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Function: list llDetectedDamage( integer number );

Returns the list containing pending damage information.

• integer number Index of detection information

number does not support negative indexes. Returns an empty list if number does not relate to a valid damage source or if called from a handler other than on_damage


llDetected* functions only work if called from within Detection events (collision, collision_start, collision_end, sensor, touch, touch_start, touch_end) or in functions called by Detection events. They will fail silently and return unusable values if called during other events. llDetectedDamge returns a list describing a single damage event. This function is only available from within an on_damage handler. If called from another detection event or from a non detection handler, it will return an empty list.

The list has the following format: [ float damage, integer damage_type, float original_damage ]

The current amount of damage that will be applied after all on_damage events have completed processing.
An integer describing the type of damage that will be applied to the avatar.
The original amount of damage that was specified when the event was triggered. Either through a collision or a call to llDamage.

Flag Description
DAMAGE_TYPE_IMPACT −1 System damage generated by impact with terrain or a prim.
DAMAGE_TYPE_GENERIC 0 Generic or legacy damage.
DAMAGE_TYPE_ACID 1 Damage caused by a caustic substance, such as acid.
DAMAGE_TYPE_BLUDGEONING 2 Damage caused by a blunt object, such as a club.
DAMAGE_TYPE_COLD 3 Damage inflicted by exposure to extreme cold.
DAMAGE_TYPE_ELECTRIC 4 Damage caused by electricity.
DAMAGE_TYPE_FIRE 5 Damage inflicted by exposure to heat or flames.
DAMAGE_TYPE_FORCE 6 Damage inflicted by a great force or impact.
DAMAGE_TYPE_NECROTIC 7 Damage caused by a direct assault on life-force.
DAMAGE_TYPE_PIERCING 8 Damage caused by a piercing object such as a bullet, spear, or arrow.
DAMAGE_TYPE_POISON 9 Damage caused by poison.
DAMAGE_TYPE_PSYCHIC 10 Damage caused by a direct assault on the mind.
DAMAGE_TYPE_RADIANT 11 Damage caused by radiation or extreme light.
DAMAGE_TYPE_SLASHING 12 Damage caused by a slashing object such as a sword or axe.
DAMAGE_TYPE_SONIC 13 Damage caused by loud noises, like a Crash Worship concert.

Damage types are provided as a convenience and a suggestion. Scripters are free to add custom ones for their own combat systems or repurpose the damage type fields.


  • If number is out of bounds the script continues to execute without an error message.
  • Events that enable the llDetected* functions always return at least one detected item.
    • Detection events are not raised if there is nothing detected.[1]
    • The detection event's items detected parameter is initially never less than 1.[2]
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See Also


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Deep Notes

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  1. ^ The exception is no_sensor but it doesn't enable llDetected* functions.
  2. ^ Like all event parameters, the user can overwrite the initial value.


function list llDetectedDamage( integer number );