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Function: llSetDamage( float damage );

Sets the amount of damage that will be done when this object hits an agent.

• float damage

The valid range of damage is 0.0 (no damage) ~ 100.0 (instant kill). To give an agent the damage with this object,

  • The object must be physical, and
  • The agent must be on the land where "Safe (no damage)" is disabled.

Once the object hits the agent, the agent receives the damage, and the object will die without collision event.


<lsl> //Simple autokiller bullet: //When it rezzed it scans for the closest person, //Moves to their location and kills them. (Because //It collides with them) default {

   on_rez(integer i) {
       llSensor("", "", AGENT, PI, 96.0);
   timer() { llDie(); }
   sensor(integer num) {
       for(num = 100;--num;)

Deep Notes

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function void llSetDamage( float damage );