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NOTE: Contents of this article might change often.

This article is made to describe those private-owned sims that are by far unusual because of their Geographic features, ground, vegetation or anything else. Second Life Geography Team makes scheduled and unscheduled surveys over private land. For a sim to be listed here, conditions are one of the folloiwng: to have unusual ground texture, to have unconventional Geographic features, to have vegetation of an unseen type, to have constructions not seen often, sky to have an unusual color or land to be used for a destination never seen before.

It is impossible to keep an eye on all 20000 private-owned sims, so it's impossible to find all what's unconventional. On the other hand, everybody sees things different. What is really incredible for somebody, might be stupid and simple for someone else. If find a place that looks unconventional and think it needs to be listed here, feel free to add it yourself or contact Ana Imfinity.


  • Aldous Huxley offers an incredible skybox with blue vegetation, blue ground and fantasy buildings. All is hosted on a giant skybox. The ground itself is below sea level.
  • Amalfi Coast is a French Gor roleplay sim. Its coasts are icy-white, the mountains are rocky and unfriendly, while the sky has an unusual color.
  • Between Rages is a place with ruins and vegetation.
  • Canaan is more a rural sim, covered by a red sky.
  • Cicsland is a submerged sim, with many waves. The only thing existing here is a flying piece of land at 600 meters high.
  • Cottonrose hosts some unusual high mountains (132 meters) together with deep holes.
  • End Of Days is a medieval Gothic place, with a huge castle on top and a cave network below.
  • Enscharys is a place that hosts a giant opened castle, with glowing columns.
  • Fateful Gardens has a lot of tunnels, including underwater ones, caves and tunnels full with molten lava. On top of land, there is a castle.
  • Gatria is a fantasy place, with a wilderness formed of colored plants. It also has some mountains and waterways.
  • Green Life is a medieval adult roleplay sim, with sky of a rare color and with many things to see.
  • Gump Hill is a wilderness with pink sky and with a place to train horses.
  • Heavenly Gates is a place where ground texture is inspired from cartoons or games. There is a flat plain in center, with a few rivers and surrounded by icy mountains, 65 meters high. There are a few buildings in center, including a store.
  • H3LLS FYRE is a plain of fire and deserted land, where water is red and the sky is burning.
  • Kalepa is another unconventional sim, with a volcano full of caves in its center, surrounded by medieval fantasy buildings and water. This place is usually populated.
  • LEA1 might surprise many. It is a place made with red and pink. Ground is made of pink triangles, the sky is pink and all buildings are made of red and pink lines, all this stretching all over the place.
  • Moon Refuge is a place with many skyboxes. Ground is dark blue and almost all submerged, to make letters visible from space.
  • Oahu is an exotic tropical paradise, where sky has an unusual light, white with yellow.
  • Phaze Demensis is a private wilderness with many unexpected features: colored plants, animals, freebies and a lot of surprises.
  • Rose Valley is a place where ground is cracked and fire can be seen between cracks. All vegetation is dead.
  • Stairways to Heaven is a wilderness with fantasy plants, with parks and surrounded by a green ocean, while the sky has color of the dawn.
  • Taure Ru is a medieval roleplay sim. For a Geograph, it is most notable by its mountains and sharp valleys. Altitude rises to 100 meters and on mountain top you will find castles.
  • Tequila Sunrise is a place with cyan sky and water, an adult dark wilderness, full of surprises.
  • Thorstone Camp or 'Rainbow Land' is not something complicated (a plain with a big lake and a coast, with only one building on it), but it is shocking by its color changings of the sun and the water.
  • Tron is one of the best destination for sci-fi roleplay. The ground itself is almost impossible to reach, all is inside a space station.

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