SL Cert - Intermediate Land Management

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SL Cert Intermediate Land Management


This is the criteria required for a person to become certified on Second Life Land Management at the intermediate level.


Anyone who intends to demonstrate that they have intermediate land management skills and have passed the basic level


Completion of the testing at a basic level

Criteria for testing to Intermediate Level

Land Dividing and Joining Understand and demontsrate the sub-dividing & joining of parcels. Being able to correctly create sizes required and irregular shapes.

Selling & Reclaiming Land Demonstrate the ability to sell a parcel of land and the implications. Also, the ability to reclaim a parcel, "clean" it and set for sale.

Setting Estate-wide options (Estate manager) Demonstrate an understanding of options that will efect the entire region and their implications on local parcel settings.

Finding & returning objects Use basic tools to find objects owned by others on a parcel and return them without affecting other residents objects.

Restarting and Rollbacks Understand the implications of restarting a region and some of the issues that require this to be done. Demonstrate an understanding of the implications of Rolling Back a region.

Region Security - griefing Demonstrate that you can identify a griefing attack and list how this may differ from a tennant's mistake. Understand how to eliminate griefing effects to your viewer and locate the source of a particle emitting object. Identify the griefer and raise an Abuse Report, ensuring that he is no longer able to enter the region.

Changing ground textures Be capable of changing ground textures on a sim, and have a conceptual awareness for the need to have four seperate textures.

Adjusting environmental settings on an estate Understand the environmental features of a region, how to set the sun & water levels, terraforming levels and how much can be over-ruled by the local viewer.