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Some Abbreviations In Common Use

Abbrevation Meaning
OI Orientation Island
OIP Orientation Island Public
HI Help Island
HIP Help Island Public
AR Abuse Report
TP Teleport
LM Landmark
IM Instant Message
BRT Be Right There
LL Linden Lab
ALT Alternative Avatar (2nd (3rd, 4th...) Avatar of someone)

There are many more but I think that these are the most important for the group chat.

Overview of roles within the Mentors Group

Chart showing the flow of Residents into the Mentor Program

There are many optional roles within the Second Life Mentors.
The following table and the connected chart on the right are supposed to give an overview and present all necessary links for further informations. Please consider reading mentor-group-roles for an additional overview.

The links for sign up might cause problems in the Safari web browser.
If you experience these problems, please consider a temporarily use of the Firefox browser instead.


  • If someone asks for "An Italian Mentor @ OI 3 for NAME", please don't ask for a TP in return. It's way easier for you to open up the Map, type Orientation Island 3 and hit the TP button then it is for the other one to find your profile in the group or in search to TP you.
  • To be able to answer questions about the tutorials on Orientation Island, you should have a look at Volunteer OI🖈, catch an Orientation HUD (beneath the HELP ISLAND sign in the middle of the island) and then start the tutorial on your own to get an impression on where problems might occur.
  • Save one unused Orientation HUD in your inventory. It's not possible to reset scripts at the Orientation Islands and if a newbie and/or a bug breaks a HUD, it's good to have one handy to replace it.
  • If someone in the group chat asks for a specific Mentor and you wish to attend, please answer something like ok, be right there. This way, other Mentors are informed that this request is obsolete and there won't be about 10 Mentors popping up to just one request. Remember: We're more than 3500 people...
  • In group chat, ask directly what you are looking for and provide all necessary informations. Questions like Is there a spanish mentor available are just causing spam and maybe a flood of IMs for you. You could write instead I need a Spanish Mentor for NAME at PLACE. S/he'll come there if s/he's available.
  • There is no way to get out of an Orientation Island by using the search and pressing the provided teleport button. It just won't do anything, although it's highlighted. Newbies can't use the map to do the job either, 'cause for them, there is just a blue field displayed with nothing on it. So if a newbie wants to leave an OI to a specific place, don't tell them to use the search or the map. The only chance to leave it is using a landmark or receiving a teleportation invite.
  • There is a Mentor Question and Answer Group running which you might want to join. Read more about it.
  • We encourage new and existing Mentors and Apprentices arriving to create a Wiki Profile Page for yourself on the Second Life Wiki so people can always find you. There is a Quickie Wiki Intro page which might help you to do so.
  • Don't trust the dots! Orientation Islands might appear empty on the map while there is still the chance that they are pretty crowded. Just teleport there to have a look.


How can I teleport someone to an Orientation Island?

The person you'd like to teleport needs to be another Mentor or a new Resident on another Orientation Island and you got to activate the Admin Mode to enable teleports. The Admin Mode is switched on by pressing CTRL + ALT + V for Windows or Linux and CMD + OPT + V for Mac OS X.

What should I do if an underaged (< 18 years) is on the main grid?

File an Abuse Report, include the relevant chat which makes you think they might be underaged and they will become redirected to the Teen Grid. There is no chance that s/he got accidentally on the main grid 'cause you got to enter your date of birth during the registration.

When I leave an OI or HI, my Home destination is the first place I TP from there. Any chance to avoid that?

No. You can only TP to your Home location first (CTRL + ALT + H) before going anywhere else so your new Home equals the old one. This is just for the restricted OIs and HIs not for OIP and HIP.

Do I have to file Abuse Reports? How and when to do it

Note: You don't have to file Abuse Reports. However, it is good to inform other residents on how they can manage it and when it is appropriate. Click here to read more about it.

What can I do if I think a resident might be in a personal crisis / suicidal?

If you are not sure about the Resident, ask directly if s/he thinks about harming her- or himself. If the answer is any other then Heck no!! please encourage the Resident to search for professional help and provide a suicide hotline appropriate to the residents location. Here are some. If you feel overstained, ask for help in the group channel.

What should I do with someone who is advertising the own business / passing Landmarks to own businesses at a restricted OI?

Talk to the person. Ask politely to stop it. If s/he doesn't stop, AR (if you feel comfortable with it) and let LL decide on it.

In case I don't know which Resident is responsible for a grief but I'd like to file an AR. Whose name can I fill in?

In the case of an unknown source, it is permitted to enter the name of Blue Linden instead of the name of the unknown Resident in the AR. (Check over here).

Can someone tell me how *(insert action here)* is working on a Mac?
  • Right Click: CMD + Click
  • Advanced Menu: CTRL + OPT + D
  • Admin Options: CMD + OPT + V
  • Further info: Have a look over here.
How can I avoid the typing animation or snapshot sound?

Enable the Advanced menu (CTRL-ALT-D on PC / CTRL-OPT-D on Mac).

  • Snapshot: Advanced -> Quiet Snapshot to Disk
  • Typing: Advanced -> Debug Settings -> PlayTypingAnim -> FALSE
How can I downgrade my viewer?

Have a look at Old versions in case you would like to download an obsolete client. If you want to compile it on your own, please visit Source downloads and Obsolete Source downloads.

Usefull Tools for Mentors

  • Mystical Cookie offers her MystiTool HUD for free if you are a Mentor. Visit her Main Store in Avendale🖈, activate your group tag and click on the box in the north eastern corner of her store with the hovering "SL Mentors! Click Here!" text. TYVM Mysti!
  • The so called Multi Gadget by Timeless Prototype is available for free if you wear the Mentors tag. Go to the Volunteer Headquarter in Tenera🖈 and look at the boxes. TYVM! You'll also find nice Mentor shirts and other items.
  • There is a Mentors Freebie Store at SL Volunteer Island🖈 with lots of full permission freebies to offer new residents.
  • Have a look at the kiosks around the landing point at SLVEC!

Suggested Reading and Resources for Mentors

This the gateway to much of our information. There is a lot of stuff here, if you dig for it.
The VTEAM Blog has information about upcominng meeting & events, transcripts of meetings, and upcoming classes taught by mentors (week to week)
In case you missed the announcement at the VTeam blog, you'll find the next dated Monthly Mentor Meetings here.
Please try to have an eye on that blog since it also announces critical inworld issues, viewer updates and much stuff that Residents might ask you about.
A collection of links to relevant KB articles / blog entries / places etc.
Here are some userpages linked that might provide you some useful informations.
This is Second Life's public issue tracker known as the Jira. Confusing? Have a look at this video tutorial on how to browse the Jira.
  • SL Forum (Restricted- requiring registered payment info)
Discussions on scripting, access to a scripting library, the knowledgebase, Animation Tips, Building Tips, Texturing Tips, Scripting Tips, Movies and Machinima, etc., etc.! Includes multi-language forums in German, Korean, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.
Access to FAQ's and Knowledgebase and Solution Finder. For premium account residents, it also allows you to navigate to a Live Chat page with Linden Support.
Those are great resources. Watch them and tell people about 'em!
  • Use Your Search Feature
Press the SEARCH button and select the ALL tab. Enter "Mentor" and search. Wiki pages, Mentor Buddy Lists can be viewed directly from inside SL without having to open up a new browser!
Search for: second life
Search for: second life tier fees
Search for: seocnd life mac right click
Search for: second life estate tools
so on and so forth.
What's been going on with SL
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