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A sim of hell, an ocean of fire

Under this term are listed places that are somehow related with hell. These kind of sims can be grouped into 3 categories:

  • Dark Bloodlines Sims
  • Dark Urban/Toxic Waste
  • Demonic Places
  • Prisons (not all).

Repartition on the grid

Across the grid, there are not so many places related to this. On mainland, this is very limited to some areas around Zindra and on rare occasions to some parcels in other continents. But, not even in Zindra an entire sim is used for this purpose.

Across private land, there are many dark sims. Even entire microcontinents. The List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters confirms that from about 100 microcontinents, 3 of them are made of dark sim. This means about 3%. However, through Sim Clusters and Unassociated Sims, results show that about 0.5% of all sims can be included in this group. So, there is not an equal repartition on the grid. Estimations are that about 700 sims can be included in this category.


In majority of cases, sky is dark. It can be red or dark blue sometimes. Clouds, if exist, have a fast movement. There are also exceptions, when sky is normal. Fog might be present. The sun might only give a diffuse light and might not be visible. In some places, sun will not be seen at all. There are some places with fixed sun.


Land has different shapes. Plains, hills, plateaus or mountains can be found. But the Geographic shape of land is not so important. Buildings are what matters. They include ruins, town structures, castles (in one piece or ruins), forests and sometimes even underground buildings. In some places you can find an entire town.

Vegetation, if is present, is always accommodated to the landscape. Animals are extremely rare.


In majority of places, access is allowed and even rezz objects is possible. Some parcels cannot be visited thanks to an entity orb or a ban line. In some areas, flying is not allowed.

The following images come from Lost Angeles Microcontinent:

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