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Who I am

French. Living in France. Born 10/29/2006, I quickly began to write and offer material to french-speaking Second Life Residents. Later joined the Mentor program to assist Second Life internationalization effort. As you may guess (or not) by reading these lines, I speak much better french than english. So, my goal will be to provide translations in french, help in french, classes in french, spam in french, when and where I can.


Mentor_Linguist_Scribe_Translation_Project (root: Volunteer_Portal)

LSL_Portal_Translation_Project (root: LSL_Portal)



Control input devices: Flycam Space_Navigator (here) Trackball (here) X-keys (here)




Inside the Second Life Mentor program

SL_Volunteer_Mentor_Linguists IM me anytime for requests about translations from/to french.

SL_Volunteer_Mentor_Scribes IM me anytime for requests about editing the wiki.

SL_Volunteer_Mentor_Coaches IM me anytime for requests about scripting, simulators, debug, statistics, low-lag building & scripting, user interface, user experience, Help and Orientation Islands.

Outside the Second Life Mentor program

French Helpers currently at Threlkeld.

Version check of Orientation Materials


Content of the Class Handouts kiosk (SL V HI) : Dec, 6 2007

English Notecard French Notecard Wiki
1 Objectives 2.1 1 Objectives 2.1 (FR) n/a
2 Tao of Volunteer 1.1 2 Tao of Volunteer 1.1 (FR) Tao_of_Volunteers
3 Infohub/WA 1.1 3 Infohub/WA 1.1 (FR) n/a
4 Volunteer Resources 2.3 4 Volunteer Resources 2.3 (FR) n/a
5 Mentors Buddies 1.0 5 Mentors Buddies 1.0 (FR) SL_Volunteer_Mentor_Buddies
6 Group IM Guidelines 2.0 6 Group IM Guidelines 2.0 (FR) Volunteer_Group_IM_Guidelines
7 SL Volunteer Island Policies 2.1 7 SL Volunteer Island Policies 2.1 (FR) SL_Volunteer_Island
HI Related Help Topics 1.0 HI Related Help Topics 1.0 (FR) n/a
HIP/OIP Related Help Topics 1.0 HIP/OIP Related Help Topics 1.0 (FR) n/a

Version check of Help Island Materials

English Notecard French Notecard
How to Clean Up in Second Life Comment faire le menage
Did You Know? - Boxes Comment sortir les choses de vos boites
Gestures Les gestuelles dans Second Life
Sitting in Second Life S'asseoir dans Second Life
Saving Your Appearance Sauvegarder votre apparence
Objects in Second Life Les objets dans Second Life
Scripts in Second Life Les scripts dans Second Life
Intro to Scripting pt. 1 Intro aux scripts pt. 1
Intro to Scripting pt. 2 Intro aux scripts pt. 1
Intro to Scripting pt. 3 Intro aux scripts pt. 1

Complementary Notecards in french

Règles communautaires
La communication
La propreté
Les armes, les véhicules
Où construire?
Que faire dans SL?
SL et l'argent
SL et le temps
SL et RL
SL sur Macintosh
Comment reduire le lag
Comment gagner de largent

EFSL Content (Ecole Francophone de Seconde Life)

Pour commencer Orientation Toi, ton monde
EFSL A propos de Second Life EFSL Techniques de deplacement EFSL Modifier son apparence
EFSL Francophones dans Second Life EFSL Maitriser la camera EFSL Les vetements
EFSL Comment utiliser ce parcours EFSL Asseyez-vous EFSL Porter les objets
EFSL Glossaire EFSL Les outils Rechercher et Carte EFSL L'inventaire
EFSL 7 tuyaux pour les debutants EFSL Les types d'objets EFSL Les gestes
EFSL Credits EFSL Coince ? (empty slot)
Les autres L'argent
EFSL La communication EFSL Euro et L$
EFSL La communication EFSL Les frais d'abonnement
EFSL Les amis EFSL Acheter du terrain
EFSL Les groupes EFSL Gagner de l'argent
EFSL Ou chercher la bagarre EFSL Donner, recevoir, vendre et acheter
EFSL Le calin EFSL Vente par correspondance
Bricolage Construction
EFSL L'amitie, l'amour ... et le sexe EFSL Instancier les objets
EFSL Son et video EFSL Droits sur les objets
EFSL Prendre des photos EFSL Les primitives
EFSL Installer des pose balls EFSL Les textures
EFSL Amenage ton terrain (*) EFSL Lier les primitives
EFSL Vetements: Cree ton premier t-shirt (*) EFSL Objets Physical et Phantom (*)

(*) Missing

Fast links


Volunteer_Specialist_Office_Hours to meet the VTeam

World Time Clock to schedule meetings

VTeam blog let's blog

Our friend JIRA

SVC-972 Viewer is logged out during failed teleport

SVC-604 Five or Ten minute wait for log-in that doesn't go away for hours critical

SVC-1106 Presence data not cleared at logout preventing further login

VWR-2232 Mac keyboard shortcuts don't respect non-QWERTY layout

VWR-3089 Search box in menu bar should be removed, moved, or made optional

VWR-3156 Bring back Bandwidth And packet loss meters

VWR-702 Provide better feedback when the server connection is lost

SVC-381 Meta-Issue: Inventory Improvements

VWR-2667 UI wrong menu bug with lot of objects in object contents

VWR-1825 Change double click action for various inventory items

VWR-2718 Can't drop a closed folder from inventory to object Contents

SVC-52 UTF-8 characters read from notecards are lost

VWR-1251 New Anti-Spam feature breaks Help Island

VWR-1488 llRezObject "param" should be a string not an integer

VWR-2084 State Changes Need to Accept String Variables and Literals

VWR-2274 Be able to call functions in other script files within an object

VWR-2178 Retrieve region map textures

VWR-3483 New LSL function llInput() to expand on llDialog with text input

SVC-310 Object to object messaging

VWR-1192 A fast communication way

SVC-258 llObjectMessage() - A function designed to send a message to objects that ISN"T llEmail

MISC-402 lol

VERY Useful Pages You did not Even Know they Existed and you Will Never Find since the are Lost Forever in the Great Data Dump Google-Style

There are probably more and I can't find them and that makes me crazy. Did we forget our intelligence somewhere between 20th and 21th century? What have we done with structured thinking?












Voice Mentors: Getting Started with Voice

User:Lum Pfohl/Build Goodies/Building Prim Skirts Using The Loop Rezzer




The following behind the fence

Better Building with Primfficiency

Next-owner permissions FAQ

Preferences Window Guide

Statistics Bar Guide