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A private wilderness sim

Throughout time, many people decided to create a copy of nature. Some really did this, creating breathtaking landscapes on their own land. Some, wishing to offer their work for the whole world, made them opened for everybody. They deserve a great respect for all the time and money spent to create and for the happiness they shared to the world.

Location of private wilderness sims

A recent survey made by Second Life Geography team showed that about 2% of all private-owned sims are entirely covered with lush vegetation. They are usually found within the Unassociated Sims or inside a Sim Cluster. Inside a Microcontinent or a Continent, wilderness parcels are very often found, sometimes covering more then 20% of land, but they are divided and in many cases they don't cover a whole sim.

Based on this, estimations are that on the grid there are about 500 sims hosting wilderness. To find out all their positions, is impossible and might require to survey the whole grid. Since it is needed a minute to survey a sim, it would take 35 days, working 10 hours a day, to do that. To show a list of already discovered wilderness sims is not fair, because this means discrimination. The best way to find them is by random teleporting.

Wild life

Some wilderness sims are covered by forest and not much else. Some of them have swamp vegetation. In majority of cases, they are full of trees, together with grass, mushrooms, water vegetation and even animals.

Geographic features

Water is usually present and covers less then 40% of the sim, but there are also exceptions. Plains are very rare chosen for wilderness sims. Usually, they are covered with mountains, hills or plateaus.

Buildings and infrastructure

All or nearly all wilderness sims have paths or unpaved roads, sometimes with bridges. Docks for boats might also be seen. Buildings are always made rustic.

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