SL Cert - Advanced Land Management

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SL Cert - Advanced Land Management


This is the criteria required for a person to become certified on Second Life Land Management at the advanced level.


Anyone who intends to demonstrate that they have advanced land management skills and have passed the basic and intermediate levels


Completion of the testing at an intermediate level

Criteria for testing to Advanced Level

Lag: causes and cures Identifying reasons for lag. Deduce whether lag is client or server side. Demonstrate a knowledge of how scripts, collisions and physics affect the performance of a sim.

Debugging a SIM Correctly identify performance-impacting activities/functions of a region. Understand the basic measures of the region's performance statistics. Demonstrate how to use the debug facility to identify potential issues and resolve them. Understand the debug functions return and disable. Know the implications of disabling or returning an object through the debug menu.

Editing ground texture levels Demonstrate a understanding on how terrain heights work, and configure a region to have different appearances at similar heights.

Buying and Selling regions through Linden Transfer Explain the process of buying land directly from the land portal and from another resident as a Linden Transfer. Explain the difference between support available with a premium account versus a concierge account.

Using Beacons & Rendering Understand how beacons can be used to help identify issues on a sim. Use the rendering options to remove elements via the client to help track down lost objects.

RAW Files Demonstrate an understanding of RAW files, what they are and how to use them. Explain uploading and downloading RAW files and demonstrate an understanding of "baking" a terrain.