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Emblem-important-red.png Broken Feature Warning!

VWR-322 reports this function as broken.


Function: llCollisionSprite( string impact_sprite );

Suppress default collision sprites, replace default impact sprite with impact_sprite

• string impact_sprite a texture in the inventory of the prim this script is in, a UUID of a texture or an empty string

To suppress the collision sprite all together, just use an empty string as the value for impact_sprite


  • If impact_sprite is not an empty string and...
    • impact_sprite is missing from the prim's inventory and it is not a UUID or it is not a texture then an error is shouted on DEBUG_CHANNEL.
  • If impact_sprite is a UUID then there are no new asset permissions consequences for the object.
    • The resulting object develops no new usage restrictions that might have occurred if the asset had been placed in the prims inventory.

Important Issues

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   llCollisionSprite broken in newer releases.


See Also


•  collision_start
•  collision
•  collision_end


•  llCollisionFilter
•  llCollisionSound

Deep Notes


All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llCollisionSprite broken in newer releases.


  1. ^ Early release notes were not very accurate or thorough, they sometimes included information about features added in a previous release or fail to include information about features added in that release.


function void llCollisionSprite( string impact_sprite );
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