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Name Creator Description
Script Scrubber Toady_Nakamura Script scrubs memory resident script functions from prim and self-deletes the script. Does not damage the prim, or remove other scripts. Use this to kill bling or other particle effects!
Remove all scripts from a linkset Dahlia Orfan Remove all scripts from a linkset.
AntiDelay Node Xaviar Czervik Uses llMessageLinked to stop those pesky delays.
Fast List Prim Contents PixelProphet Lane Fast and efficient method to print Object Inventory (Name, Type and next Owner permissions)
Fix_Small_Prims Emma Nowhere Finds and adjusts the smallest prims in a linkset so that it can be scaled down further.
LinkNumber-List_in_llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast Daemonika Nightfire Changed several prims in linkset with the same parameters, with a list. Without separate llSetLinkPrimitiveParams for each prim. (ideal for show/hide effects)
Linkset resizer Maestro Linden Systematically rescales a linkset by moving and resizing each prim (by using llGetLinkPrimitiveParams and llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast)
Linkset resizer with menu Brilliant Scientist A menu-driven script that rescales a linkset by moving and resizing the prims using llGetLinkPrimitiveParams and llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast functions. Based on Linkset resizer.
*DS* Resize Example v3.0.00 Daemonika Nightfire Single resize script for a complete linkset with save and restore option.
Linkset Resizer 2 Emma Nowhere A more user-friendly resizer script designed for either drop-in use by the end-user or builder or for use in products. Based on Fix Small Prims.
Resizer multi-prims Christy Mansbridge 1 Mono script to resize object (1 to 256 prims) by blue menu. Avoid risk to break the build by increasing link distance.
Pointing Stick rhonin Nissondorf A device that takes controls of your arrow keys and directs the device in the relative direction its pointing, forward and back of course.
DropBox Dimentox Travanti This is a Drop box which allows people to drop certain items in a object & has many config options.
Object Size Chase Quinnell Gets the dimensions and footprint of a linkset
Open Prim Animator Todd Borst Single script prim animation tool. Menu driven, easy to use.
Phantom Child Aeron Kohime Causes a child in a link set to become phantom without the entire object becoming phantom.
Script Override Functions Revolution Perenti bypass default strings, integer etc in chat channel.
Self Upgrading Script Enhanced Cron Stardust Keeps only latest version of the script on prim (even with multiple adds of the same script!)
UNDO_PosRot Rolig Loon Allows user to undo position and rotation changes that have been made "manually" to any or all prims in a linkset.
Zen Resizer Void Singer Single LSO/MONO Script resizer w/ multi-language and multi-menu support, + many other features for simple or advanced use.