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An image from a Gorean sim

Along the private-owned land, there are many Gorean sims. They can be identified by the presence of the word GOR in their names. Since their number is high and increasing (as far as 2014), they deserve a special article.

The world of Gor

Gorean communities are distinct. They are well known for their rules and themed clothing. Inside such a community, there is a strict domination-subordination relation. Both as a man or as a woman, there are 3 possible social positions: a dominant male/female, an independent person or a sub (almost a slave). Usually, men are in dominant positions. Many times, they have the structure of an army and are roleplay communities. It is also important to note that Gorean communities prefer to have their sexual life in public, not behind closed doors. Sometimes, this might include BDSM relations.

Goreans are a medieval society. The clothing is themed and in many cases wearing themed clothes is required in order to visit their land.

Location of Gorean sims

Surveys made by Second Life Georaphy team showed that there are a few Gorean microcontinents (se List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters). However, they are small and not easy to find. On rare occasions, a Gorean sim can be found inside a Microcontinent, but more often inside a Sim Cluster. Still, the vast majority of them are inside the Unassociated Sims. No substantial Gorean communities have been found on a Continent. On mainland continents, they have not been observed.

Statistic data shows that 5% of all private sims and 7% of unassociated sims are under Gorean rule. So, the there are about 1000 sims on the grid. A list of all these sims is impossible to make, it will need to survey all grid.

Geographic features

A Gorean sim has a themed Geography. In most cases, they have Water access and there is the entry point, on a boat. In other cases, the entry point is on dry land. Gorean land has mountains surrounding smaller or larger depressions. Also, they might have a small oceanic plain. Ground is covered with grass, but sometimes it is made of stone, ice or uncovered with vegetation. In majority of Gorean sims, vegetation is present, under the form of lush forests. Small plants also exist.

Constructions exist. They are medieval themed: castles, fortress, markets and houses, but tents and stables have also been noted. Majority of sims have their own infrastructure, made of paths (mountain paths, stone paths, wooden bridges and stairs). Boats and ships exist where is water, usually for decorative reasons. Ports and docks are present too.


Gorean sims are usually ranked Adult. No ban lines or entiry orbs have been observed until now. In many cases, people are free to rezz staff on ground anywhere. A visitor must know that there are some important outfit rules and that it is important to behave as a Gorean must do. Despite their controversial society, Gorean people are friendly and they will most often help a newcomer.

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