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Function: llAdjustDamage( integer number, float new_damage );

The llAdjustDamage modifies the amount of damage that will be applied by the current on_damage event after it has completed processing.

• integer number The index of the damage event to be modified.
• float new_damage A new damage value to be applied or distributed after on_damage processing.


KBwarning.png Warning: This function or parameter is part of the Combat2 project and is only available on parts of the beta grid.

This function allows a script to modify incoming damage before it is applied to an avatar or distributed by a task.


  • Calling this function from any event handler other than on_damage results in an error message being shouted to the debug channel.
  • Negative indexes are not supported.
  • Indexes that are out of range will silently fail.
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See Also


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Deep Notes

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function void llAdjustDamage( integer number, float new_damage );