SL Cert - Intermediate Terraforming

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Intermediate Skills

1. Knowledge of Estate Land Management (cross reference Land Management)

• different types of estates (Mainland, Openspace, Homestead, Private)

Testing Could be multiple choice: eg:

Which Estate Type has a Limit of 19 Residents or less? A. Mainland B. Openspace C. Homespace D. Private

2. Knowledge of Land Textures and Library elements

Testing PIW

  • change land textures on an estate
  • show blending
  • use Library plants

4. Use of Plants/Prim elements (rocks, roads etc.)

Testing PIW

place trees and shrubs build a path using prims (there is a good example of a possible test in "Creating Your World" Weber Rufer-Bach Platel Wiley 2008 Ch. 10 Terraforming)