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Marketing - Advanced


This list of requirements is part of the Second Life Certification project. It is an effort to create a list of specific skills required for persons to become certified in advanced marketing.


Persons who wish to demonstrate competence in and knowledge of advanced Second Life Marketing


To start the certification process for advanced Second Life marketing, a person should have good knowledge of the Second Life interface and operation, and he/she should be familiar with Second Life “shopping”, both in-world and through e-commerce websites related to Second Life.

Applicant must hold basic marketing certification and intermediate marketing certification.

(Recommended) An application should have a basic understanding of marketing and economical terms. It’s also recommended the person has a certain case which he or she can use to practice the marketing skill.

Criteria for testing to advanced level

In the advanced skill sets a person should demonstrate a mastery of advanced marketing tasks. The following categories provide the advanced categories.

Broad Overview

  • Brands
  • Product lifetime and development
  • Pricing strategies
  • Distribution and reseller marketing

The advanced categorie focusses on "marketing beyond the product"; marketing your brand, marketeer's involvement in product development, how to explore new markets using pricing strategies and how to set up and maintain a distribution and reseller network.


  • Your brand & it's image
  • Brand support using logo's and packaging
  • Brand support through service and relations

A person should be able to analyze the current position and image of the brand, and to formulate the desired image and position of the brand. The person should also have knowledge about how to influence the brand image by using logo's, house style and packaging, and how to promote and support a brand through service and relations with all parties involved.

Product lifetime and development

  • Lifecycle of products
  • Analyzing
  • Competitors
  • Development

A person should demonstrate knowledge of the product lifecycle; he should be able to analyze the lifecycle of his own products and services and to analyze the lifecycle of his direct competitors' products. Based on this, a person should demonstrate to know how to keep the product developers up-to-date about the lifecycle of the product, and to advise product developers on necessary changes/updates to the product.

Pricing Strategies

A person should demonstrate knowledge of how to introduce products to new markets using pricing strategies. (ie. price penetration strategy).

Distribution and reseller marketing

A person should know the basics of distribution and reseller marketing - ie. how to choose the right people and relations. A person should also demonstrate knowledge of how to maintain relations with resellers and distributors, and how to set up marketing actions together with them.