SL Cert - Intermediate Mentoring

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SL Cert - Intermediate Tutoring


This is the definition of the abilities one is expected to have for intermediate level tutoring in Second Life.


People and organizations who want to help others.


Must be a minimum of six months of age in Second Life, have passed the Second Life Mentoring - Basic Level exam, and have mentored for a month after passing that exam.


Describe the skills and knowledge necessary to mentor at an intermediate level competently and effectively.

Communications Skillset

Thorough knowledge of Linden Lab copyright in Second Life

Thorough knowledge of disclosure

Dealing with underage residents

Dealing with different types of residents

Handling yourself at a busy area

Counseling frustrated residents about continuing to use Second Life

Technical Skillset

Keyboard shortcuts

Familiar with multiple viewers

Suggestions: Snowglobe 2, Second Life Viewer 2, Emerald, Second Life Viewer 1.23.

Avatar Rendering Cost



The Lag Meter
The Statistics Console
The Help - About menu

How to locate sound sources

How to locate particle sources

Console windows

Land permissions

Voice Chat

Controls for Windows and Macintosh systems

The process for initiating voice chat

Check the microphone and speaker settings
Steps for turning on and controlling voice in SL

What can go wrong