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Function: string llGetEnv( string name );

Returns a string with the requested data about the region.

• string name The name of the data to request

Note that the value returned is a string, you may need to cast it to an integer for use in calculations.

Table of valid name values.
Name Description Type to typecast to
"agent_limit" Get the maximum number of avatars normally allowed on this region (teleport home, and login to last location, are allowed to exceed this). integer
"agent_limit_max" Get the maximum configurable setting for number of agents in the region. integer
"agent_reserved" Get the number of agent slots reserved for premium members in the region. integer
"agent_unreserved" Get the number of unreserved (non-premium) agent slots configured for the region. integer
"dynamic_pathfinding" Get the region's effective dynamic_pathfinding status, "enabled" or "disabled". This option is configured in the Region Debug Console N/A
"estate_id" Numerical index identifying which estate a region belongs to. Main grid mainland is "1" integer
"estate_name" "mainland", "Linden Homes", "My Happy Estate", etc. N/A
"frame_number" Get the frame number of the simulator, for example "42042". integer
"region_cpu_ratio" Get number of regions per CPU for this region type. Returns "1" or "4". integer
"region_idle" Get the region's idle status, "1" or "0". integer boolean
"region_product_name" Get the type of region this is: "Estate / Full Region", "Mainland / Homestead", "Estate / Openspace", "Estate / Full Region - Skill Gaming" etc. N/A
"region_product_sku" Get the region's product number (as string). N/A
"region_start_time" Get the time the region was last (re)started, in llGetUnixTime format integer
"sim_channel" Get the region's channel string, for example "Second Life Server". N/A
"sim_version" Get the region's version number string, for example "". N/A
"simulator_hostname" Get the simhost running this region. Same as llGetSimulatorHostname but without the script delay. N/A
"region_max_prims" Get the maximum number of prims allowed on this region. integer
"region_object_bonus" Get the region's object bonus factor. float
"whisper_range" Get the range for whispered chat in the region. float
"chat_range" Get the range for spoken chat in the region. float
"shout_range" Get the range for shouted chat in the region. float
"region_rating" Get the maturity rating of the region. Same as DATA_SIM_RATING from llRequestSimulatorData. N/A
"grid" Get the grid the region is running on. N/A
"allow_damage_adjust" Are scripts allowed to adjust damage. integer boolean
"restrict_combat_log" Are scripts allowed to write to the combat log. integer boolean
"restore_health" Is health reset to 100% on death. integer boolean
"invulnerability_time" Invulnerablitiy time applied after avatar death. float
"damage_throttle" The maximum number of points of damage a single source may inflict on a target per second. float
"health_regen_rate" The speed of health regeneration in hitpoints per second. float
"death_action" Set the action to take when an avatar dies in the region.

0 = Teleport home 1 = Teleport to parcel landing point. 2 = Teleport to region telehub. 3 = No action



    touch_start(integer total_number)
        string version = llGetEnv("sim_version");
        llOwnerSay("Region " + llGetRegionName() + " is running "
                   + llGetEnv("sim_channel") + " version " + version );

        list ver = llParseString2List(version, ["."], []);

        llOwnerSay("Build: "+llList2String(ver, 3));
        llOwnerSay("Build Date: "+llList2String(ver, 2)+"-"+llList2String(ver, 1)+"-20"+llList2String(ver, 0));


  • Region idling lowers a region's framerate when no avatars are currently on or looking into the region. Scripts measuring time dilation with llGetRegionTimeDilation may report significant time dilation if the region is idle.

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Deep Notes


  • SVC-4874
  • Introduced in Second Life RC LeTigre, deployed on 2010-12-01.
  • Deployed to rest of Agni with Second Life Server, Second Life RC BlueSteel, Second Life RC Magnum
  • "frame_number" option added in Second Life RC BlueSteel
    • Returns an integer that represents the current 'frame' of the simulator. Generally only useful for specific debugging cases.
  • Removed (temporarily?) in Second Life RC BlueSteel

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function string llGetEnv( string name );