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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

New Second Life Mentors are asked to attend an orientation session. The follow information is a sample of what a typical orientation would include. This information is for reference and does not take the place of actually attending an orientation.

Orientation Handouts

Orientation handouts can be obtained from the kiosk on the stage at SL Volunteer HI in the sandbox area. The folder of notecards contains information, links and tips for new Mentors.

The VTeam and What Orientation Covers:

The VTeam is dedicated to helping SL Volunteers in any way we can. We welcome and encourage feedback from you! As part of the Mentor group you become part of a team of people who help shape Second Life in many positive ways. Not only do you help new residents and seasoned residents, you help each other as well. This type of positive activity has a big impact on Second Life. We are thrilled you are now in the group!!

This orientation will give you the basic idea of places to volunteer, the guidelines volunteers follow and the resources to stay informed and current. We realize over time you will have more questions about volunteering and encourage you to attend the monthly meetings or our office hours so we can assist you!

The Tao of Volunteers

The Tao of Volunteers is our foundation. There is a notecard in the handouts with the Tao. The Tao is also located at: Tao Of Volunteers

The Tao emphasizes 4 virtues: Team cooperation, a focus on goodwill for all, reliability and last but not least...Fun!

An important note about the Tao: When you are wearing your volunteer title, you represent the group. Wear your title when you are feeling good, helpful and ready to follow the Tao. If you are promoting your business, or pursuing personal type activities, please take the Mentor tag off and enjoy yourself.

The Tao of Volunteers can also be viewed at Volunteer HQ in Tenera if you want to see it again or on Youtube. Tao of Volunteers

Mission: Volunteering

Some of you are rogue volunteers. You travel alone. Just when a resident thinks there is no one around to help them remove the box from their head, or help locate that all important item they accidentally stuck inside a wall...there you are offering a helping hand!

Some of you thrive in the loudest, busiest, anything can happen places. The Help Island Public and Orientation Island, welcome areas like Ahern and Waterhead keep your adrenaline going! Second Life needs all types of volunteers, so no matter what you prefer, there is a place for you.

  • Please look at the Infohub/WA notecard in the handouts for some of the major volunteering hotspots. Give them a try and find what works for you best! Also Infohubs and Welcome Areas can be found through the world map and the Search tool.
  • Volunteers also have special access to all the Help Islands and Orientation Islands. Type Help Island or Orientation Island in the World Map search to locate them. Feel free to drop in these locations and see if helping there is a good fit for you!


There are numerous ways to get support, such as the website support area. As always you can use the Help menu from the toolbar also. For Volunteers, the Volunteer Portal is a very important resource so you will want to bookmark this one! Volunteer Portal

  • Along with that you also have access to the VTeam Lindens: Amber, Blue, George, Mia and Lexie.

You can find our office hours on the volunteer wiki as well as contact us via IM if needed for volunteering questions. Volunteer Specialist Office Hours

  • SL Volunteer HI is also a resource for you. SL Volunteer HI is an exact duplicate of all the Help Islands. It is for exclusive use of Volunteers. Please do take the time to explore SL Volunteer HI and stay familiar with where things are. It never hurts to refresh your memory!
  • SL Volunteer Orientation Island: This specific Orientation Island is a duplicate of the islands new residents arrive on. It is for Volunteers to use only. Please feel free to walk through the OI and get a feel for it. It is always good to have a refresher so you know what the new residents have recently experienced.

There is a 10 minute OI Basics video on the SL Volunteer OI. Take a look at that too if you want. There is a box with the OI Guide (hud) available on the Volunteer OI as well as a box at the HQ in Tenera. The most recent Guide is 2.08 so you will want to make sure you have that current one for the main OI's and version 2.06 is available on the Volunteer OI for specific use only on that island. We highly recommend walking through the OI. It really does help remind you of what it is like to be new!

  • Other Volunteers are also your resource. Help each other. Maybe find someone to volunteer with and volunteer in the same location. Some like to volunteer alone and thats fine. There are many good ways to volunteer!
  • Another resource is Mentors Teaching Mentors. This Coach role within the Mentors group is for Mentors to help other Mentors learn skills. Please do look over the classes offered and attend if you want! The information about being a Coach as well as the Classes Offered page can be found on the Volunteer Portal
  • SL Volunteer Mentor Buddies: You may have seen recent notices or emails about the Mentor Buddy role. This role is for experienced Mentors to help guide newer Mentors with advice, tips and general issues related to volunteering.

If you would like to find a buddy: Look in the Mentor Group. ( Edit> Groups > Second Life Mentor> Info > Members and Roles > Members/Roles) Look for an online Mentor Buddy and send them an IM. If they are available to be your Mentor are all set : )

  • A new role is forming. SL Mentor Linguists. If you are "multi-lingual" and would like to be designated on the wiki and with Mentors as such, please respond to the following survey: Mentor Linguist Sign Up

Mentor Buddies

Often we will have a Mentor Buddy speak during orientation at this time. The Mentor Buddy will speak a few minutes on topics and tips they feel are most important to newer Mentors. Often they take some questions from the attendees.


We have established guidelines for the Mentor group channel. Please look those over! They can also be found on the Volunteer Portal as well as at the Volunteer HQ in Tenera.

The Group IM is a valuable resource and communication tool. When you do use it, please ask yourself: Is this comment/question something I need to send to possibly 1000 people? Would it be better to IM another volunteer directly? Do use it if needed but remember consideration for others goes a long way : ))

  • One good practice to follow in that channel is: Ask a question and request that anyone with an answer send you an IM. Also, If you see a question and don't know the answer or only have a personal opinion on a topic, don't reply in the channel.
  • Use a different group to say Hi to people because if over 1000 people say Hi back...while it's great to be welcomed it also starts to look like spam to those who are in classes or concentrating on other things.
  • Please remember to be polite to others in the channel. Even if you think they are wrong! If you respond in an extra nice manner there is less chance your tone will be misunderstood. Text is tricky like that so we all have to make some extra efforts in that area.
  • Important Reminder: Volunteers follow the Tao and are not a police force or a group of griefer hunters. Set the example by using the Abuse Reports and the Support Portal on the website appropriately! If the system is used by all, it works better.
  • One final point on Communication: It's important to stay in touch and informed of current topics and volunteer information. We highly encourage you to subscribe to the volunteer mailing list if you have not already done that. The Volunteer Portal has the link for that.


We know the value you as volunteers bring to Second Life. We have a few things in place to acknowledge and thank you for your good deeds!

  • SL Volunteer Islands: Islands only accessible to volunteers. You can read more about the islands on the Volunteer wiki. Feel free to explore the islands and use them. There are some guidelines for the islands so you will want to review those too! SL Volunteer Islands Policies

Take a break and enjoy yourself! Wind down and don't let the stress get to you. You dedicate a lot of time to others and deserve it!

  • The Official SL Volunteer Appreciation Day which is the first Saturday of May every year. SL Volunteers are so excellent they actually have a special day to honor them!!
  • Graduation: A fun Congratulations Meet and Greet Party to honor and welcome new volunteers!! Details of this party will be made available when the time approaches via group notices and the group channel.
  • A special shirt created by Mia Linden is also offered just for Mentors!


At the end of orientation we ask you to complete an exit survey. Your input and opinions matter! We want to know if you feel well informed and confident after the orientation. Suggestions are always welcome!

The entire VTeam thanks for your dedication to Second Life, for being part of what makes SL such a great experience, and for your dedication in helping others.