SL Cert - Intermediate Event Hosting

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Intermediate Event Hosting


This section outlines the tasks required to manage an event or mood/atmosphere at an event or venue that has a DJ or live performer. Examples are: a club that features a DJ or live performer/band; a wedding reception that has a singer or live band; or an event where a live person is streaming into Second Life, such as a lecture via a stream. The person doing Intermediate Event Hosting would normally be under the supervision of the club owner, club manager, or the event manager and would not have sole responsibility for the event. He or she might also be part of a team of hosts and hostesses.


Anyone who wants to host an event or work at a venue that has a DJ and/or live performer and has completed Basic Event Hosting Certification.


Completion of Basic Event Hosting Certification.


Describe the skills and knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently manage an event or venue at the intermediate level.

Intermediate Skillset

The following describes the skillet needed to host an event or venue at the intermediate level.

Perform all of the Basic Event Hosting abilities, plus:

Talent Engagement: Ability to interact efficiently with the DJ and/or live performer to ensure that he or she has what is needed for a successful performance.

Publicity: Ability to send notices to the appropriate groups and post notices in Second Life Events.