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This article is obsolete, but kept as a historical record. Do not rely on this information in any way. However, it may be used in the future, so please do not delete or modify.

SL5B Logo

General Information

Welcome to the official central resource for information related to Second Life's 5th Birthday! The event is being coordinated by the SL5B Committee, which is made up of Resident Volunteers and Lindens.

New information will be added here as we are able to make it available, to keep our fellow residents of Second Life informed on the progress of our 5th Birthday Event. Information in English is the most updated.

Second Life's 5th Birthday Event begins June 23, 2008 9:00 am (Monday) to July 7, 2008 11:59 pm (Monday)

SL5B Places of Interest

Locations of interest during SL5B that people had posted on the Second Life Forums were compiled into a list.

General Exhibitor Events

[Updated June 25] We added another new way to look for events happening during the two-week SL5B celebration. If you want an alternative to using in-world search, you view this live calendar that's updated by the exhibitors themselves.

You can use the calendar view or the sortable list view. Enjoy!

SL5B Wiki image 3.jpg

A calendar of general events held by exhibitors can be found here.

Event Recordings

Missed attending and wanna catch up?

These are also available on our Podcast. Also learn how to play media.



Week 2 - Confirmed

Official Flickr - Image Sharing

Share your Second Life Birthday Images at

Even if you don't have images join! You can view share and discuss the event on Flickr with others! : D

If you don't have a Flickr account go to and sign up then visit the Event link to join the Second Life Birthday Event Flickr Pool.

Event staff / Coordinators please join and contact an Admin once you have joined the group!

SL5B Stage Coordinates

Center Stage - Main Stage (at confluence of 4 sims, approach by any of the following SLURLs)

Other Attractions

Bayjou Machinima Theater (SL5B, original at Bay City)

The website to get informed about the DJ's & other performers during the SL5B!

SL Shakespeare Company and Globe Theatre Cross Sections Special Exhibit

Guidelines/Policies for SL5B

Exhibit / Building Guidelines

  • No Mega Prims
  • No use of temp-on-rezzers to create permanent structures
  • All Exhibits must be PG, if an Exhibit contains Mature Content this content may be Returned by a Coordinator
  • No commercial advertising or objects for sale
  • No Tip Jars

Under the definition of PG some of but not limited to the following will be prohibited: Nudity: Exhibits must not contain Mature content, if you are unsure of the rating of some of your content please contact a Coordinator. Ropes and Chains, graphic images or exhibits showing someone being bound will not be allowed, this also includes other content that may represent someone being bound in a sexual way.

Group Chat Guidelines

Follow the Second Life Community Standards when talking in Group Chat. Please Do Not spam. Please Do Not advertise in Group Chat. Don't be abusive towards other exhibitors or event staff in Group Chat. If you have a private dispute take it to Instant Message with that person, if you have a general Event Dispute please contact a Coordinator.

We all enjoy general chit chat, as it helps boost moral and awareness between exhibitors but please be respectful.


If you come across a griefer (Anything or anyone that is in breach of the Second Life ToS and / or Community Standards) please file an Abuse Report by going to 'Help' and 'Report Abuse...' and also contact a Coordinator.

If you come across griefing objects such as particle spammers please file an Abuse Report and contact a Coordinator to return the object. Please do not aggravate the situation in any way.

If you're found to be griefing you will be Reported and banned from the Event and SL5B Sims. Anything that breaches the Second Life ToS and / or Community Standards and makes a Residents Second Life Experience less enjoyable is griefing and will not be accepted or tolerated.

Please don't be abusive towards SL5B Staff, we're here to do a job and make the event enjoyable for all so help us to help you. : D

Here's the Second Life ToS and Community Standards

Attending the Event

While you're on the SL5B Sims the SL5B Rules and Policies apply to you. Please be considerate to other attendees and staff around you, abusive or rude language is not permitted. Please don't spam.

Staff List / Event Contacts

Long hours, late nights, true dedication and commitment. That sums up the monumental task our staff has in preparing and organizing this birthday. But we do it all for you -- the amazing and creative residents of Second Life. And that makes it all worth it. We hope you enjoy the event as much as we have in our path to get to the finish line.

Main Organisers:

Phaylen Fairchild, previously Trinity Coulter, originally SignpostMarv Martin


General Coordinator (previously Meghan Dench)

Sim Coordinators:

  • Dusty Linden: SL5B Edit, SL5B Linked, SL5B Rotate, SL5B Stretch
  • Evie Fairchild: SL5B Rebake, SL5B Ruthed, SL5B Hippos, SL5B Prim
  • Kit Maitland: SL5B Phantom, SL5B Second Life Birthday, SL5B Physical, SL5B Move, SL5B Copy
  • Katier Reitveld: SL5B Dwell, SL5B Avatar, SL5B Delegoose, SL5B Rezzed

Shoshana Epsilon: SL5B Flexi, SL5B Sculpty, SL5B Render (Aided by Taff Nouvelle)

Lindens | Linden Event Liason:

Music and Live Performance Team:

LSL Infrastructure Team:

Building Coordinators:

Layout | Infrastructure Layout:

Art Exhibits Team:

Exhibition Coordinators:

Terraform Artists:

Poid Mahovlich


Chief Baker:

[to be updated], previously YadNi Monde


Note to Linguists:

Please list in your In-World Second Life Profile the languages you speak and are available to translate into, as well as any other useful information about your availability.


Sandor Balczo (Italian and Linguists Coordinator until June 22, 2008)

Eva Nowicka (Spanish)

Marianne Levasseur (French, English)

Frederic Prevost (Japanese)

Orlandoo Habercom (German, English)

Fior Oconnell (Dutch, German)

Dhyana Writer (French, Spanish)

Ysel Auer (Spanish)

Azziej Enzo (Dutch)

Poid Mahovlich (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)

Second Life Birthday Groups

SL Birthday Exhibitors

For staff and Exhibitors and others who may wish to join. This is the main group.

Second Life Birthday Staff

For Event Staff only.

SL Birthday Performers

For exhibitors, staff and Event Performers including DJs : D

Calendar of Events

  • See the General Exhibits Calendar Link at the top of this page.
  • Opening Event/Keynote
  • Music/Parties
  • Live Performances
  • Second Life Cultural Events
  • Industry Roundtables, Tours, Talks
  • Closing Presentations

Event News

  • Notice: all times are in US Pacific time

Exhibitors Follow Up Survey (July 10th)

The Follow up Survey for Exhibitors can be found here.

Update: Land Listing! : D (June 29th)

We've now added and listed ALL of the parcels on the SL5B Estate onto a Wiki Page, into a table so that you can easily look down the table and find an exhibit that you'd like to visit, this may seem a bit late but this will enable people to explore more of what they want to see in Week 2! : D The page can be found here. This was added manually so is you make changes after today on the Estate the page wont update, it's a manual process, please enjoy the rest of the event. ~ Meghan

Update: SL5B Places of Interest (June 26th)

I've noticed on the Forums that some people are not happy with the fact that not all Plots are listed in Search and that there's no quick guide to find interesting exhibits. So we've made one which can be found here. Not all of the Exhibits will be there, but the ones posted on this forum thread which is created by SL5B Visitors, will be. If your Exhibit isn't listed there and you want it to be please post a reply on that Forum Thread, at present that is where the locations info is coming from for the wiki page mentioned in this update. I hope you're all enjoying the event! : D ~ Meghan Dench

Update on Events Listing (25th June)

If you have an event or will be holding one but can't list it for any reason please email with the full event details, we'll try our best to have it listed Here. All listing will appear there. To see about getting your parcel listing in Place Search In World please contact a Coordinator. I can't stress to you enough how important it is for exhibitors to email there events to this address asap for it to be listed, I suggest doing it at least 24 hours before the event in order for it to be listed in time. Other questions on this? email or see the forums and create a response on one of the STICKY SL5B Threads. We're sorry for the inconvenience, please enjoy the event! : D ~ Meghan Dench

Event has started! (24th June by Meg)

The Event has kicked off! We'll be updating Wiki shortly and posting updates here! Have a great time at the Event! : D

June 22, 2008 7:45 PM PDT - PLEASE DISSEMINATE):

Tomorrow we will be closing the entire estate in the interest of preperation for the launch. The Sims will be down from 7am until 9:45am PDT. Space to attend Philip and M Linden's opening speeches will be incredibly limited. We will be providing external links for residents to listen and/or watch the events remotely from private parcels around the grid. Thanks for understanding. ~ Phaylen Fairchild

Latest news (June 22, 2008):

Sims have returned to standard Linden time, with the sun rising and setting as expected. The sims will open to the public Monday, June 23, 2008 at 9 am PDT. Have a great time! ~ Shoshana Epsilon

Latest news (June 16, 2008):

This event has grown from one week to two, and some people are confused about how long they will be allowed to exhibit. If you are part of the arts and culture sections, you should be ready to exhibit and start doing your fine tuning on June 20, 2008. The gates open on June 23, 2008. You are welcome to exhibit for the whole two weeks of the event, and we hope you will! Beginning on week 2 (June 30), we will begin to shift focus a bit and add more events and exhibits in the Education, Business Solutions and Nonprofit categories. These folks have an extra week to prepare (until June 27, 2008), and are located on the regions called Edit, Linked, Rotate and Stretched. However, if they can complete their exhibits on time for the opening on June 23, they should! They will get far more visibility on their exhibits if they too can be open for the full two weeks. But no one will pressure them to be ready by June 23, since they are getting a late start. ~ Dusty Linden