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Project: Mentor Linguist Scribe Translation Project

Second Life is an international platform and volunteers need to have clear, translated information in all languages! This project will create sub-pages in other languages for the main English pages. The language template used will create automatic language links at the top of the pages, such as the one on this project page. Language Template Information

Mentor Linguists/Scribes can participate in this project by choosing a wiki page from the list below and translating it into the language(s) they speak fluently. This suggestion list will be updated periodically with new pages.

Second Life Mentor Linguists who are not familiar with wiki, if needed please contact a Scribe whose name is listed on this page, for assistance in adding the newly translated page to wiki.

Second Life Mentor Scribes please feel free to help do any translations and also list your name here if you are willing to assist Linguists using the wiki for this project.

Scribes Offering Wiki Assistance:

SubPage Help

  • If you have listed your name as someone willing to help create a subpage and receive a request: Please mark the language line of that page after it is set up with Empty subpage ready for "requesters name" and notify the requester.
  • If you are translating a page and need assistance to make the subpage: Please contact someone from the above list of names. Let them know what page and what language. When you are notified it is ready, type the page name with the /language code behind it in the search box and click Go. Place your translation on the edit page and save.

Step by Step Procedure to Create a Translation Page

  • Log into wiki with your Second Life name and password
  • Choose a page from the Suggested Pages to Translate list. (Check to be sure no one else is already doing that page in your language please)
  • Click the Edit tab on this project page. Enter your information in the Suggested Pages to Translate section next to the language in that page's section.
    • Example: English: Nov 21 2007, Lexie Linden, In Progress.
  • Click Show Preview. If you think it looks good, click Save Page.
  • Click the link of the page you have chosen to translate. Click the edit tab on that page. Type these 14 characters just as you see them: {{Multi-lang}} on the top line and add a blank line below it if it is not already on the page.
  • Now copy everything on the edit page except the bottom of the page tags. Tags will have a set of brackets around words. 点 "Save Page"
  • In the Search box on the left side of the wiki page, type the exact name of the page you have chosen and add a /your language code. This is how you create the language subpage. Example: Tao of Volunteers/fr then Press Go.


代碼 语言
de 德语
en 英语
es 西班牙语
fr 法语
it 意大利语
ko 韩语
ja 日语
nl 荷兰语
pl 波兰语
pt 葡萄牙语
zh-Hans 中文(简体)
zh-Hant 中文(繁體)
  • Click the red link at the top of the page that shows your new page name.
  • You are now on the edit screen of your translation page. Paste the English version you copied here or paste to a basic text editor such as Notepad. You will want to use the same wiki syntax that is used on the English version page to have bold and italics marks etc.
  • Translate the text leaving the wiki syntax intact. Please do not add any additional information to the translated page. English and translated versions should be the same.
  • Click on Show Preview at the bottom of the page to see if your page looks how you want. If not, continue to edit. If done, click Save Page.
  • Return to this (English) project page and edit your chosen page information in the Suggested Pages to Translate section. Please change the original date to the finished date and change In Progress to DONE. Put a mark in This is a minor edit box and click Save Page.

Thank You for helping make the Second Life wiki a better resource for everyone!


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