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This is the criteria required for a person to become certified on texturing for Second Life on the advanced level.


Anyone who intends to demonstrate that they have professional texturing skills. This would be very useful for Second Life builder for example and texture artists.


Certification on the intermediate Texturing level.

Testing Criteria

The following topics are required knowledge to become certified on the advanced Texturing level:

1. Sculpt maps and textures

2. Graphic program skills (outside Second Life)

3. Professional project work to specifications

All skills should be demonstrated as a combination of theoretical (multiple-choice) test and practical application inworld.

Advanced Level

Advanced level certification candidates should demonstrate an understanding of the following topics:

1. Sculpt maps and textures

1.1 Ability to produce and upload a working and transparent or otherwise protected sculpt map texture.

1.2 Ability to produce a sculpty surface texture with baked shadow/lighting for a given sculpt map.

1.3 Ability to produce a sculpt map and sculpty surface texture to given specifications.

2. Other graphic program skills:

2.1 Understanding of at least: text on textures, gradients, image cutting, shadow/lighting, sharpening, smoothing, bump mapping, patterns, selection, layers, and channels in a graphic program of choice.

2.2 Ability to produce seamless textures, seamless clothes, skins etc.

2.3 Ability to produce texture sheets, multi-use textures (for instance, a wall texture that incorporates elements that can be used separately on smaller prims as capitals for pillars or other architectural details, etc.), glass and metal textures, highlighting and shading to convey the illusion of sequins, metallic, or vinyl fabric on clothing, changing hue and saturation on a provided texture to match a sample. Ability to create several textures for fabric, walls, etc. that "go with" a provided sample, use of alpha channels to simulate fur, feathers, or flora in world, knowledge of paths and/or shapes sufficient to reproduce the client's logo on articles of clothing from a provided vector image, knowledge of distortion tools sufficient to correct parallax in a provided photograph, knowledge of compositing sufficient to combine provided photo textures seamlessly to produce an image to specifications.

2.4 Ability to produce convincing vinyl, shine, grunge and aging effects on textures specially for Second Life.

3. Working to specifications

3.1 Producing any possible texture to specifications, using and combining several above mentioned methods.

3.2 Recognizing texturing limits that are Second Life specific and communicate these after reading the specifications and before starting on a texturing project. (sculpty shapes, formats options, lighting etc.)

3.3 Patience and professionalism, discussing licensing, timelines, expenses for given specifications.