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[13:04] Lexie Linden: I'm going to start and those who show up late can read the transcript
[13:05] Lexie Linden: I have a couple of items today
[13:05] Desmond Fardel listens carefully
[13:05] Lexie Linden: First one is...a new channel has been added to the Second Life Answers site - Yay Spanish!!
[13:05] Lexie Linden:
[13:05] Tiamat Bingyi: ^.-.^
[13:05] Lexie Linden: Its almost done..needs a few fixes
[13:05] Desmond Fardel: ;) yaay
[13:05] Lexie Linden: I think maybe...Italian may be next
[13:05] Lexie Linden: Not sure on that
[13:06] Biancaluce Robbiani: nice thing ㋡
[13:06] Lexie Linden: yes !
[13:06] Slatan Dryke: ta dah
[13:06] Shinya Tandino: :D
[13:06] Lexie Linden: That leads me to my Second item..maybe you are tired of this topic
[13:06] Lexie Linden: Answers seeding ㋡
[13:06] Lexie Linden: SL Answers has had over 20,000 views since start of beta
[13:07] Lexie Linden: A large portion is by non-English Residents
[13:07] Biancaluce Robbiani: I knew... I got rss feed always on.. and if I see something I jump... but do you need seeding already localized for missing languages?
[13:08] Lexie Linden: If you work in teams or pairs and translate current questions or ones you think up..that would help many people
[13:08] Biancaluce Robbiani: okie
[13:08] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:08] BlckCobra Shikami: "What do I do if I forgot my user name"? Get a good therapist!
[13:08] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:08] Malwina Dollinger: :)
[13:08] Biancaluce Robbiani: Slatan may be you can help on it
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Spanish will be a good example..its actually open but has nothing in yet
[13:08] Slatan Dryke: sure
[13:09] Biancaluce Robbiani: You post a question I answer, and viceversa... also with some alts...
[13:09] Lexie Linden: I think German and French have the most actual questions for other languages. But..Japanese has more people viewing. So we obviously have aneed for some Japanese help
[13:09] BlckCobra Shikami: What I saw from the german SL Answers is that some people give their best, but unfortuantely also some wrong answers
[13:10] link Kiranov: oui Lexie :))
[13:10] Lexie Linden: True...some may be wrong
[13:10] Slatan Dryke: agree Bianca
[13:10] Lexie Linden: But the key is if you see a wrong answer..comment with the right one (politely)
[13:10] BlckCobra Shikami: oOO(dang, she added the politely part)
[13:10] Lexie Linden: Those asking shouldnt be marking bad answers as correct.
[13:10] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:10] Desmond Fardel: XD
[13:11] Lexie Linden: I am going to follow up with International and software people see what other channels we can hope to support
[13:11] Lexie Linden: I of course would like to see as many languages on Answers as possible
[13:11] Lexie Linden: But still, we are waiting for a software upgrade and then I think I will know more
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Any questions so far?
[13:12] Lexie Linden: ok
[13:12] Lexie Linden: Next item, well...question really
[13:12] Biancaluce Robbiani: we negin from the basics and go more in detail... looking at what you seeded in english
[13:13] Biancaluce Robbiani: begin*
[13:13] Lexie Linden: Good and right Bianca
[13:13] Lexie Linden: SO for this blog post Id like you each (if you want) to tell me what you have done in the last week or so in helping with your native language?
[13:14] Lexie Linden: I would like to include names in the post but do not have to..
[13:14] Lexie Linden: This may be a post that is on main blog or
[13:14] Lexie Linden: Do you all want to say something about what you have been doing?
[13:15] Slan Sabre: sure
[13:15] Lexie Linden: ok
[13:15] Slan Sabre: speaking for myself ofcourse
[13:15] Lisa Lowe: eh...I haven't done anything this week on Q&
[13:15] Biancaluce Robbiani: else from Jira projects or blog answers?
[13:15] Lexie Linden: (if you dont want me to use your name..just add NO NAME at the end of what you say
[13:16] Lexie Linden: It can be anything in SL that had you helping somehow in your native language
[13:16] Lara Shepherd: Translated, edited and updated KB articles in German, that's all :)
[13:16] Lexie Linden: nice!
[13:16] Desmond Fardel: ^^
[13:16] link Kiranov: I'm working with Noelle for translate KB in french with the Noelle'group
[13:16] Lexie Linden: awesome
[13:16] Lisa Lowe: I did a few lines on that new voice option thingy.
[13:16] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:17] Bolek Amat: Same as link
[13:17] Slan Sabre: I just entered the group. I checked the Dutch translation table. The web told me it was final, but I saw there is a lot of work to be done, in addition to the work already done by few
[13:17] Lexie Linden: It can be something you think is small too. Doesnt have to be a big project
[13:17] Desmond Fardel: nice idea anyway
[13:17] Lexie Linden: Do many of you also just help people randomly when you are out about in SL?
[13:17] Desmond Fardel: Yesah allthough i aint a mentor
[13:17] Lisa Lowe: yeah
[13:17] Tiamat Bingyi: ^`^
[13:17] Slatan Dryke: yup
[13:18] Desmond Fardel: but mostly in english
[13:18] BlckCobra Shikami: I've actually not done more than background help which many other people provide aswell: Explaining technical details to german users who are not deep into the technics (esp. land/group settings etc) and who are not so fit in english
[13:18] Shinya Tandino: This last week I help a person that cancel her account and then decided to not do it and she didn't know how to do it because she doesn't speak english so I teach her hor to file a ticket and also I help a person that was being harras in how to mute, ban and report the person
[13:18] Tiamat Bingyi: yush
[13:18] Desmond Fardel: i dont hang with the german crowd so often
[13:18] Biancaluce Robbiani: yes main help is done in translating AR for people or how to submit tickets and things like that
[13:18] Shinya Tandino: yes, I do
[13:18] Malwina Dollinger: translation of avaline text (still waiting for final directions from Noelle regarding translation of buttons) NO NAME
[13:18] Lisa Lowe: Slan, I will update you on the dutch translations soon, ok?
[13:18] Slan Sabre: I always goto HI's and try to talk to new ppl in their own language. The Googel translator tells me the language of their viewer
[13:18] Lexie Linden: ahh all good things
[13:18] Slatan Dryke: first aid in 3 different languages at HIP and HIs
[13:18] Tiamat Bingyi:
[13:19] Lexie Linden: Malwina I will folllow up again on that button question
[13:19] Malwina Dollinger: thx Lexie!
[13:19] Lexie Linden: Next question is...
[13:19] BlckCobra Shikami: I think most who speak 2 languages try to help as best as they can when people have trouble: like with account suspension, land settings, avatar problems etc
[13:19] Shinya Tandino: yes Blck
[13:19] Lexie Linden: Do you have any special language related locations you think more people should know about. Like: a favorite gathering place or extra helpful for certain languages or can be just social
[13:20] PrinceDeProvence Albatros: it's right blck
[13:20] Lexie Linden: I agree with that too ㋡
[13:20] Malwina Dollinger: ( Mi might Lexie upload just two version of that avaline text spreedsheet, one with and one without translation, is not a problem at all, have finished it already)
[13:20] Malwina Dollinger: (I )I
[13:20] Lexie Linden: /ok
[13:20] Malwina Dollinger: ups keyboards ( I might) *
[13:21] BlckCobra Shikami: The one I loved most was "Preussen" ... very engaged people, classes, newbie help - great german community. Unfortunately gave up due to L$ problems
[13:21] Lexie Linden: ahhh
[13:21] Lexie Linden: You have not found a new place yet?
[13:22] Lexie Linden: Reason I ask this is..I think many people who come into SL and do not speak English are more likely to feel lost and maybe give up.
[13:22] Desmond Fardel: what about berlin? think they are quite helpfull there
[13:22] Tiamat Bingyi: yup
[13:22] Lexie Linden: I am also working on another project that can involve all of you.
[13:22] Shinya Tandino: wow, places we have a lot in latin community it depends of the country because we have spanish orientation, we have reforma for mexico we have colombiamor for colombia and so may more
[13:22] Tiamat Bingyi: ohh
[13:22] Shinya Tandino: many*
[13:23] Malwina Dollinger: agree, plus frustration and badddd user experince for those non - English spekaers
[13:23] Lexie Linden: ahh good thanks Lara!
[13:23] Lara Shepherd: sure :)
[13:23] Desmond Fardel: well theres a good vendor with those places added allready . at least in korea 1 till 4
[13:23] BlckCobra Shikami: Those communities have 2 aspects ... good to get help in your own language when you are new to SL.
[13:23] Lexie Linden: I think there are good places but not easy to find if you are new
[13:23] Slatan Dryke: I always suggest the gateways form Glenn list
[13:23] Lexie Linden: right
[13:23] Slatan Dryke: from*
[13:23] BlckCobra Shikami: But some get there and start to believe SL is a german/spanish/italian/enterwhateveryouwanthere community and are kidn of stuck there
[13:24] BlckCobra Shikami: and one aspect about SL is the international part
[13:24] Lexie Linden: I agree
[13:24] Lisa Lowe: At some HI's there are signs with placenames. Could we have such a panel with all languages, pointing to the help places instead?
[13:24] Lexie Linden: Discovery in SL is a big part of the experience.
[13:24] Desmond Fardel agrees
[13:24] Lisa Lowe: If you follow the places, often nobody is there for the new ones to help them.
[13:25] Bolek Amat: Sorry, need to go for a while…
[13:25] Lexie Linden: I like that idea Lisa and I know there has been talks going on about how to better and more quickly connect people of all languages to next locations
[13:25] Lexie Linden: ok Bolek ㋡
[13:25] Lexie Linden: Wellll...
[13:25] Slatan Dryke: true Bianca
[13:25] Biancaluce Robbiani: lands*
[13:26] Tiamat Bingyi: there´s a few brasiliand mentors organizing some free volunteers to help at an open Gate (er..i dont know the name for isles like the HIs, but are not official HI)
[13:26] Lexie Linden: Some of you might recall last year that there was a beta for the RHN (Resident Help Network)
[13:26] Lisa Lowe: Community Gateways, Tiamat
[13:26] Radioactive Rosca: sorry, i was AFK
[13:26] Tiamat Bingyi: ty Lisa
[13:26] Lisa Lowe: or CG's
[13:26] BlckCobra Shikami: Is there a chance to have small welcome communities with land which are kind of independant but also don't have to care for earning L$ to pay their tier? What I mean is that strong economic aspects and help often don't go well together (if you understand what I mean)
[13:26] Lara Shepherd: yes, I remember that Lexie
[13:27] Lexie Linden: Yes Bianca I think thats good too
[13:27] Tiamat Bingyi: yush...:)
[13:27] Lexie Linden: The RHN program is going to include for aspects
[13:28] Lexie Linden: Then all the communities in SL will benefit. And I think especially International
[13:28] Lexie Linden: So..not too long from now I will be asking you what other language/community groups you are part of
[13:29] Lexie Linden: The goal is to get qualified groups more visiability
[13:29] Lara Shepherd: What is CGs LExie?
[13:29] Lexie Linden: Community Gateways
[13:29] Lexie Linden: sorry
[13:29] Lara Shepherd: oh ok :)
[13:29] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:29] BlckCobra Shikami: for techs: Stargate to a group of people with same interest :-)
[13:29] BlckCobra Shikami: *giggles*
[13:30] Desmond Fardel: O:O
[13:30] Lexie Linden: So this RHN plan will be another way you will be able to let the community know how you can help and it will be linked to Answers, hopefully on the main website..
[13:30] Lexie Linden: lots of planning yet to do but something for you all to think about
[13:30] Bolek Amat: Sorry, back
[13:30] Lexie Linden: welcome back
[13:30] Biancaluce Robbiani: hi Radio ㋡
[13:30] Lexie Linden: Soon as I have a clearer plan and how you can actually take part I will tell you
[13:31] BlckCobra Shikami: I remember the scripting mentor list ... never maintained and a few suffered from taking all the load
[13:31] Radioactive Rosca: Snowglobe client... many crashes... lol
[13:31] Lexie Linden: Hi Radio, didnt see you slip in : ))
[13:31] BlckCobra Shikami: from that experience I'd suggest to rather organise those things as a group: who is available helps/answers instead of list of names of individuals
[13:32] Lexie Linden: Resident Help Newtwork will be for existing groups who meet certain criteria...such as free language help..etc...
[13:32] Slan Sabre: Please give us more groups to be member of
[13:32] Lara Shepherd: :o)
[13:32] Slan Sabre: I am maxed at 25
[13:32] Lexie Linden: These groups will apply and if they meet the criteria will be accepted to the Network
[13:32] Radioactive Rosca: very od discussion, that of the 25 groups...
[13:32] Lisa Lowe: Like the Help People group?
[13:33] Lexie Linden: Those groups will get higher exposure to the SL community overall
[13:33] Radioactive Rosca: old
[13:33] Lexie Linden: right Lisa
[13:33] Lisa Lowe: ok
[13:33] BlckCobra Shikami: SSG for example offers no classes, no language help, but is THE #1 resource fro those who need a scripting hint/hep/a little support
[13:33] Biancaluce Robbiani: the past TUI, NCI too?
[13:33] BlckCobra Shikami: Such a group wouldn't qualify?
[13:33] Lisa Lowe: You already have a list of those groups?
[13:33] Lexie Linden: It will be anyone who offers something free..non-profit that will help a SL Resident
[13:34] BlckCobra Shikami: SSG=Scripters Support Group
[13:34] Lexie Linden: We have the old beta group list still which was about 13 groups
[13:34] Lexie Linden: But of course we will want more
[13:34] Lexie Linden: So I wanted to give you all the heads up that this might be something to consider. Making groups..joining groups etc
[13:35] Lisa Lowe: Will there also be some form of training, like with SL Mentors?
[13:36] Lexie Linden: No, this is existing groups who will meet the criteria size will be one? They need to be somewhat established. I think membership is one indicator of that
[13:36] BlckCobra Shikami: Will group chats work when your plan is ready? ;-)
[13:36] Lexie Linden: So its not about training but it is about letting everyone know that there are more Resident created resources
[13:36] Lexie Linden: lol Blck
[13:36] Biancaluce Robbiani: Do this groups need to have an island of their own?
[13:36] Lexie Linden: It works along with SL Answers I think?
[13:37] Lexie Linden: No Bianca
[13:37] Biancaluce Robbiani: ok tks
[13:37] Lexie Linden: I will try to pull together more info on this for you soon.
[13:37] BlckCobra Shikami: great
[13:37] Biancaluce Robbiani: grazie ㋡
[13:37] Lexie Linden: I really think in many cases..SL Residents can put a group together and run it better without a Linden driving :))
[13:38] Tiamat Bingyi:
[13:38] Lisa Lowe: On the other hand, there is quite a few ppl in those groups that hardly know anything :(
[13:38] BlckCobra Shikami: The disadvantage is: you can't blame it on a Linden, when something goes wrong :-)
[13:38] Biancaluce Robbiani: lol
[13:38] Lexie Linden: You are the ones who can make the best decisions related to your skills, contributions and ideas. Id like to support you in it but not "interfere" if that makes sense?
[13:39] Lara Shepherd: yes :)
[13:39] Lexie Linden: Thats possible too Lisa
[13:39] Slatan Dryke: yes
[13:39] Shinya Tandino: yes
[13:39] BlckCobra Shikami: that makes perfect sense: if we get support by LL ourself when needed for being the "driver"
[13:39] Lexie Linden: I think those groups will not grow if they are not really helping
[13:39] Biancaluce Robbiani: yes true
[13:39] Lexie Linden: So I think this is all I had on my topic list.
[13:39] Lexie Linden: Oh!
[13:40] Biancaluce Robbiani: and one thing more... if i can
[13:40] Lexie Linden: A big thank you to all of you who have been helping with translations related to Avaline and Registration strings!!
[13:40] Lexie Linden: Sure Bianca
[13:41] Biancaluce Robbiani: Having those groups will not interfere with any other project of business we have in SL .. like we did with mentoring
[13:41] Biancaluce Robbiani: am I right?
[13:41] Lexie Linden: It should not. It should actually offer you more choices on who you help, how you help...might make you busier lol
[13:41] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:41] Desmond Fardel: hehe
[13:42] Lexie Linden: But that would be up to group to be as active as the group decides
[13:42] Lexie Linden: oh I do have one more thing
[13:42] Biancaluce Robbiani: we already are lol m... localizers and helpers go together ㋡
[13:42] Lexie Linden: true!
[13:42] BlckCobra Shikami: I also have something that might fit into this frame and your topics, Lexie
[13:43] Malwina Dollinger raises hand
[13:43] Lexie Linden: We have new translators and will have more coming in as well. If you do not see a project that is open (pjira tasks) consider looking at the blogs and if you see something you think is of value to the International community..translate it!
[13:43] Lexie Linden: You can send it to me..or you can put in wiki and put the link in the blog comments.
[13:43] BlckCobra Shikami: "does it move? Translate it!"
[13:43] Desmond Fardel: just so?
[13:43] Tiamat Bingyi: hihihi
[13:44] Lexie Linden: This is an extra idea..not official project...yet ㋡
[13:44] Desmond Fardel: well good one
[13:44] Biancaluce Robbiani: okie dokie
[13:44] Lexie Linden: : )
[13:44] Lexie Linden: Blck you had something and then Malwina did too
[13:45] Desmond Fardel: damm i have no since 4 years
[13:45] Desmond Fardel: o_o
[13:45] Lexie Linden: I am sure they are but would be watching to see how the trend is going
[13:46] Malwina Dollinger: in regards to RHN, still, the filter through which those groups will be joining , is LL? any accept list/reject and so on? correct, to make sure the user experince mets with the highest value
[13:46] Biancaluce Robbiani: many people I heard were engaged on new grids and I think they are trying to steal content to take there...
[13:46] Bolek Amat: Sorry, some trouble
[13:46] Lexie Linden: Yes Malwina: Thats the current plan in progress. LL sets criteria and does the approval.
[13:46] Malwina Dollinger: thank You Lexie :)
[13:46] Lexie Linden: So it wont just be "anyone"
[13:47] Lexie Linden: sure : ))
[13:47] Lexie Linden: I will pass that on Blck as feedback ok?
[13:47] BlckCobra Shikami nods
[13:48] Desmond Fardel: I sorry..
[13:48] Desmond Fardel: I'm Sorry! i wasnt on for 4 months so i may have missed a lot it seems
[13:48] Biancaluce Robbiani: no they need a rapid massive copyng of content to fill the grids to make them look pretty to engage people...
[13:48] Lexie Linden: Welcome Back Bolek
[13:48] BlckCobra Shikami: but I think that's not what content creators worries: it's the selling of copied stuff in SL itself
[13:49] Biancaluce Robbiani: they are not stopped by the scripts with permission checks
[13:49] Slan Sabre: arent we a bit off topic?
[13:49] Lexie Linden: Anyone have any other questions or thoughts?
[13:49] BlckCobra Shikami: Example: the sculpted reefs/palms which were beautifully designed with a lot of knwoledge by a very good designer. You can buy them everywhere meanwhile ... even on SLX for L$10 ... liek a price war ... most are stolen
[13:50] Lisa Lowe: I know there is a lot of confusion about copybots also. Maybe LL can write a blogpost on that first with some facts?
[13:50] Lexie Linden: Maybe..I will pass on your feedback on the topic : ))
[13:50] BlckCobra Shikami: Well off topic a tiny bit: I think it's part of new residents experience if people can not get anywhere anymore
[13:51] BlckCobra Shikami: Stuck at welcoem island for your entire 2nd life LOL
[13:51] Lexie Linden: If nothing else..I think we are done ㋡ I will post the transcript a little later and note it on the CT forum.

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