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New Pride Land is a multi-estate "continent" originally stretching from 953 to 961 vertically and 733 to 741 horizontally on the grid map. In the very beginning of 2010 the NPL Simowners decided to join the Gay Archipelago simcluster in its northeast to support the idea of a strong gay community since that is what NPL was once founded for. Of course all are welcome on these many sims in New Prideland. Straights, gays and lesbians, humans, furries, hybrids and other friendly folks are warmly invited to come visit us.


Among major landmarks on New Pride Land is the ancient Greek installation on Hylas and Abderos in the Pillars of Herakles Estate or the medieval abbey ruin on the central island of Pallas sim a must to see. Most of the SIMs are residential, with parcels for both rental and purchase in a variety of planned and free-form environments.

List of Regions in New PrideLand

  1. Abderos - Private residences
  2. Andros - Private residences
  3. Alex Ander - Mostly water, plus a football stadium
  4. Hylas - Residential
  5. Marathon - Residences
  6. Pallas - Larsson Business Park
  7. Rodos - Private residences
  8. Selene - Barking Dog Studios, residences
  9. Sparta - Temple of Sparta, residences
  10. Spice Islands
  11. Thrace - Damage-enabled recreational water, residences
  12. Troy - Residences

Former Sims

  1. Achaea - Russian River Rentals residences
  2. Andersonville - Private residences
  3. Argolis - Russian River Rentals residences
  4. Athos - Private residences
  5. Atlantica Beach
  6. Attica - Mostly water
  7. Badpuppy Island - portal with Temple nightclub, cinema, retail village and apartment towers
  8. Bummer Bay - windsurfing paradise followed by the Spice Islands sim at the same location
  9. ER Highlands - Docklands shopping (Mission-Super-Mare) & recreational build (closed july '09)
  10. Corinthia - Russian River Mall & Hunter's Gay Club
  11. ER Low Country - Tiki village (residential/social) and Larsson Business Park (closed july '09)
  12. Gulf of Onan - Mission Gulf International Airport
  13. Ilium - Private residences - Moved 2/2010 and renamed Sausalito
  14. IX Exotica - Resort with gym, retail & residences
  15. Melos - Residences
  16. Meteor Crater Lake - Residences
  17. Mission Beach - Mission Brothers Gay Beach social area, sandbox, home of the Beach Bums from the Mission Bros. Group
  18. North Halstead - Original home of Boystown, a recreation of the Chicago gayborhood
  19. Mykonos - Residences - moved and renamed Tiburon 2/2010
  20. Olympos - Ewing Arts gallery, St. Matthew's-by-the-Sea Episcopal Chapel, residences - moved and renamed Belvedere 2/2010
  21. Randy Reef - 100% waterspace... scuba, sailing, surfing, awesome reefs and pure water fun
  22. Scyros - Private residences
  23. Siphonios - Mark Kendall Bingham International Airport, Port of New Pride Land (ferry terminal), M/S Jötúnn
  24. Thyra - Pirate-themed residences
  25. Yalta - Retail area & residences - created by Lauritz Larsson Architects, docked only for building, sold and moved after finish - link shows a few ambience pics of the former sim
  26. Yalta Cliffs - residences - - created by Lauritz Larsson Architects, docked only for building, sold and moved after finish - link shows a few ambience pics of the former sim
  27. Yumbo Angel Beach
  28. Yumbo Beach
  29. Yumbo Park Hotel
  30. Yumbo Prive
  31. Yumbo Rentals
  32. Yumbo Sands
  33. Yumbo Texel

Transportation in New Pride Land

At one time, a ferry service, operated by MASONLines on behalf of The Port Authority of New Pride Land, connected the various islands making up the Continent.

New Pride Land was home to two airports, the Mission & Gulf International Airport owned by Carlo Eriksen, and the Mark Kendall Bingham International Airport operated by the Port Authority.