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The Combat2 Project is an enhancement to the Linden Combat system.

This is not meant to be a complete combat system on its own but to provide the tools that allow you to do that.

In Second Life there are a host of combat communities scattered across the grid. These communities use a wide variety of combat systems, HUDs and weapon systems. Some are completely custom, relying on scripts to arbitrate health and damage, while others are based on the Linden Lab Combat System (LLCS). See Combat for more.

The goal of the Combat2 project is to provide a coherent set of tools and systems that allow the residents to create complex and compelling combat systems using a common and easy to use framework.

Introduced are new concepts

  • Can apply damage directly
  • Damage can have a damage type associated to it
  • Damage events
    • If a script (object, vehicle or attachment) has a damage event this will be called first before damage is applied
    • Scripts may modify the actual amount of damage in a damage event
  • Objects can have health
    • Sensors can scan for damageable objects
  • Combat Log has been added which allows for auditing
    • Records all damage events, damage adjustments and kills
    • System generated messages by a specific ID that scripts may filter to
    • Scripts may write to this channel if not restricted by the region
  • Region-wide settings, region owners may:
    • Throttle damage to limit how much damage a single source may inflict on a target per second
    • Select a number of options as to what happens when agent health drops to 0 such as:
      1. Teleport home (same as old LLCS)
      2. Teleport to region's telehub
      3. Teleport to parcel's landing point
      4. No action
    • Set a brief period of invulnerability, during which agents may neither deal nor receive damage
    • Whether health is reset to 100% on death
    • Tweak the speed of health regeneration per second
    • Whether scripts are allowed to adjust damage or write to the combat log


Start playing with it and build interesting things.

There are two regions on the beta grid open and available for testing:


• key llRezObjectWithParams(string inventory, list params) New function for rezzing objects with a variety of parameters, particularly useful for avoiding the overhead of starting a script for each bullet
• void llAdjustDamage(integer number, float new_damage) Modifies the amount of damage that will be applied by the current on_damage event after it has completed processing
• void llDamage(key target, float damage, integer damage_type) Delivers damage to tasks and agent in the same region of DAMAGE_TYPE_*. Negative damage can be used to heal instead
• list llDetectedDamage(integer number) Returns a list describing a single damage event within an on_damage event
• key llDetectedRezzer(integer number) Returns a key that is the UUID of the object or avatar that rezzed the detected object
• float llGetHealth(key id) Returns the current health of an avatar or object in the region
• event on_damage(integer num_detected) Triggered when damage has been inflicted on an avatar or task in the world but before damage has been applied or distributed
• event final_damage(integer num_detected) Triggered after after all on_damage events in all scripts and attachments have processed and damage has been applied to the avatar or distributed to all seated avatars
• event on_death() Triggered on all attachments worn by an avatar when that avatar's health reaches 0 (-- Does this trigger on objects too Rider?)
• string llGetStartString() New function to retrieve the string passed with llRezObjectWithParams via REZ_PARAM_STRING, particularly useful for avoiding overhead and delay when having to communicate any necessary information
• string llDerezObject(key id, integer flag) Derezzes an object previously rezzed from within the object containing the script


  • Damage types — Provided for convenience and a suggestion. Scripters can add custom ones or repurpose the damage type fields
  • llListen
    • Channel reserved at COMBAT_CHANNEL
    • System generated combat log messages sent by COMBAT_LOG_ID
    • Scripts may also write to this channel if the region allows it (see "restrict_combat_log" below)
  • llSensor — Scripts may filter by DAMAGEABLE for objects in world that process damage
  • llGetObjectDetails — Additional values around health, damage and type
  • llRezObjectWithParams — Apply damage to rezzed objects
    • REZ_DAMAGE — The amount of damage applied to an agent upon collision with this object
    • REZ_DAMAGE_TYPE — The damage type to apply when this prim collides with another object
    • REZ_PARAM_STRING — String parameter that can be passed into the rezzed object with a maximum string length of 1024 bytes
  • llGetEnv — Several new values are added
    • "allow_damage_adjust" — Are scripts allowed to adjust damage
    • "restrict_combat_log" — Are scripts allowed to write to the combat log
    • "restore_health" — Is health reset to 100% on death
    • "invulnerability_time" — Invulnerablitiy time applied after avatar death
    • "damage_throttle" — The maximum number of points of damage a single source may inflict on a target per second
    • "health_regen_rate" — The speed of health regeneration in hitpoints per second
    • "death_action" — Set the action to take when an avatar dies in the region
  • llSetLinkSitFlags — Flags that can be applied to sit targets
    • SIT_FLAG_NO_COLLIDE — Disable the avatar's collision volume when they are seated on this sit target
    • SIT_FLAG_NO_DAMAGE — Do not distribute damage to agents sitting on this sit target

Damage Types

Flag Description
DAMAGE_TYPE_IMPACT −1 System damage generated by impact with terrain or a prim.
DAMAGE_TYPE_GENERIC 0 Generic or legacy damage.
DAMAGE_TYPE_ACID 1 Damage caused by a caustic substance, such as acid.
DAMAGE_TYPE_BLUDGEONING 2 Damage caused by a blunt object, such as a club.
DAMAGE_TYPE_COLD 3 Damage inflicted by exposure to extreme cold.
DAMAGE_TYPE_ELECTRIC 4 Damage caused by electricity.
DAMAGE_TYPE_FIRE 5 Damage inflicted by exposure to heat or flames.
DAMAGE_TYPE_FORCE 6 Damage inflicted by a great force or impact.
DAMAGE_TYPE_NECROTIC 7 Damage caused by a direct assault on life-force.
DAMAGE_TYPE_PIERCING 8 Damage caused by a piercing object such as a bullet, spear, or arrow.
DAMAGE_TYPE_POISON 9 Damage caused by poison.
DAMAGE_TYPE_PSYCHIC 10 Damage caused by a direct assault on the mind.
DAMAGE_TYPE_RADIANT 11 Damage caused by radiation or extreme light.
DAMAGE_TYPE_SLASHING 12 Damage caused by a slashing object such as a sword or axe.
DAMAGE_TYPE_SONIC 13 Damage caused by loud noises, like a Crash Worship concert.

Damage types are provided as a convenience and a suggestion. Scripters are free to add custom ones for their own combat systems or repurpose the damage type fields.

To make it easy for the community to recognise and re-use custom damage types here is a table that scripters can add onto (& embedded below) edit Custom Damage Types -- Nexii Malthus 06:40, 15 June 2024 (PDT)

Flag Description Creator System
DAMAGE_TYPE_MEDICAL 100 Negative damage to heal a wound, damaged limb, first aid, etc. Intended for generic healing of biological nature. Positive damage would be medical malpractice Nexii Malthus Vertical Sim
DAMAGE_TYPE_REPAIR 101 Negative damage from repairing an object or something mechanical, welding torch or wrench on a vehicle/robot/mech, etc. Positive damage can be due to mistakes, low skill or sabotage. Intended for generic healing of non-biological nature (e.g. a mechanical tank or an electrical system). Nexii Malthus Vertical Sim
DAMAGE_TYPE_EXPLOSIVE 102 Damage caused by an explosive blast, like a grenade. Sub-type of DAMAGE_TYPE_FORCE Nexii Malthus Vertical Sim
DAMAGE_TYPE_CRUSHING 103 Damage caused by crushing. Such as being crushed by water pressure. Sub-type of DAMAGE_TYPE_FORCE. Can be nullified/reduced via diving suit. Nexii Malthus Vertical Sim

Custom damage types are in blocks of #00-#99 per Creator. You can reserve another block range if you filled one.

It is recommended to use simple words for the damage type and the description should describe the intent. Someone might want to use your damage type in their scripts or it could even be used in third party HUDs that may need to describe your damage to a reader. E.g. for DAMAGE_TYPE_CRUSHING from an object named "water" I could code a PvP Reporting HUD to tell the (user) was (crushed) by (water).


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