today?
[13:49] Yann Dufaux: oh wait a moment i think .. on thing
[13:50] Lexie Linden: If not, I can do it
[13:50] Zai Lynch: yeah tho i was late ^^ i missed the first parts...
[13:50] Lexie Linden: It wasnt mostly chat : )) Social
[13:50] Lexie Linden: was*
[13:50] Lexie Linden: sorry
[13:50] Zai Lynch: hehe ok ^^
[13:51] Lexie Linden: Lanny...Zai would be a good person to talk to about wiki translations
[13:51] Biancaluce Robbiani: sorry big storm coming makes me loose my connction
[13:51] Youri Ashton: zaipedia :)
[13:51] Lexie Linden: ok Bianca
[13:51] BlckCobra Shikami: hehehe
[13:51] Zai Lynch: ^^
[13:51] Slatan Dryke: WB Bianca
[13:51] Zai Lynch: who's Lanny?
[13:52] Biancaluce Robbiani: ty
[13:52] Slatan Dryke: behind you
[13:52] Lexie Linden: He is behind you : ))
[13:52] Zai Lynch: oohhh
[13:52] Zai Lynch: sorry ^^
[13:52] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:52] Lexie Linden: May be away
[13:52] Slatan Dryke: the lovely neko
[13:52] Zai Lynch: yuss, way cute ^_^
[13:52] Torben Trautman gave you die ersten 8 Minuten :).
[13:52] Lexie Linden: Thanks for coming everyone : ) Great to see and talk to you today
[13:52] BlckCobra Shikami: TY for your time, Lexie
[13:53] Lexie Linden: I look forward to hearing what you think about those segments when Ramzi posts them
[13:53] Biancaluce Robbiani: Ty Lexie
[13:53] Slatan Dryke: ty Lexie ty Ramzi
[13:53] Lanny Bikcin: @@"
[13:53] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:53] Torben Trautman: Miss Lexie, is there an office hour tomorrow?
[13:53] Radioactive Rosca: thanks to you both, Lexie & Ramzi
[13:53] Biancaluce Robbiani: bye Ramzie
[13:53] Ourasi Ferraris: thanks Lexie :)
[13:53] Radioactive Rosca: Your Royal Highness
[13:53] BlckCobra Shikami: Bye Ramzie
[13:53] Slatan Dryke: gotta run :( have a good one :))
[13:53] Lexie Linden: official OH for me..check my profile. We are going to attend a different OH at 10am about Communication Tools : )
[13:53] Zai Lynch: cu :-)
[13:53] BlckCobra Shikami: bye all - have a great evening/night/whatever
[13:53] Bebe Waffle: Thanks kisses and hugs for all and soory because my skirt falls when i wear the logo lol. I really apologize that.
[13:54] Lexie Linden: Should be a good one for Mentors
[13:54] Lanny Bikcin trying to join CTP, but don't know how to get started if I want to translate the viewer part.
[13:54] Ramzi Linden: bye everyone!
[13:54] Torben Trautman: nods :)
[13:54] Radioactive Rosca: yep
[13:54] Slatan Dryke: nice show then bebe he he
[13:54] Biancaluce Robbiani: bye
[13:54] Torben Trautman: bye everybody
[13:54] Lisa Lowe: Bye all :)
[13:54] Lexie Linden: Lanny I will Im you in a minute
[13:54] Lanny Bikcin: OK.
[13:54] Youri Ashton: ugh.... that was a crash o_0
[13:54] Lexie Linden: Bye for now : )
[13:54] Slatan Dryke: bye bye
[13:54] Radioactive Rosca: bye all, até à próxima reunião
[13:54] Bebe Waffle: Bye :)
[13:54] Lexie Linden:
[13:55] Biancaluce Robbiani: nice avie oura
[13:55] Ourasi Ferraris: bye all
[13:55] Zai Lynch: @Lanny isn't the viewer translated into chinese by geneko? In case that was simplified rather than traditional, i'd wait with a translation anyway until ramzi posts strings for SL2.0
[13:55] Yann Dufaux:
[13:55] Youri Ashton: lol, just my luck, coming in just in time to say bye
[13:55] Lanny Bikcin: There's many subtype of Chinese though
[13:55] Ourasi Ferraris: *-->MDR<--*
[13:56] Zai Lynch: I think the only semi-officially supported ones are traditional and simplified chinese so far... in case you'd like to add a third one, it would be best to write a mail to Noelle Linden
[13:56] Lanny Bikcin: Such as the Chinese used in Taiwan is different from Chinese used in mainland China.
[13:56] Ramzi Linden: @Lanny, yes, I agree with Zai... The structure of the Chinese XML is going to change in Viewer 2.0, so you dont want to work based on the files in the current viewer, 1.23.4.
[13:56] Lanny Bikcin: What I want to add is Traditional Chinese though
[13:57] Youri Ashton: aight, bye bye people
[13:57] Zai Lynch: cu youri :-)
[13:57] Radioactive Rosca: bye Youri
[13:57] Biancaluce Robbiani: @youri... you should come to burningman
[13:57] Lisa Lowe: bye youri :)
[13:57] Radioactive Rosca: don't be too hot
[13:58] Lisa Lowe: someone call 911 for him please.....:)
[13:58] Zai Lynch: ^^
[13:58] Yann Dufaux: ramzy, i wait the viewer 2009 with impatiance ㋡
[13:58] Radioactive Rosca: we all do
[13:58] Lisa Lowe: Ramzi, I have seen some pictures from the new viewer before. Is there some more samples available somewhere?
[13:59] Lanny Bikcin: Mostly it is fast if just convert the glyph. but we also need to check the usage of the word. Some words used in mainland China differs from Taiwan.
[13:59] Ramzi Linden: and me too! I will be able to talk more about the Viewer 2009 in a few weeks.
[13:59] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:59] Biancaluce Robbiani: ty Ramzi
[13:59] Yann Dufaux: ty Ramzi, i wait some news ㋡
[14:00] Yann Dufaux: geee ㋡
[14:00] Yann Dufaux: i hopes the viewer 2009 work with the space navigatore again ㋡
[14:00] Zai Lynch: I'm not up to date with the status of the chinese viewer translations though I thought they'd be somewhat complete? I know that Geneko Nemeth worked on one of them and had some discussions about certain terms... tho I can't remember if he was looking into tranditional or simplified chinese
[14:01] Lisa Lowe: I am sure it will ,Yann. They promoted it before :)
[14:01] Lanny Bikcin: Simplified Chinese
[14:01] Zai Lynch: ah ok...
[14:03] Ramzi Linden: Zai- yes, it is only Simplified Chinese. Both Geneko and Ken March have contributed translations. And then in the last round, one of the chinese-speaking Lindens gave translations.
[14:03] Zai Lynch: I think the best to do would be two things:

Write a mail in the CT Projects list or ask Noelle on who are involved or would like to get involved in a translation into traditional Chinese. Then create some kind of Glossary for it and wait until Ramzi posts the new viewer strings on the Jira

[14:03] Zai Lynch: ah I see...
[14:03] Ramzi Linden: So, the Chinese-Simplified needs a review at some point, to make sure it is consistent.
[14:08] Zai Lynch: I do not yet understand it about the new viewer. it will it replace this one? or will it be additional? or question reworded: does it make sense to search for people to validate the old translations or will be discarded within a few month anyway?
[14:09] Biancaluce Robbiani: gotta go now
[14:09] Biancaluce Robbiani: see ya all ㋡
[14:09] Zai Lynch: cu Biancaluce :-)
[14:09] Biancaluce Robbiani: cia Zai ㋡
[14:09] Radioactive Rosca: bye Bianca
[14:09] Biancaluce Robbiani: bye Radio
[14:10] Yann Dufaux: bye bye bianca ㋡

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