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Rez Date May 26, 2006
Mentor Date January, 2008
Avatar Typically humanoid ... but not always!
Home Location Boracay🖈
SL Skills SL Building and a little ... oh so little .. LSL hacking.
Interests Learning about other cultures - both physical and digital! Passion for learning and the technologies that can support this.
Hobbies Music / Walking / Racket sports
Education BSc, MA, MEd
Languages English and a little Cantonese.
RL Timezone Hong Kong, GMT +8 (SLT +15 in Summer, SLT +16 in Winter)
Work I'm an educational/faculty developer (as well as being an SL Mentor). I do volunteer work in Second Life with the New Media Consortium (aka NMC - an educational non-profit) co-running, with CDB Barkley, the NMC Teachers Buzz meetups every two weeks since August 2006 - see the Campus Observer blog and the NMC Campus wiki. I also collaborate on projects with other educational developers at Hong Kong, UK, US, CA, AU and NZ universities and colleges and act as an SL consultant for UK and CA Second Life education projects.

Learning/Education Philosophies

(To be completed) This covers all types of learning contexts - formal and informal, teacher, mentor, coach.

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