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[13:01] Youri Ashton: hey kate :)
[13:01] Khamon Fate: I wouldn't say strong
[13:01] Youri Ashton: lol, fly kate
[13:01] Khamon Fate: I'm just around
[13:01] Khamon Fate: like an old stuffed rabbit
[13:02] Yana Ember: hi Jeremy
[13:02] Yana Ember has pinged you.
[13:02] Youri Ashton: dont worry khamon, we're glad to have you here! :)
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: Hello!
[13:02] Youri Ashton: hey jeremy, welcome back! had a nice holiday?
[13:02] Youri Ashton has pinged you.
[13:02] Khamon Fate: Thank You Youri
[13:02] Youri Ashton: yw khamon!
[13:02] Scotts Winkler: hi jeremy, everyone
[13:02] Scotts Winkler has pinged you.
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: Indeed! And I even got to meet some of you at SLCC :-)
[13:03] Gnome Inkpen: Heya Everyone! :D
[13:03] Youri Ashton: yeah, i read on your twitter :)
[13:03] Youri Ashton: hi gnome
[13:03] Scotts Winkler: jeremy did you go to SLCC
[13:03] Scotts Winkler has pinged you.
[13:03] Youri Ashton: to bad I couldnt be there :(
[13:04] Jeremy Linden: Yup! I think I must have kept a relatively low profile, though :-P
[13:04] Youri Ashton: hey jon!
[13:04] Jon Linden: greetings!
[13:04] Yana Ember: hi Jon
[13:04] Gnome Inkpen: Hey Hey Jon!
[13:04] Scotts Winkler: how come jeremy
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[13:05] Marianne McCann: Hey Jon! Hi Jeremy!
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[13:05] jackistheboy Calcutt: AH
[13:05] jackistheboy Calcutt: WOW
[13:05] Youri Ashton: lol, finally have your dish huh :)
[13:05] Jeremy Linden: I'm not exactly the most visible Linden ever. I think a lot of people just assumed I was a random Resident :-P
[13:05] jackistheboy Calcutt: help
[13:05] Jeremy Linden: Whoa, nice upgrade, Jon!
[13:05] jackistheboy Calcutt: plz
[13:05] Jon Linden: i'm not gonna lie; it's pretty great
[13:05] Yana Ember: fly jack fly
[13:05] Youri Ashton: not really jeremy, your as much one of the linden's as any other :)
[13:05] Youri Ashton has pinged you.
[13:05] Jon Linden: thanks to marianne for this one!
[13:05] Marianne McCann: Nice plate, Jon
[13:05] Marianne McCann grins
[13:05] jackistheboy Calcutt: thanks
[13:05] jackistheboy Calcutt: :)
[13:06] Yana Ember: np
[13:06] Scotts Winkler: sec i thought you been stalked @ SLCC jeremy :)
[13:06] Scotts Winkler has pinged you.
[13:06] jackistheboy Calcutt: hi evey one
[13:06] Yana Ember: hi Jack
[13:06] Jeremy Linden: Not to my knowledge! Then again, if the stalker was good, I wouldn't know, would I?
[13:06] Youri Ashton: ;)
[13:06] jackistheboy Calcutt: is this an offic hour?
[13:06] Jon Linden: that is disquietingly accurate
[13:06] Scotts Winkler: or jeremy fan :)
[13:06] Scotts Winkler has pinged you.
[13:06] Jon Linden: jack: yes
[13:06] Youri Ashton: hey, we all come visit each week, so how do you know none of us are stalkign you? ;)
[13:06] Gnome Inkpen: Torley! :D
[13:06] Youri Ashton: haha
[13:06] Yana Ember: hi Torley
[13:07] Torley Linden: Friendly greetings! I am delighted to see you.
[13:07] Youri Ashton: hi torley
[13:07] jackistheboy Calcutt: :O
[13:07] Marianne McCann: Hey Torley
[13:07] Jon Linden: you're at the Doc Team's office hour!
[13:07] jackistheboy Calcutt: hiya
[13:07] Scotts Winkler: hey torley
[13:07] Youri Ashton: nice turtle avi torley!
[13:07] Torley Linden: I was just making notes of layout and style edits we'll need for Second Life Tips & Tricks @  :)
[13:07] Scotts Winkler: hey jon
[13:07] jackistheboy Calcutt: hiya
[13:07] Jon Linden: hello to everybody!
[13:08] Jeremy Linden: Hullo.
[13:08] Jon Linden: hang on a sec, i need to check something
[13:08] Jon Linden: continue to talk amonst yourselves
[13:08] Torley Linden: I was going through my history of video tutorials and this avatar was in one of them, so I decided to revive it.
[13:08] jackistheboy Calcutt: wat are we going to talk about today?
[13:08] Youri Ashton: i think kate crashed
[13:08] Torley Linden: jackistheboy, do you have any Documentation-related questions, concerns, curiosities? If so, that's likely what we'll talk about.
[13:08] Squirrel Wood: nuts in SL :p
[13:09] jackistheboy Calcutt: no not rely
[13:09] jackistheboy Calcutt: but i love to see you all
[13:09] jackistheboy Calcutt: :)
[13:09] Torley Linden: Mmmm love.
[13:09] jackistheboy Calcutt: lol
[13:09] jackistheboy Calcutt: not in that way
[13:09] Yana Ember: lol
[13:09] Torley Linden: Well, different kinds of love.
[13:09] jackistheboy Calcutt: yip
[13:09] Scotts Winkler: see linden love in the air
[13:10] jackistheboy Calcutt: :)
[13:10] Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Jack
[13:10] Marianne McCann: How 'bout that new website?
[13:10] Torley Linden: If any of you are big WindLight fans (changing sky + water), V3 of my settings is out... 300+ presets!
[13:10] jackistheboy Calcutt: oh hiya
[13:10] Torley Linden: Oh sure Mari! What are your thoughts?
[13:10] jackistheboy Calcutt: good to see you agen
[13:10] Youri Ashton: good one marianne!
[13:10] Torley Linden: Even the Knowledge Base got a reskin.
[13:10] Marianne McCann: I got the new presets. Like that you categorized them, too.
[13:11] Marianne McCann: Ya, I like it by an large. Best new feature to me is the searchable maps
[13:11] Youri Ashton: oh cool!
[13:11] Squirrel Wood: Did you include my Labyrinth setting which is great for skylines at night and glowy stuff ? ^^
[13:11] jackistheboy Calcutt: y do you guys call it linden lab?
[13:11] Torley Linden: That was a necessity after so many presets, Mari. Ah yes, I like zooming in/out on that map, too.
[13:11] Marianne McCann: Overall, it's a sharper look to the site. Much less "2005" looking
[13:11] Scotts Winkler: what the latest version of winlight v3
[13:11] Torley Linden: Squirrel, no, because I didn't make that and can't lay claim to your work, but you can add a link to yours at the top of that page.
[13:12] Torley Linden: I veryvery much encourage Residents to share their settings.
[13:12] Jon Linden: jack, that's an interesting question whose answer i do not know
[13:12] Youri Ashton: oh, i did notice there is not really any info about how to make new pages, edit pages, etc. but that sould be interresting to add. some kind of tutorial, showing how to use SL wiki
[13:12] Arawn Spitteler: Linden Research Laboratories is called Linden Labs for short, started on Linen Street, in San Francisco
[13:12] Youri Ashton: could help out a lot
[13:12] jackistheboy Calcutt: i think the name is cool
[13:12] jackistheboy Calcutt: but
[13:12] Torley Linden: Hey, trivia, ever heard that net meme that goes MIYA HEEEEE MIYA HAWWWWWWW
[13:12] Marianne McCann: yup
[13:12] Torley Linden: Well, the name actually translates to "Love under the Linden tree."
[13:12] jackistheboy Calcutt: couldn't you make it like smaller
[13:12] jackistheboy Calcutt: oh
[13:12] Yana Ember: wow cool
[13:12] jackistheboy Calcutt: awsome
[13:13] Marianne McCann: cool. The new theme for vidtuts, Torley? /me winks
[13:13] jackistheboy Calcutt: :)
[13:13] Torley Linden: I'd get up on stage with Gary Brolsma if offered that opportunity.
[13:13] Squirrel Wood: HD vidtuts ?
[13:13] Squirrel Wood: filmed in 720p ?
[13:13] Torley Linden: One line from the song is "Your face reminds me of our love under the linden tree."
[13:13] Torley Linden: I saw some people have done SL parodies of "Date my Avatar", that Felicia Day hit.
[13:13] jackistheboy Calcutt: thats so sweet
[13:13] jackistheboy Calcutt: :)
[13:14] Torley Linden: Squirrel, possibly. I don't think we're quite there *yet* in terms of format accessibility and Vimeo has improvement to do on their end... but it may be eventual.
[13:14] Marianne McCann: Great little treack that #3 on iTunes for videos
[13:14] Marianne McCann: #1 I mean
[13:14] Squirrel Wood: youtube supports it :)
[13:14] jackistheboy Calcutt: oh no log :(
[13:14] Torley Linden: Also good marketing was making the sword-spank scene the thumbnail frame at YouTube.
[13:14] jackistheboy Calcutt: lag*
[13:15] Khamon Fate: sorry, I was afk, Linden Lab was originally housed on Linden Street
[13:15] Jon Linden: youri, the "how to wiki" information you're after is universal to most wikis, but there does seem to be such a page here:
[13:15] Khamon Fate: back when it was gonna be a hardware firm
[13:15] Khamon Fate: But I like to believe it was named after the Linden Tree
[13:15] jackistheboy Calcutt: dus that give you monuy?
[13:16] Torley Linden: The logo looks both like a cube and a tree of sorts.
[13:16] jackistheboy Calcutt: like L$
[13:16] jackistheboy Calcutt: if your new
[13:16] Torley Linden: If you guys haven't seen it yet, we're looking for a Snowglobe viewer logo too:  :)
[13:17] Arawn Spitteler: What's wrong with the current snowglobe logo?
[13:17] Khamon Fate: ha ha ha catching up I see Arawn alreayd answered
[13:17] Marianne McCann: How many version of snowglobes will you get?
[13:17] Khamon Fate: READ FASTER KHAMON
[13:17] Marianne McCann snickers
[13:17] Khamon Fate: I can't build (edit) using Snowglobe
[13:17] Youri Ashton: jon: not that much info on there i see. perhaps expand it so that there is lots more info?
[13:17] Khamon Fate: it won't let me select anything
[13:17] Marianne McCann: I have Robin Sojourner over my shoulder as well. Just showed her the dashboard and searchable maps, etc.
[13:17] Arawn Spitteler answers quickly: Anyone want the secret of the IUniverse?
[13:17] Marianne McCann: 42
[13:18] Torley Linden: *waves to Robin*
[13:18] Jon Linden: youri, there are links at the bottom of that page to the Help/Wiki category AND mediawiki's help, which is pretty comprehensive
[13:18] Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Robin
[13:18] Marianne McCann: Robin is wavin back atcha
[13:19] Youri Ashton: Torley: the CT Translators team is currently looking for a logo as well, so far we had 2 discussions about it. Lexie Linden is trying to get that done asap
[13:19] Jon Linden: there's no need to duplicate effort
[13:19] Torley Linden: :D
[13:19] Marianne McCann: And a Hi back to Arawn, too
[13:19] Torley Linden: Youri, ah, eventually we're going to have more bridging between KB2Wiki Reviewers and CT project.
[13:19] Torley Linden: Logos are very handy for easy identification, ideas contained in the glance of a symbol!
[13:19] Marianne McCann: How is that going, Torley? The reviewing rocess stuff?
[13:20] Marianne McCann: process*
[13:20] Torley Linden: Mari, it went well for who participated but we surely want more Reviewers as the whole Knowledge Base moves to the wiki.
[13:20] Youri Ashton: true torley, I was also thinking of giving it a try.
[13:20] Marianne McCann: Very cool
[13:21] Squirrel Wood: As for this contest... had you not mentioned it here I would have completely not known of it.. mayhaps LL should announce those inworld better or more prominently? Also, During log-in you display a message below the progress bar which often reads "click me"... yet there is nothing to click there :p
[13:21] Torley Linden: It helps to have a diversity of specialized knowledge so various gaps are filled in.
[13:21] Torley Linden: Squirrel, I don't know where else it was announced, do you follow the Snowglobe )open source) mailing list?
[13:21] Arawn Spitteler: log in used to have a link to blog
[13:21] Squirrel Wood: I do not follow any mailing lists... am on too many already.
[13:21] Marianne McCann: If it were the Mainland places wiki, I'd be all over it
[13:21] Marianne McCann winks
[13:22] Yana Ember: squirrel you just click the dark bar that tells you to click.. it takes you right there
[13:22] Squirrel Wood: but perhaps you should announce on the page that is displayed when you are prompted for the login credentials
[13:23] Torley Linden: Squirrel, I think that was more of a targeted sort of messaging, to get people invested who were already interested. Always a balance when there's so much to announce — MOTDs tend to be general-interest.
[13:24] Marianne McCann: It is sort of a shame there is not the ol' blog feeds on the login screen anymore. Granted, though, nice without the clutter, but still.
[13:24] Marianne McCann: Perhaps the dashboard might help with that, I hope
[13:24] Torley Linden: Mari, interestingly we found those weren't that hot in terms of clickthrough traffic, but yeah, where stuff is already web-based it makes sense to connect that.
[13:25] Marianne McCann: How did they compare to MotD clickthrough?
[13:25] Rihanna Laasonen: If people weren't clicking, it doesn't mean they weren't reading.
[13:26] Khamon Fate: I read the Blog through SLU
[13:26] Marianne McCann: True Rihannon. I think many got their news from the headline
[13:26] Marianne McCann whispers: I tend to pick up a lot from teh SL Forums, m'self
[13:26] Khamon Fate: so I'd see stuff in the login feed and browse to SLU to catch the story and backchat
[13:26] Khamon Fate: You do not!
[13:26] Khamon Fate: really?
[13:26] Rihanna Laasonen: Yes, the headline was the heads-up there was something I wanted to read later.
[13:26] Khamon Fate: The old official forum?
[13:27] Khamon Fate: Is that still around?
[13:27] Torley Linden: Rihanna, that's true to some extent and I don't think we had heatmap hover-over activity. There's an opportunity to unite the central messages, though. You may've noticed this because some of the trivia-based, non-time-sensitive MOTDs are now shown as "Did you know?" on the website.
[13:27] Squirrel Wood: how about adding a news ticker type thing and an option to toggle it in the preferences? Then you could announce such things there :)
[13:27] Marianne McCann: It is, Khamon. Hanging by a ever-precarious thread
[13:27] Torley Linden: Well what's very promising is seeing what some of these alternate viewers do with their login screens.
[13:28] jackistheboy Calcutt: im back
[13:28] Khamon Fate: ha ha ha I'll have to check that out
[13:28] jackistheboy Calcutt: soz
[13:28] jackistheboy Calcutt: i have to relog
[13:28] Marianne McCann: Ya, not too sure about the KirstenLee, which is just a block of keyboard shortcut info. Very gearhead.
[13:28] Arawn Spitteler: Welcome back, Jack
[13:28] Marianne McCann: Hey Kate
[13:28] Kate Linden: Hey marianne :)
[13:28] jackistheboy Calcutt: thanks
[13:29] Youri Ashton: wb kate!
[13:29] Khamon Fate: I'm very keyboard, only touch the mouse when I have to
[13:29] Kate Linden: Hey Youri, thanks :)
[13:29] Youri Ashton: yw :)
[13:29] Arawn Spitteler: I recall a page linking to tutorials, I think it was maintained by Robin Wood, but don't know how to find it again.
[13:30] Marianne McCann: Arawn - one sec, I'll locate that for you
[13:30] Arawn Spitteler: It's how to locate that's important.
[13:30] Marianne McCann:
[13:31] Khamon Fate: Librarian McCann
[13:31] Marianne McCann: I believe some of it is linked form the wiki, a well. easy to get to just from
[13:31] Marianne McCann grins
[13:31] Marianne McCann: An of course the inworld tuts of hers, too
[13:32] Torley Linden: I remember exclaiming amazement at the texture pavillion (I'm likely using the incorrect name).
[13:32] Marianne McCann: Texture tutorial, but it is in a bit of a pavilion areas, so it's all good, I'm sure
[13:32] Marianne McCann smiles
[13:32] Marianne McCann: Yup, it's all good
[13:32] Marianne McCann: Hey Daniel
[13:32] Daniel Voyager: Hey :)
[13:32] jackistheboy Calcutt: hiya
[13:33] jackistheboy Calcutt: oh no
[13:33] Kate Linden: Hi Daniel! congrats for answering the Second Life Knowledge question so quickly today!
[13:33] jackistheboy Calcutt: guys ill be back in 10 mins
[13:33] Marianne McCann: makes me wish I'd been at my puter then. Still aiming f'r that bear
[13:34] Kate Linden: I'll have more questions after this office hour :)
[13:34] Marianne McCann: Woo!
[13:34] Daniel Voyager: cool :)
[13:34] Daniel Voyager: can't wait
[13:35] Daniel Voyager: hey Torley :)
[13:35] Scotts Winkler: hey kate
[13:35] Arawn Spitteler: Come to think on't, since Robin's convenient. There's a Lyre I want to bring in world. Someone gave me an aequate head, but the arms will need texturing.
[13:35] Kate Linden: For those of you who want to participate, I'm doing Second Life knowledge quizes on twitter. First correct response gets a TNT bear. Follow me on twitter for questions:
[13:35] Kate Linden: Hey Scotts, good to see you!
[13:35] Youri Ashton: im following you on twitter kate :)
[13:36] Torley Linden: :D
[13:36] Kate Linden: :)
[13:36] Youri Ashton: same goes for jeremy and torley
[13:36] Youri Ashton has pinged you.
[13:36] Jeremy Linden: Woot!
[13:36] Youri Ashton: didnt find jon yet tho
[13:36] Youri Ashton: :)
[13:36] Scotts Winkler: likewise kate
[13:36] Daniel Voyager: Loves the new redesign :) just been blogging about it on my blog!
[13:36] Marianne McCann: Wow, that's gonna be some wild texturing, Arawn
[13:37] Kate Linden: youri:
[13:37] Arawn Spitteler: It might not have to be done with absolute precision. Someone made up a ballerina, to have arms like that, but it's certainly beyond me. I'm lost with GIMP
[13:38] Marianne McCann:
[13:38] Daniel Voyager: Has a list of Linden twitter accounts here > #SL_Tweets > right side of the page :)
[13:38] Niky Zenovka: Hellos
[13:39] Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Niky
[13:39] Niky Zenovka: Hi Arawn
[13:39] Niky Zenovka: =)
[13:39] Yana Ember: hi Niky
[13:39] Niky Zenovka: Hey Yana... =) Hello everyone
[13:39] Daniel Voyager: Any ideas when the SL Forums will be redesigned? :)
[13:40] Scotts Winkler: hi niky
[13:40] Youri Ashton: hmm... okay, for everyone that has Twitter: I just found another added erson in the peopel that follow me that is just spam, a fake account just to spam a website with sexual content
[13:40] Youri Ashton: so be warned, check your followers!
[13:40] Torley Linden: On Twitter, send a direct message to @spam
[13:40] Niky Zenovka: Hey Scotts.. =)
[13:40] Torley Linden: Report those spam suckas!
[13:40] Youri Ashton: already done so torley :p
[13:40] Niky Zenovka: OMG... Twitter is getting full of spammers... =(
[13:40] Khamon Fate: ha ha ha Daniel you so funny
[13:40] Niky Zenovka: <-- reporting every spammer
[13:40] Marianne McCann: A sign of their success
[13:40] Daniel Voyager: Twitter:
[13:41] Daniel Voyager: funny?
[13:41] Squirrel Wood: spammers are like griefers.
[13:41] Khamon Fate: asking when the forums would be redesigned
[13:41] Marianne McCann: Like SL and it's ad farms, or AOL and IM spamming, etc.
[13:41] Youri Ashton: no difference squirrel
[13:41] Youri Ashton: both cause grief
[13:41] Arawn Spitteler: What benefit is it, to offer sexual content? I know I ever buy anything at those places; I just look.
[13:41] Niky Zenovka: Are like no, they are the griefers... lol
[13:41] Squirrel Wood: they will only understand if you find them and beat the crap out of them.
[13:41] Daniel Voyager: Khamon, believes that would be the next move. <_<
[13:42] Squirrel Wood: spam is effective. Even if only every 20,000th spam mail is clicked on its a success.
[13:42] Niky Zenovka: Nice Avie Torley... =), Torley, the Tortle.... ;)
[13:42] Marianne McCann: sad but true
[13:42] Squirrel Wood: spammers make about $7,000 or more a day.
[13:43] Arawn Spitteler wonders how to go spamming
[13:43] Niky Zenovka: Oh my, no way... really Squirrel?
[13:43] Youri Ashton: they do, niky
[13:43] Squirrel Wood: because humanity is stupid.
[13:43] Niky Zenovka: Guess I will become one... lol
[13:43] Niky Zenovka: Kidding
[13:43] Khamon Fate: Sorry Daniel, I thought you were joking
[13:43] Arawn Spitteler tries to find a new product line to spam
[13:43] Daniel Voyager: points you to this site >
[13:44] Squirrel Wood: about 90% of all emails sent nowadays is spam.
[13:44] Niky Zenovka: I think if you jail a spammer or two, for over 10 years, or a month for every people spammed... things might change...
[13:44] Squirrel Wood: no. spammers need to pay $1 for each spam mail they sent.
[13:44] Torley Linden: Thanks Niky! I've had a few suggestions that I should get a rocket pack or some sort of booster engine because I travel faster than your typical turtle...
[13:44] Youri Ashton: i just gotto have that TNT bear :p
[13:44] Squirrel Wood: it must hurt them financially to a point where there is no point for them to continue spamming.
[13:45] Niky Zenovka: Next Wed Torley... people want to see that... lol
[13:45] Arawn Spitteler: L$1/spam would stop them cold
[13:46] Marianne McCann: Me too Youri
[13:46] Arawn Spitteler: What does Internet Access really cost? Someone must be paying for international lines
[13:46] Youri Ashton: would make 112 linden bears :)
[13:46] Yana Ember has no Linden bears :(
[13:46] Arawn Spitteler imagines Linden Bear Spam, just for something to do
[13:47] Youri Ashton: i have some i can copy/trans, lemme take a look for you
[13:47] Marianne McCann: Linden bear spam, with a side of eggs?
[13:47] Jon Linden: if anybody has a bear request, please IM it to us so we can handle them that way
[13:47] Scotts Winkler: hmm
[13:47] Arawn Spitteler: Spiced Linden Army Meat?
[13:48] Scotts Winkler: ground beef linden
[13:49] Yana Ember accepted your inventory offer.
[13:49] Arawn Spitteler: Possible, but Torly is already a Mock Turtle
[13:49] Marianne McCann: This keeps up, the Wiki will need a receipe section
[13:49] Youri Ashton: thats all i can transfer to you Yana :)
[13:49] Torley Linden: Please ask questions in the open, sorry I can't tend to IMs at the moment!
[13:49] Youri Ashton: want my bear as well?
[13:49] Yana Ember: thankyou :)
[13:49] Rihanna Laasonen: Are the special occasion Linden bears gone for good once the event is over?
[13:50] Jeremy Linden: Heh! Ask questions in the open, but for Linden bears in IM. We're so complicated :-)
[13:50] Rihanna Laasonen: I don't collect them normally, but I saw a couple older ones on the wiki I'd love to have.
[13:50] Niky Zenovka: <--- trying to imagine Torley on a dance chim and his Turtle Avie...
[13:50] Khamon Fate: Torley when will you tell everyone about our secret affair?
[13:50] Yana Ember: mixed messages :) i can wait for bears
[13:50] Khamon Fate: sorry, you did say not to IM yeah?
[13:50] Youri Ashton: jeremy, you lindens usually go on busy or skip off ignoring our requests for a bear, so stop complaining :D
[13:50] Youri Ashton has pinged you.
[13:50] Marianne McCann: Rihanna, they're usually only at special events, but sometimes you can manage to get them after-the-fact. Pretty rare, though
[13:51] Khamon Fate: ha ha ha jk everyone
[13:51] Jeremy Linden: We're just trying to keep bear requests and discussion topics separated :-P
[13:51] Jeremy Linden has never denied a bear request :-D
[13:51] Khamon Fate: I thought the Lindens had a bear build somewhere that we could go pick them all up
[13:51] Arawn Spitteler: Maybe the same special event bears can happen at future events?
[13:51] Khamon Fate: Is that gone?
[13:51] Scotts Winkler: why don't you IM & request a bear
[13:51] Youri Ashton: lots of lindens actually do ignore bear requests
[13:51] Marianne McCann: Khamon - I think there is one on the mentor island
[13:51] Scotts Winkler: kinda logical wouldn't you think
[13:51] Youri Ashton: i know, cuz i usually hunt for bears :D
[13:52] Jon Linden: you can never guess as to why -- some lindens are new and don't have bears
[13:52] Jon Linden: others go inworld very rarely
[13:52] Squirrel Wood: the rolling restart bears are available only during rolling restarts
[13:52] Khamon Fate: good heavens is that Mentor group still active?
[13:52] Yana Ember: meet the Lindens and ask for a bear is what i planned to do... only ever met one before today
[13:52] Scotts Winkler: yup
[13:52] Khamon Fate: oh my that's amazing
[13:52] Khamon Fate: what do they do?
[13:52] Arawn Spitteler: Follow the office hours, Yana
[13:53] Niky Zenovka: Have a question... hope is not so dumb....
[13:53] Youri Ashton: use that yana :)
[13:53] Youri Ashton: lots of places u can find lindens
[13:53] Marianne McCann: Ask away, Miky!
[13:53] Jeremy Linden: Part of the reason we have bears is to encourage people to contact Lindens for something other than "omg I have a board in my head". It's fun, and easy, even if not all of us have bears yet :-)
[13:53] Yana Ember: thanks.
[13:53] Marianne McCann: Er, Niky
[13:53] Youri Ashton: np
[13:53] Daniel Voyager:
[13:53] Niky Zenovka: Is it possible or will it be a flexible object also have physics?
[13:53] Torley Linden: Goodwill and spirit are important! We have personalities!
[13:53] Youri Ashton: I found some new lindens yesterday
[13:53] Marianne McCann: Some day Im gonna get ahold of an empty sim for a day an photograph all my bears, I hope
[13:54] Youri Ashton: 3 actually fooling around with eachother
[13:54] Niky Zenovka: Like, long hair, as one I have always flowing through the avie...
[13:54] Daniel Voyager:
[13:54] Niky Zenovka: Would be nice if not...
[13:54] Youri Ashton: only 1 was actually answering, the rest just poofed
[13:54] Squirrel Wood: you can rent a sim for like, L$4,000 a day
[13:54] Marianne McCann: I believe that flexi objects are phantom, and therefore not physically-abled
[13:54] Khamon Fate: Wow Niky, physical flexies, that'll put a load on the clients, it'd crash mine for sure.
[13:54] Torley Linden: Niky, not truly, since the flexible part is phantom. I've known of hacks to make it seem like flexiprims had physics, but they actually didn't.
[13:55] Marianne McCann: I've strongly debated doing that, Squirrel, just to rez out the bear collection.
[13:55] Jeremy Linden: Niky, flexible objects do not currently allow physics. I don't know whether they might in the future... This team of Lindens mostly focuses on what is possible in Second Life right now; if it ever becomes a feature, then we'll know all about it :-)
[13:55] AyJay Carami: hi
[13:55] Youri Ashton: hi
[13:55] Yana Ember: hi Ayjay
[13:55] Youri Ashton: you came in late ayjay, last 5 minutes
[13:55] Khamon Fate: You can emulate physics pretty well, I learned that at Speed Geek
[13:55] Arawn Spitteler: Flexi is a client side phenomenon, so it can't be physi. That's the reason all Flexis are phantom
[13:55] AyJay Carami: i am new to this
[13:55] Squirrel Wood: there are viewers out there that let you make a flexi prim physical though the result is... funny.
[13:55] Youri Ashton: well, the next meeting is not far from here
[13:55] Marianne McCann: Welcome t'Second Life then, Ayjay
[13:56] Khamon Fate: wull true arawn, the physics are all calced by the servers
[13:56] Arawn Spitteler: Then you opinion is most important, at this hour
[13:56] Youri Ashton: i saw alexa linden earlier today, so i could take you there
[13:56] Khamon Fate: so No Niky, they'll never be
[13:56] Niky Zenovka: Interesting....
[13:56] Niky Zenovka: Is there a link or something on what runs in the client and what goes in the server side? Also nice to know... like particles I know is client side..
[13:57] Marianne McCann: Ooh, good question
[13:57] Torley Linden: Niky, that'd be an interesting thing to compile, I don't know of an easy-access list but there's no stopping someone from dividing that.
[13:57] Torley Linden: Start a new page!
[13:57] Khamon Fate: There are only hooks for creation and movement Niky
[13:57] Arawn Spitteler: Usually, when you find some documentation, it'll say an effect is client side, when it's not server side
[13:57] Youri Ashton: oh my
[13:57] Niky Zenovka: Will do Torley.
[13:57] Youri Ashton: complete box
[13:57] Youri Ashton: Bernard Linden bear gift box
[13:57] Squirrel Wood: basically scripts and physics run on the server
[13:58] Youri Ashton: gotten it yesterday
[13:58] Khamon Fate: Thanks for hosting Torley
[13:58] Khamon Fate: gottanotherhour
[13:58] Marianne McCann: Have fun, Khamon
[13:59] Daniel Voyager: Has a wiki page with lots of helpful info for SL Mentors and new residents >  :)

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