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This section outlines the tasks required to manage an event or mood/atmosphere at an event or venue that has a DJ or live performer, is sim-wide or covers multiple sims, and/or is a multiple day event. Examples are: a music festival such as SecondStock; a celebration such as Burning Life or Second Life's Birthday; a multiple-event, a conference such as Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference, a musical event such as a play or ballet. The person doing Advanced Event Hosting would have sole responsibility for the event. He or she might also be part of a team of event managers.


Anyone who wants to host a event or work at a venue that covers multiple days, events, and participants and has completed the Intermediate Event Hosting Certification.


Must have completed the Intermediate Event Hosting Certification


Describe the skills and knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently manage an event or venue at the advanced level.

Advanced Skillset

The following describes the skillset needed to host an event or venue at the advanced level.

Technical Knowledge

Some technical skill is required to perform at the advanced level. The techical skills required are:

Simple Building skills: Rezz a prim, add a texture to a prim, add basic script (give all contents, rotate,etc.)

Knowedge of Collaboration and Project Management Tools: Google Docs, Doodle, Excel spreadsheets

Simple terraforming: Raise, lower, flatten smooth, subdivide, join land.

Content Knowledge

Advanced Skillset Testing Mode