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An unused sim

Along the nearly 20000 private-owned sims on the grid, there are a few categories easy to notice: Gorean Sims, Dark Sims, residential sims, Tropical Beach Paradise and many others. Probably the most rare category is represented by unused sims.


An unused sim is a sim that hosts nothing. There are no objects on it, land is undivided and it usually is flat as a perfect plain, with an altitude set at 20 meters. They are the most rare type of Unused Land and can be considered an unconventional type of Abandoned Land.


Estimations vary, depending on time. They cannot be found more then 1% in any given time, based on two researches, they were found to be 0.15% and 0.3% of all sims. This means they might be between 30 and 60 on the whole grid.


An unused sim is created when the owner removes all objects from it (by owner or when land fee is not paid to estate owner) or when a new sim is created. This also comes with a reverse of terraforming. Since land tier is not small, estate owenrs must do something to an unused sim. It becomes used to support a new building, it can be set for sale or rent or it can be abandoned (deleted from grid). Usually, life existence of an unused sim is of only a few days. If we keep in mind that there ere a few tens of unused sims, the conclusion is that every day between one and 10 sims become or cease to be usused. This is the highest dynamic from all land categories.

Useful trick

An unused sim is the perfect possible place to edit outfits, to open search menu or to work with world map, since lag is reduced to zero.

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