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SL Skills List Template

Page Title

The page title should indicate the skill name for which you are providing a skills list:

(Your name) SL Cert (level, e.g. "Basic", "Intermediate", "Advanced") (skill name, e.g "Scripting")


(Brief description of the subject list)


(Brief description of those who may be interested in taking this certification)


(List of pre-requisites that are required before certifying at this level will be possible. For example, certification at basic level is required before certifying at intermediate level can be taken. Also, certification may have pre-requisites that matrix to other topic areas. For example, before certifying on terraforming it may be necessary for someone to become certified to a basic level on Land Management)


(Topic list for testing. These should be task driven and should be written in this sense. For example, instead of "You can learn how to make a basic prim and then change it's shape and texture", it would be termed "Demonstrate the creation of a prim and texture changes")

They should be broken down into three levels and have test methodology suggestions added.

Basic Level

Describe topics to be tested to basic level

Basic Level Testing Mode

e.g. Basic Level should be tested using out-of-world multi-choice and free text questions

Intermediate Level

Describe the topics to be tested to intermediate level

Intermediate Level Testing Mode

e.g. Two stage process, multi-choice out-of-world testing and in-world creation of xxx subject to oversight from a moderator

Advanced Level

Describe topics to be tested to advanced level

Advanced Level Testing Mode

Similar to above examples