SL Cert - Advanced Mentoring

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SL Cert - Advanced Tutoring


These are the requirements for advanced tutoring in Second Life.


People and organizations who want to help others.


  • Be at least two years of age
  • Have passed both the Basic and Intermediate exams
  • Have a sub-specialty at the intermediate level
  • Have mentored for six months after passing the Intermediate exam
  • Be part of an apprenticeship program for one year
  • Have started developing sub-specialties in other certification categories
  • Have three recommendations; suggestions are your primary sponsor, a resident in a group with management-level responsibilities, and your immediate supervisor


Describe the skills and knowledge necessary to tutor competently and effectively at an advanced level.

Communications Skill Set

Handling an unruly area on your own

Methods of bringing people over to the Good Side

Technical Skill Set

Advanced knowledge of all menus in the standard interface

Advanced knowledge of the Preferences interface

Understand hardware and networking issues

Know the resources

Be able to research solutions in any of the below areas:

Computer knowledge

Video cards