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Microinsurance Island

Desert places are not found often on the grid, even if Arabian and Muslim communities include today a high number of members.


Estimation is that, from 20000 private-owned sims, about 100 are desert. This means that they are about 0.5% Since they are so rare, this number is given with an error of 20%. If we look at history, these places show a high stability. Majority of them are old and nearly unchanged. On mainland, only in North of Gaeta 1 ground texture can resemble that of a desert. It is, however, a point of discussion if that really is a desert or a very large beach, since the rest of the continent is covered with grass.


A desert sim is a place without water (or only with limited water access). Depending on case, water is usually salt (sea) or it is under toe form of a river or an oasis. Vegetation is limited or completely absent, almost always of tropical origin. Ground texture resembles sand, but sometimes it has the color of dried land or of stone.

Depending on place, contractions might vary up to high limits: from ruins to a desert palace or to sci-fi buildings. Materials used for construction are: stone, wood or modern materials.



  • Some desert sims exist in Wild West, a private-owned continent.



  • Microinsurance Island
  • Desert (host sim for Bellydance)

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